| Chapter Nine | Prince Ty's injury

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"If you're the type of person who doesn't judge people based on looks. Why do you do it to yourself? You're beautiful."
~Adam Dahlberg~

Ty woke up with a start, expecting for his shoulder to be useless and numb like it has been, he was shocked when he was able to move it with somewhat ease. His eyes blinked a few times, clearing his obscured vision. He stared at a ceiling, he was laying on a cold floor, blankets layered under him and on him, trying to keep him warm. His hand raised up, touching his head, feeling a bandage around it. He groaned as he forced himself to sit up.

"Someone is finally awake." A voice said. Ty's eyes flicker up, seeing his crew hurry joyously over to him, looking excited and relieved. Ty smiled a bit as they crowded around him.

"You gave us a right good scare, Captain. Don't do that ever again." Noah said. Ty nods a bit.

"Noted." He mumbled. His hand left his head.

"Alright, break it up. He just woke up, give him some room to breathe." Linda said coming over with a smile as well. The crew back away from their captain a bit, letting Linda come down beside him. "You feeling better? You've been out for two days." Ty looked at her, he nodded.

"Y-Yeah...I feel a lot better." Ty said to her making them all smile. He did feel better, compared to what he did before, he could barely move without pain stopped him before and could barely stay conscious, now his dizzy spells and exhaustion were gone, he didn't feel 100% but a lot closer to it compared to before.

"Good, that's good. Well, Mac and they haven't left you alone, they were constantly checking up on you." She said making him smile. 'Of course, they were, I'm not surprised they did.' He thought as the crew spoke.

"Hey! He was in really bad shape, and this place isn't exactly sterile or fit for treating the wounded. We were just worried about his health is all." Mac defended. Ty looks over to Sky who was sat up, talking with Falicia, Ian, and Vega who was removing the bandages on his leg. His eyes then moved over to Jordan, who had the doctor talking to him by fire. Ty's eyes soften seeing Jordan glancing at Linda and seem upset. He looked at Linda, who was following his eyes too.

"Something wrong with the general?" He asked. Linda shrugs her shoulders.

"How am I suppose to know?" She asked making him turn more to her, Noah speaking.

"They got into a fight and aren't talking to each other anymore," Noah explained. Ty glanced at Noah, shocked a bit.


"Don't give me that, prince. Jordan—"

"I wasn't done talking," Ty interjected quickly quieting her. "If you two want to shun each other, fine, but t-think about how t-that would a-affect everyone else." Ty groaned, touching his head, his head throbbing. Mac touched Ty's arm as he swayed. The doctor came over, leaving Jordan alone. He falls to his knees, his hands steadying the dizzy prince.

"Whoa. Whoa there. That's enough talking for tonight." The doctor said as he gently pushed Ty back down. The doctor touched his arm, moving Ty's shirt and inspecting the bandages. Red spots decorated the once clean white bandages making him frown. "His bandages need changing." Ty coughs, his head throbbing more.

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