| Chapter Nineteen | The Shivoan Navy V.S Pirates and Dark Mages

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"Trust is earned, not given."

Jason abruptly stopped, grabbing Jordan before he went past him, looking into the throne room seeing Seto on his knees with ropes coiled around him, pinning his arms down and dark mages holding the ropes all around him, but one mage in front of him, talking to him. Jason's eyes looked at each mage, he gritted his teeth. 'This isn't good,' He thought. Jordan looked at Seto.

"That's not good." He mumbled. Jason shook his head.

"No, it's not. We need to get him out of that." Jason whispered to him. Jordan nods, agreeing.

"Yeah." He whispered Jason glanced at Jordan.

"I noticed you were limping, you alright to do this or will I have to do this on my own?" Jason asked him. Jordan shakes his head.

"No, I'm fine, I can do this." Jordan lied. Jason looked Seto, biting his bottom lip back. 'He doesn't look too good, we have to get him out of there now.' Jason thought. His eyes looked at the dark mages. 'I know Jordan is lying to me, I can't have him get in my way, I'll have to do this on my own.' Jason thought to himself.

"You stay here, I'll get him--" Jordan grabbed Jason's cape, yanking him backward.

"Jason, there are a lot of dark mages in there--" Jason looked at Jordan.

"Yeah, and the last thing I want to worry about is you. Rest your leg, I got this. I'll let you know if I need help." Jason said. Jordan grabbed Jason's arm as he went to go into the throne room.

"But you can't take them all out on your own," Jordan said. Jason looked at him.

"You doubt me? Jordan, we were trained by your father together, we basically have the same combat experience, you just have all the extra gifts that come along with being you. I don't need those extra gifts or buffs to kick someone's ass. So do me a favor and stay out of my way." Jason snapped. Jason yanked his arm from Jordan's hand, pulling his hood up before sneaking into the throne room, hiding behind a pillar, he listened in on their conversation, curious as to what they were saying.

"--I don't know, I think he would make an excellent addition to the dark mages--"

"I rather die than j-join you." Seto snapped. Jason pulled out two daggers, holding them loosely in his hand as his eyes zeroed in on a mage that was holding a rope. 'Have to do this fast or this could end very badly for me. Seto doesn't sound weak but the longer he is confined like that, the weaker he will get. Good thing that rope looks thin, so cutting it will be very easy.' He thought to himself. Jason paused for a moment before moving out, throwing a dagger at the mage closest to him, striking into their back, Jason ran at them, pushing the dead mage down and running at Seto, hooking his dagger at the base of the coiled ropes and yanking upwards cutting most of the rope that was coiled around him, Jason grabbed the rest, pulling it off Seto, Seto's hands instantly wrapping in purple aura before he mumbled a spell. Jason felt himself get grabbed from behind, he grabbed their arms, his ankles getting grabbed and behind pulled up off his feet. Jason struggled before feeling something sharp touch his lower back making him stop.

"I would stop struggling." They said before his hood was pulled back, Jason gritted his teeth.

"Ex-General Jason Probst! Well, your head is worth quite a lot in Skaldia." The mage said. Jason kicked his feet, putting his foot on the mage in front of him's shoulder and pushing off it, flipping over the mage behind him and twisting their arms as he landed on his feet behind him, Jason pulling his sword out and pushing the blade straight into the Mage's back, killing them, Jason ducked behind the dead mage, letting a spell hit them before pushing them off his sword and tackling down another mage and killing them, he looked up seeing Seto on his hands and knees, breathing heavily, the last dark mages laying dead around him. Jason sheath his sword, hurrying over to Seto.

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