| Chapter Twenty-One | Captain Of the Skylark

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"Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die."
-Herbert Hoover

"Halt, no one is allowed on board."

"So I'm not allowed on my own ship..." Captain Max said making the guards tense.

"Captain Max, we apologize, sir. Who are your friends?" The guards asked. Max glanced at them and back at the guards.

"It's alright and don't think that's any of your business," Max said before he walked upon the Skylark, the people following as he went into the Captain's Quarters. He leaned against the desk in the room, crossing his arms as he faced the hooded figures. "We can talk here with no problems..." One lowered their hood, revealing them to be Ty. Max sat on his desk. "This is treason on my part, Prince. So you--"

"I know, I'm endangering you and your crew by having this conversation. But you can't tell me you are happy with the current situation Estron has fallen in..." Ty said making Max shake his head.

"Not even a little bit, it was a real shock for my crew and me to dock here and to find that King Nathan was slain by General Maron--" Ty's eyes widen a bit.

"What?! My father wasn't killed by General Jordan!" Ty exclaimed. Max looked at Ty.

"That's the rumor I heard, apparently Prince Anthony tried to protect your father from General Jordan who lost his mind and attacked him," Max said making Ty's hands ball into fists. 'Why didn't Derek tell me that?! I can't have the people think that General Maron is some murderer, he went to protect Sky and Ian under my father's orders.' Ty thought to himself.

"You can't be serious, Captain Max, you believe that crap?" Ty questioned Max. Max tilted his head a bit and shrug his shoulders.

"Little bit," Max said. He lost his smile when he saw the hardened expression on Ty's face making his eyes harden as well. "Oh come on, Prince Tyler, you can't be the only blind to the fact that something has been off about General Jordan? He's been acting odd and just up and abandoning the Kingdom for three months, he's a General, he's a Maron for notch's sake. He should know better than to just abandon us." Ty put his arm out in front of Linda when she moved towards Max, angry. Ty's eyes narrowed at Max as his expression grew dark.

"General Maron is the reason that I'm still alive, he saved my life and would never betray the Estron Kingdom. And I don't like you insulting him like that, he's a hero, and deserves to be treated as such. Yes, I agree that his recent behavior has been out of line and he needs to be reminded of his place, but labeling him as a traitor is too far. I plan to remind him of his place when I see him again, but he is still to be trusted, it is Prince Anthony that is that enemy." Ty snapped making Max look away from him, pausing for a few moments. Max gripped his arms for a moment. 'Geez...he has no palace to back him up and his reputation on the seas still feels threatening...' Max thought to himself before he sighed.

"Being on the receiving end of your cannons will surely mean trouble for me. Even if you have no palace to back you up anymore." Max said before he looked back at the Prince that stood in front of him. "You know I'm always on your side, Prince Tyler...but convincing any of the other Captains to join your cause will be difficult, probably impossible." Ty nods a bit.

"The Skylark and Venetia are enough," Ty said making Max uncross his arms.

"Alright, I disagree with you already. You're reliable, yes, but you are not that reliable. If we took on the entire Estron fleet alone, we will lose--"

"We aren't going against Estron's fleet yet," Ty said making Max confused.

"Okay, now I'm just confused," Max mumbled.

"I need your help saving Shivoa, in order to do that, I need help reclaiming my vessel and getting out to sea," Ty said making Max grin a bit.

"King Mitchell...That guy is a jerk." Max said making Ty cross his arms at Max.

"I don't care what you think of him, Captain Max, King Mitchell is a resourceful man, he holds a lot of power inside and outside of his Kingdom. Shivoa's been our ally for decades, and--"

"So where were they when Estron burned?" Max asked Ty making Ty stop talking. Max stood up straight. "Where were you when we needed you, Prince Tyler? I've lost crew members because they didn't fit what King Izic saw as a good crew. A lot of good people have died here and you don't even blink an eye at it, I don't think you realize I could sound an alarm right now about your presence here." Ty gritted his teeth, seeing Max grab the hilt of his sword. "Or maybe I should just slain you were you stand, that would make a lot of people happy and your head has a hefty price on it." Ty didn't flinch when Max pointed his sword at him, Ty grabbed Linda's arm as she grabbed the hilt of her sword, she looked at Ty. Ty's eyes flickered to Max's.

"You think I want to leave Estron like this? Because I don't, and I know the heartaches that Estron is suffering right now and I want to do everything I can to stop this kingdom from hurting but I can't. I've lost good men too...but unlike General Maron, I only care about saving Estron, and King Mitchell has resources we can use to our advantage. But in order for us to save Estron, we first need to save Shivoa from being destroyed. I understand why you would be angry with me, but let's face the facts here, Captain Max...you can't do this without me." Ty said making Max roll his eyes.

"My, aren't you up your own ego..." Max mumbled to Ty. Ty's eyebrow arched at him.

"You know it is true...Your reputation at sea doesn't instill fear into people as mine does." Ty said. Max lowered his sword, Ty let's go of Linda's arm as Max sighs.

"You know, that's means mutiny against the navy would mean revoking of our ranks as Estron Captains...stealing ships and killing officers and sailors of a Kingdom...we would be basically pirates," Max said making Ty shrug his shoulders.

"Sounds cool, I've always been referred to as a pirate anyway. Now it will just be official. And there won't be any killing, they are the enemy right now, yes, but they are still Estron citizens. I can't allow you to kill them while a foolish king sits on the throne." Ty said before Max sheaths his sword, staring at the prince for a few moments before looking away and scoffed.

"Royals are such a pain," Max said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ty snapped. Max grinned a bit before looking back at Ty.

"You know I would follow you till the very end if you are involved, things are bound to get interesting. It would be a nice change from this boring job. The way you are talking about him makes me think you want to cross King Mitchell, and that in itself is a suicide mission. Everyone knows King Mitchell is not a man you want to cross, he may be backed into a corner right now, but that doesn't mean he still won't bite." Max said grinning. Ty shakes his head a bit.

"I'm not planning on crossing King Mitchell, I know the consequences of that would be far greater than the plan I have," Ty said. Max leaned back against his desk, sitting on it as he looked at the royal.

"You have a plan?" Max asked. Ty nods making Max interested. "Do tell."

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