| Chapter Five | The General's Injury

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Oh my god...my internet has been going down nonstop and it is annoying the hell out of me. But posting this while I still have internet for this short amount of time! Enjoy guys!

"The strongest among us aren't invincible."

"How is he?" Ian asked Vega, she looked at him, giving him a small smile.

"Relax, Ian. He's improving, even in a covered wagon, he is improving. Sky will be on his feet soon." She said. Ian smiled as he looked at Sky.

"Thank goodness." He said. The wagon is small, inside it held two first aid kits, some food, blankets, a bucket full of water and towels. They have Sky on the right side of it and a blanket laid out on the left side for the Prince. The one steering the wagon is the general, his hood is up, the rest of the crew is on horseback surrounding the wagon with Linda leading, behind them, smoke rose from the kingdom, but none of them looked back not wanting to see it. The plan is to hide in Moonlit Jungle, so the Skaldians don't see the wagon or any of them. Ian looked at Vega, she looked upset and confused as well. "You okay?" Vega looked at him, nodding.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just...I didn't expect for this to happen." She said before paying her attention back to Sky. Ian looked at Sky's leg, they changed the bandages and ran the water over the burns already, just to take the pain away for a bit for him. He may be asleep, but they were still worried about him feeling the pain, so they cooled his burns anyway. She bit her bottom lip back, still looking worried.

"You're worried about the Prince." He said.

"Yes I am, I've gotten to know him over the last two years and he's tough. He brought the palace infirmary herbs from around Etora whenever he found something he thought was useful. Most of them were, and they would be given to the other infirmaries and hospitals. I know he can be unapproachable, but he does have a good heart, Ian." She said. Ian looked away from her.

"And you are telling me this because?"

"Because you and the Prince got off on the wrong foot, Prince Zachary told me. And I'm also worried about the Princess and Prince Zach. The general tried to find them but couldn't, hopefully, they are okay." She said. Ian nods, agreeing, the light darkens and Ian looked out the front, going beside the general.

"If you go a little further, there is a small lake with a clearing, you can turn the wagon around," Ian said recognizing the place.

"How do you know?" Jordan asked. Ian looked at him.

"Sky and I hunt here all the time." He said. Ian then sat back down, he looked at Sky. It was a minute or two before the wagon stopped, Linda coming in the back as Jordan gets off the driver's seat. Linda grabs Vega's arm when she was getting off.

"Wait, I want to ask you something." She said. Vega looked at her, she nodded.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Did Jordan get hurt during the Decade War?" Linda asked catching Ian's attention. Vega looked away, thinking, she then shook her head.

"Not that I know of at least. Why?"

"He's limping." She said. Vega nodded.

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