| Chapter Eleven | The Last Straw

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"Life is too short to focus on the things you hate, focus on what you love instead."
-Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

"Alright, all finished." The doctor said.

"So, how is he?" Linda asked anxiously. She's basically been with Jordan throughout the entire exam, mostly, not fully. Jordan slipped back on his shirt, Linda looking at the doctor as he wrote on a clipboard. He looked at Linda.

"Passed with flying colors...except for his leg of course. I'll see if we have anything that can help that leg. I'll be a few minutes, I need to check on the prince, so hold tight." The doctor said before he leaves. Jordan sits on the bed.

"I told you that I'm fine," Jordan mumbled to her. Linda looked at him.

"I know, but lately all you like to do is lie to me." She said. Jordan looked away from her. He looked at her, speaking.

"Do you even want to be friends?" Jordan asked her catching her off guard. She nods.

"Of course I do, you just need to get your life together and maybe we can be—"

"It was so nice of you to abandon me when I need you then," Jordan said. Linda stopped talking. Jordan looked away. "I did this exam for you....and you still aren't happy. And it just hit me..." Jordan stood up, looking at her. "All you have been doing lately is yelling and screaming at me, nothing I do seems good enough for you anymore and I cannot deal with this right now—"

"You're being overdramatic." She said. Jordan stared at her, he looked away, he took in a shaky breath, looking at her again.

"I-I wasn't done talking...but you're right. So let me take my drama and just cover it up, act like it doesn't exist. Will that make you happy?" Jordan asked as his eyes watered. "While I'm at it, you want me to throw out who I am and bring back to old me since you cannot seem to handle the new me anymore...will that make you happy, Linda? Will I finally be able to have someone in my life or are you just gonna act like I don't exist again? After all, halfway through the Decade War, I stopped mattering to you altogether, I don't fit in with your idea of a perfect life because I would ruin it with my depression and how b-broken I r-really feel inside because that would ruin your perfect f*cking life.  The Decade War really messed with my head mentally, Linda, so should I bother trying to mend our friendship when all I would do if ruin your perfect life with my problems? Will me never existing make you happy? Will that finally make you happy, Linda?!" Linda stared at him, shocked, speechless. Jordan wipes tears off his face. "I'm gonna leave with Sky and Ian now, and I'll make sure to take my extra baggage on the way out since you know...it isn't like you'll bother to care." Linda tried to grab his arm.

"Wait, J-Jordan—" Jordan pulled his arm out of her hand, looking at her.

"Don't t-touch me." He said shakily. He wipes his face again, opening the door seeing people standing outside, staring at them. Jordan stared at them for a moment. "Hope you all enjoyed the show, sorry there won't be another one," Jordan said before he walked past them, he wiped his face clean, swallowing his emotions back down. He looked at Prince Ty with the crew around them. He stops beside them. "Alright, new plan. You all are staying here with the prince, Sky, Ian and I are leaving for Shivoa."

"Wait, like now?" Vega asked. Jordan nods.


"Jordan!" Linda said coming up behind him, Jordan didn't turn to her.

"Shivoa is in bad shape, we need to get there quickly, and I'm not forcing Prince Ty to move in his condition. So Vega, doctor, take good care of him, and I'm counting on you all to protect him and this town."

"Jordan, you can't leave—" Jordan turned on his heel, looking at Linda.

"Actually, I can, Miss Adams. It's you who can't—"

"Miss Adams.." Linda mumbled confusedly.

"Where's Noah?" Jordan asked Vega. Vega points over to Noah, Jordan looks at him "Noah's in charge until the prince is back on his feet and—"

"But Linda is the Captain's first mate, she's in charge when the Captain cannot be." A crewmate said. Jordan nods.

"Yeah, that is how that work. But we aren't on a ship, sailor, Noah's in charge—"

"Noah is a new sailor, he can't be in charge, Jordan," Linda said. Jordan looks at Linda.

"Alright, Mac is then—" Linda stepped towards Jordan.

"Do not jeopardize this mission, Jordan, just because you are angry at me." Linda snapped at him. Jordan's eyes narrow, he stepped towards Linda, Linda stepping back.

"First of all, you know how disrespectful it is to call your superiors by their first name, sailor. And second of all, I make the decisions around here, if you have a problem with it, you are free to leave whenever you want." He snapped before he left, everyone silent, Ty opened his eyes, he looked at Linda.

"Let h-him go...h-he needs time t-to cool off." Ty stuttered. Linda looked at him.

"He's never snapped like that before," Linda said.

"It was scary." A crewmate said. The others agree Ty's eye soften as he stared at Linda.

"I-It wasn't your fault...it takes a l-lot to make J-Jordan snap l-like that. Give h-him space and time...he'll be fine." He said. Linda walked beside his bed, nodding a bit.

"Okay. But what are we gonna do without him being here?" She asked him. Ty put his hand up against her arm.

"I'm vetoing e-everything h-he just said. Let him leave, but I-I'm in charge. T-There's no way Mac is being in charge." Ty said.

"But the General—" Ty looked at Vega.

"He's t-the General, I'm the P-Prince. I-I have p-power over him. W-Where's Noah? Noah." Ty mumbled. Noah comes by the Prince's bed.

"Yes, Captain?" He asked. Ty looked at him.

"Follow those three, keep an eye on Sky and Ian, Jordan can protect himself fine. But I-I'm worried about Sky and Ian, follow them." Ty said. Noah froze, staring at him.

"Um...the General and I don't get along—"

"I didn't say protect the military general, I said p-protect Sky and I-Ian. T-They're civilians, protect them. Go, now." Ty ordered. Noah nods.

"Wait, Captain, the general is hurt, he hurt his leg—"

"I've known of that, Linda. Go already, N-Noah." Ty said before Noah leaves. Ty looks at Linda, his eyes soften seeing she's upset. "Hey, h-he didn't mean it, h-he's been u-under a lot of s-stress and p-pressure, he'll come b-back and apologize." She looks at him.

"You think so?" She asked. Ty smiled a bit.

"I know so."

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