| Chapter Sixteen | Dan Middleton

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"It's going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible."

"Where are we going?" Ian asked Jordan. Jordan ignoring his question for the fifth time since he already answered it the first time he asked. Jordan looked around, it's dark, almost midnight, so Jordan checks behind him every so often to make sure Sky is still behind him, and Ian as well. Jordan looked away, seeing two figures staying by the forest edge. Jordan smiled a bit. As they walked up to them, Jordan recognized the other person.

"Dan Middleton," Jordan said. Dan looked at Jordan, smiling.

"Hello, General."

"It's been a while," Jordan said. Dan nods, agreeing.

"Yes it has, and you still look better than last time I saw you since the last time I saw you, it was at a bar fight and you got arrested for it," Dan said making Quentin smile.

"Oh yeah, I remember that, good times." He said. Jordan looked at Dan, seeing a large trunk behind him.

"Anyway, let me guess, you are getting us to Shivoa with some new fancy gadget of yours," Jordan said making Dan nod.

"Exactly, now, Shivoa has a portal room within the palace, but King Mitchell ordered the destruction of those portals when creatures and disaster start crossing over to our world through them. Luckily, portals are two-way doors, I can easily open a portal to the Nether and to the exact spot where the Shivoan palace portal is—" Jordan crossed his arms.

"Dan, how did you know that Shivoa has a portal room and where the secondary portal is at in the Nether?" Jordan asked him making Dan pause for a second.

"--is at. Have you two ever went through a portal before?" Dan asked Sky and Ian acting like Jordan never spoke. Jordan shakes his head.

"Not your portals, Dan. There is a difference between normal portals and yours." Jordan said. Dan looked at him.

"And what difference is there?" Dan asked him. Quentin looked at Dan.

"Yours is more unstable and more dangerous," Quentin said. Jordan glanced at Quentin.

"That's what makes it interesting, normal portals are boring. But can't you just portal us to Shivoa?" Jordan asked. Dan shakes his head.

"No, Captain Star confiscated my other portal device after I kept scaring him with it," Dan said making Jordan smile and Ian as well. Dan turned around, opening the trunk. "Anyway! I got some new stuff for you, General—"

"These aren't prototypes, are they? The last one you gave me exploded." Jordan said. Dan shrugged his shoulders.

"Some are, some aren't. Forgot which ones are and which ones aren't. They may or may not explode, but that's why it is called a prototype, General." Dan said. Jordan glanced at Ian and looked at Dan, going up beside him.

"Got anything that can protect someone? No combat required?"

"For the Skylen?" Dan asked him. Jordan shakes his head.

"No, Sky doesn't need it. Ian does." Jordan said making Ian scoff.

"What? I don't--" Jordan looked at Ian.

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