| Chapter Twenty | The Untold Truth

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"Leaders who know pain are wiser than those that don't."

*Four Days Ago*

The more he saw, the angrier he got. He was leaning against the building, the Prince finding it hard to just watch his citizens suffer like they are. Skaldian troops were everywhere, so his crew was often around Ty, just to make sure that no one would spot him. For the most part, it has been working, but Estron guards were able to tell who he was just by the members of Ty's crew. They were waiting for word on the situation with the kingdom, a guard, more than willing to help, promised to come back with either an update or Derick, the previous King's bodyguard and something that Ty trusts with his life. Ty crossed his arms, gripping his arms to keep himself from moving. He could still feel all his injuries but he was swallowing that down after receiving the message from General Jordan. Linda's eyes looked at Ty.

"Do you have a plan? How are we getting to Shivoa?" Linda asked him. Ty nodded a bit.

"I always have a plan," Ty mumbled to her. She smiled a bit.

"Okay, what is it? Because I have no ideas." She said. Ty looked at her.

"Do you remember where we docked the Venetia? It has been months since I last saw my ship." Ty asked her catching her off guard for a moment but also not off guard. She was used to Ty taking outrageous risks and making crazy stunts, after all, it was those risks and stunts that made him such a feared force on the seas, earning him the title of Prince of the Sea, a title that has become feared and the Prince almost known by mostly because of the Decade War.

His ship, the Venetia, is the third-fastest ship in Estron's fleet, baring cannons on the sides as well as frontal cannons, the design of the ship doesn't make it stand out from any of the other ships in Estron's fleet, but there is one thing that does make it stand out, the colors it bares. Every ship has the Estron flag on it, but the Venetia has Estron's flag on top with two banners flying underneath it, the colors of it being a dark blue and a green, the Venetia is the only ship that has those colors on it and an explanation is never given as the reason is always kept to Prince Ty, but whenever someone tries to take it down, it makes the Prince upset, so the crew has gotten used to defending the two extra banners because they know their captain will get upset if they are taken down.

"Just look for the blue and green banners, they should still be on it," Linda said making Ty nod a bit.

"Right, if they are still there that is. We don't know how much King Izic has changed Estron." Ty said before he saw the guard coming to them, with a cloaked figure following them. Ty and Linda went into an alleyway, the two following with Ty's crew covering the entrance, keeping watch. Ty looked at the figure, hearing them sighing with relief.

"I'm so glad you are okay, Prince Ty." They said before pushing their hood down, revealing it to be Derick. Ty leaned against the wall, looking at Derick.

"The feeling is mutual," Ty said.

"What's been going on, Derick?" Linda asked him. Derick looked at Ty.

"Your brother was crowned, but even I know he isn't fit to be Estron's King. We both know that well enough that responsible wasn't ever something he was good at upholding--" Ty's eyes harden a bit.

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