| Chapter Eighteen | The Shivoan Palace

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"Don't give up when all seems hopeless, it is better to die fighting then it is to die a coward."

"Your majesty, the enemy ships are peppering the west wing with cannon fire again." A guard told the King. Mitch looked at him and nodded. 'That's where the portal room is,' He thought as he gritted his teeth a bit.

"Tell Admiral Lachlan to take those ships out now, no negotiations, nothing." King Mitch ordered. The guard nods, they turned and ran out. Jerome looked at Mitch.

"It's time for you to get out of this kingdom, things are getting dangerous--" Mitch looked at Jerome.

"I appreciate your concern, Jerome, but I'm not going anywhere. You already talked me into staying in the palace--" The side doors were kicked open, Mitch looked over at them seeing two soldiers dragging a figure in, Seto in front of them, casting spells.

"We're overrun! The cannon fire took most of us out!" Seto shouted to the King.

"Can you hold them there?!" Mitch asked. Seto nods.

"Yeah! I can." Seto said.

"Rob!" Jerome said seeing it's Rob that the soldiers are dragging in. Mitch looked at Rob. He went down beside the soldiers.

"Is he alive?" Mitch asked. The soldiers nodded. "Alright, take him to the medical tent now. I want updates on his condition every ten minutes."

"Yes, your majesty." The soldiers said. Mitch was pushed by Jerome as fire shot from the side doors. Jerome grabbed Mitch's arm.

"Alright, we are taking the King out of here!" Jerome shouted at the guards before Seto came flying through the side doors, hitting the ground. His hands balled into fists, looking mad, Jerome pushed against Mitch. "Get the King out of here now!" Guards grabbed Mitch, circling around him as dark mages came from the side doors. Jerome pulled his ax from his back, he grabbed Seto's arm, yanking him up to his feet. "Are you alright?!" Seto stumbled backward and nodded.

"Yes! I'm fine!" Seto said before Jerome gripped his battleaxe in both hands.

"Ventus," Jerome said before the axe head glowed blue. He swung the axe towards them, a gust of wind strong enough to knock them backward. A stray spell aiming at Jerome gets blocked with a shield. "Thanks, Brice. You two ready for a bloodbath?" Brice nods.

"Yes, but you have to protect the King, Seto and I will handle this, you go," Brice said before he pulled a sword from his sheath, pressing a button on the handle and another blade shooting up from the handle changing it to a double sword. "We'll hold them for as long as we can, just get the King as far away from here as you can." Jerome took a step back as Seto went past them, casting a spell at the dark mages. Jerome nods.

"Alright, but you two better not die on us!" Jerome shouted before turning and running out of the palace.


"Sky! Duck!" Jordan shouted before Sky crouched down quickly right as Jordan swiped his sword over him and striking down a dark mage. Jordan grabbed a fistful of Sky's cape, yanking him backward, stabbing another mage that tried to hit him. "You gotta have 360 awareness, Sky! This is a battle! This isn't some training exercise!" Sky fell backward on his ass, he looked at Jordan, watching him fight, amazed, but he stood himself up, he was staying close to the general, like what Jordan said he should do. Though, inside he felt out of his league, fear building up in his chest.

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