| Chapter One | The Peaceful Time End

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Before this story starts, I would like to clear a few things up first. If you read the previous books, you should know just about everything (If anything at all) that you know about the previous books are going to be completely useless in this book. The storyline of the previous works have been completely tossed out the window and reworked. So you do not need to read the previous version to understand this since it will be completely useless anyway.

I'm hoping this book makes it through to the end, I have a real good storyline planned out for you all to enjoy, full of twists and turns. And yes, I know, it isn't Thursday, it isn't this book's update day. This chapter was actually suppose to be the thing that came out on its release date, but I needed more time to write. So here you all are. The chapters will come out on their Update day.

One last thing, let me clear up OCs before this story even starts. I will NOT, I repeat, NOT be putting OCs in this story till I say otherwise in the future. And if your OC was in the previous story, it will NOT be in this story at all. So do not PM me or comment saying "Hey, this story would be better if you put my OC in it.". Or "Are you doing a character contest for this story?". The OCs I used for the last version of this story is what screwed it up so badly, so do not ask me about it. I'm not trying to be mean or hurt anyone's feelings, I just want to make this clear because I get this with almost every one of my books and it has gotten to the point of annoyance.

Also, I don't know if you guys know this, but Skydoesminecraft is back! He's doing daily uploads again! And if you read any of my other books, I got a lot of chapters written and edited that are ready for publishing. So a lot of books are gonna be updated this week.

Enjoy the chapter! :)

"Not all those who wonder are lost."


He froze. The target's head lowered back down.

His eyes snapped up to it, zoning in on the target, he crouched down low to the ground, an arrow notched in his bow, resting between his fingers. He let out a deep breath, pulling the string back, aiming at the target.


"Damnit." He mumbled under his breath as the deer ran away. He lowered the bow, turning towards the culprit. "Ian, you made me lose a deer. It was the first one I have seen in weeks." Ian shrugged his shoulders as he looked at the sky and back at him.

"Sorry, Sky, but it is getting late. We better head back." He said. Sky put his arrow away in his quiver.

"Alright." He said. Sky gets up, following Ian out of the jungle and onto the plains. Sky put his hands into his coat pockets. Sky isn't someone that you would expect, he is about average height with golden yellow eyes, tanned skin, and dark brown hair, usually wearing dark colored clothing, having black fingerless gloves and black jeans, his quiver strapped to his back, as well as a sword on his side. As well as his friend, Ian, wearing mostly dark colors with a mixture of white in there with brown eyes and black hair with pale skin and a sword strapped to Ian's back. They both make it across a bridge into a little village, the little village having buildings here and there with people in it or outside. Ian and Sky walked quietly through the village, Sky looked at around, looking at kids playing and the adults beckoning them to come inside. One mother looked at the two, she smiled waving.

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