The Spark of Balance: The Realm of Mianite by Ladyclaire300
The Spark of Balance: The Realm Ladyclaire300
Captain Sparkles huh? The land of Mianite is thought to not be a real place, but what if it was. Claire was just a normal college girl with a normal life until one day s...
  • sparkanite
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Story (#Wattys2018)  by missmatched123
Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Emma
Commander Adam Skylen was killed in battle by Herobrine and the Squid King. His death led to the fall of the Sky Army and than the fall of the entire Kingdom. The throne...
  • skyarmy
  • setosorcerer
  • thebajancanadian
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Mianite's Shadow Prophecy by TheAbstractKat
Mianite's Shadow Prophecyby TheAbstractKat
The first installment of the Mianite Shadow Prophecy. First Book: Mianite's Shadow Prophecy Second Book: Heart of the Origin Third Book: A Last Hope A new threat has ari...
  • syndicate
  • mianite
  • champwan
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Mianite - A Captain's Tale by Knight_of_Turtles
Mianite - A Captain's Taleby Turtle
Ianite has been forgotten and the balance has been destroyed. Dianite's forces grow stronger as Mianite's only hope is imprisoned in the Underworld. Mianite must find so...
  • captainsparklez
  • mianite
  • champwan
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Ask or dare dancat and torquesparkle(remade) by Ruby_dreamer17
Ask or dare dancat and Ruby_dreamer17
This is ask or dare book of two favourite ships featuring dan,stampy,sparkle and torquedawg so feel free to ask or dare them. Don't like it don't read it Youtubers belo...
  • torquesparkle
  • askordare
  • dantdm
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The Poisoned Crown (SyndiSparklez) by InsaneWeasel
The Poisoned Crown (SyndiSparklez)by Ferret Lance
Sequel to Blood Stained Woods. I advise you read that before hand SUMMARY: After the trouble in Dagrun, Jordan returns to his homeland with his two Mianite friends and t...
  • syndicate
  • mianite
  • angst
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Syndisparklez Oneshots by Dat_One_Idiot
Syndisparklez Oneshotsby Dat_One_Idiot
Just a bunch of syndisparklez oneshots, mini stories, and scenes. Most of them don't specify a certain time or setting Real world: -kids -highschool -adults In Game: -M...
  • sonjareid
  • ianite
  • dianite
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Don't Forget by CatOppp
Don't Forgetby Cat
I didn't remember anything when I was captured. I was taken and forced into slavery. Slavery that started at the end of a war, the fall of a kingdom. The royal family bu...
  • house
  • captainsparklez
  • minecraft
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Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minecraft YouTubers) by Jade-Spade
Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/ Jade
"So which will it be? Which will it be?" the strange-looking Wither said, cackling dementedly. "Your freedom? Or the lives of your dear friends..." S...
  • minecraft
  • huskymudkipz
  • fanfiction
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Charred-Black Key by InsaneWeasel
Charred-Black Keyby Ferret Lance
3rd Book in the BSW series (Sequel to Poisoned Crown) (SyndiSparklez) War is upon the gods as the Historian and the godless rise, and Wizard, Champion, and mortals alike...
  • mianite
  • captainsparklez
  • angstwithhappyending
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Things Lost and Found (a Waglington and Mianite fanfiction) by krhoades11
Things Lost and Found (a krhoades11
This is a tale of Mianite, wizard lore, and magic gone wrong. What more can I say? The picture on the cover was made by KiwiDrawer on Twitter. Started in June 2015, fini...
  • omgitsfirefoxx
  • fyreuk
  • mianite
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When Two Worlds Collide: A MinecraftUniverse/ Teamcrafted/ YouTubers Story by missmatched123
When Two Worlds Collide: A Emma
Jason wakes up in an alternate universe of Minecraftia called Inshire. And in Inshire, the Squids rule and the only resistance against the squid rulers aren't who he exp...
  • deadlox
  • minecraft
  • dantdm
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Tranquility ✧ Syndisparklez by Sly_Taco
Tranquility ✧ Syndisparklezby Sly Taco
Dissociative identity disorder, also know as multiple personality disorder, is a mental handicap characterizing the presence of two or more personalities in one body. Th...
  • tonja
  • minecraft
  • syndisparklez
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Grudge - Short Syndisparklez by Canadian_Goggles
Grudge - Short Syndisparklezby Canadian_Goggles
Up to his usual malicious plans, Dianite decides to pay his former champion a visit, using the form of a friend. - (I'm still working on the title) Also posted (somewhat...
  • iijeriichoii
  • omgitsfirefoxx
  • captainsparklez
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What seemed like impossible.. captain sparkles x x33n by willownow500
What seemed like impossible.. willow now
Jordan and x33n were hanging out at jorsans gym when x33n needed help and Jordans hands found x33ns hips, little did he know that was the start of something that x33n ha...
  • gaylove
  • ssundee
  • gay
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Mianite Advanced by grabacr16
Mianite Advancedby grabacr16
The world was dangerous, always has been, always will be. But a light had shone down for many months, making the land less menacing. The light created saviours. But the...
  • thesynidcateproject
  • omgitsfirefoxx
  • iijeriichoii
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The World Of Wonder (Captain Sparklez X X33n) by willownow500
The World Of Wonder (Captain willow now
X33n shows up to Jordans (captain sparklez) super excited for the camping trip they planned during a recording. X33n was so happy to be able to hang out with his best fr...
  • syndicates
  • fanficromance
  • sunshine
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Love Behind Bars (Syndisparklez) by Insanity_Fy
Love Behind Bars (Syndisparklez)by Fy
There was a gang that call them selfs 'The Dianitees'. Tom Syndicate Cassell was their leader. There was another gang that called them selfs 'The Wizards' James Wagling...
  • tom
  • syndisparklez
  • syndicate
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As I Wait (captainsparklez/Jordan maron) by mythicalhero
As I Wait (captainsparklez/ mythicalhero
I notice that Jordan keeps playing with my hand. I can tell he wants to hold my hand, he grabs it and looks at it as if he needs a reason to hold it. He let's go then gr...
  • love
  • jordanmaron
  • perfect
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Perfect Imperfections  ✧ Syndisparklez by Sly_Taco
Perfect Imperfections ✧ Sly Taco
Many people ship SyndiSparklez, including Jordan Maron and Tom Cassel. They want to confess their love, and live happily ever after. But how will their fans, friends, an...
  • syndicate
  • syndisparklez
  • mianite
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