Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minecraft YouTubers) by Jade-Spade
Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/ Jade
"So which will it be? Which will it be?" the strange-looking Wither said, cackling dementedly. "Your freedom? Or the lives of your dear friends..." S...
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  • deceptibonk
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Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Story (#Wattys2018)  by missmatched123
Legends Never Fade: A YouTubers Emma
Commander Adam Skylen was killed in battle by Herobrine and the Squid King. His death led to the fall of the Sky Army and than the fall of the entire Kingdom. The throne...
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  • squidking
  • minecraftuniverse
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When Two Worlds Collide: A MinecraftUniverse/ Teamcrafted/ YouTubers Story by missmatched123
When Two Worlds Collide: A Emma
Jason wakes up in an alternate universe of Minecraftia called Inshire. And in Inshire, the Squids rule and the only resistance against the squid rulers aren't who he exp...
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Fun love with YouTubers. (On Hold until further notice.) by Shadowsarck
Fun love with YouTubers. (On Shadowsarck
This is a bunch of reader insert one shots. This is for girls for the most part, but I can try to write some for guys if you all would like. Here is a list of the ones I...
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Rough Seas by Canadian_Goggles
Rough Seasby Canadian_Goggles
Tensions between the gods are high after the attack by Dianitees to Ianite's champion. Hoping to quell the coming war, Ianite sends her best ship to capture Dianite's ch...
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Syndisparklez Oneshots by Dat_One_Idiot
Syndisparklez Oneshotsby DatOneIdiot
Just a bunch of syndisparklez oneshots, mini stories, and scenes. Most of them don't specify a certain time or setting Real world: -kids -highschool -adults In Game: -M...
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Captainsparklez blind (Syndisparklez) by Zombiecat438
Captainsparklez blind ( Zombiecat
Captainsparklez and his siblings were the only ones to survive an attack on there village. Captainsparklez lost his site as well. Captainsparklez has 2 siblings. His old...
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The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Seto's Old Friend by Otunia
The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Otunia
Seto is over 200 years old, but his friends don't know that. One week before his birthday everything will change; things will be revealed and an old friend will arise wi...
  • teamcrafted
  • thepack
  • skybrine
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Ask or dare dancat and torquesparkle(remade) by Ruby_dreamer17
Ask or dare dancat and Ruby_dreamer17
This is ask or dare book of two favourite ships featuring dan,stampy,sparkle and torquedawg so feel free to ask or dare them. Don't like it don't read it Youtubers belo...
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Other Side of the Screen | Youtuber x Reader by iolite-sunstone
Other Side of the Screen | ❝ neo ❞
[Youtuber x Reader Collection] "How long have you been watching Youtube?" "For as long as I can remember." "What's so great about that site anyw...
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The Tainted Ones: A YouTubers Story by missmatched123
The Tainted Ones: A YouTubers Storyby Emma
It's called The Grey Death disease. An highly infectious and incurable disease that can either warp your mind to insanity or kill you within days of infection. So how w...
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  • minecraftia
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YouTuber Chats [COMPLETED] by littlefanficwriter13
YouTuber Chats [COMPLETED]by ~daydreamer Kat~
Yep, it's back. The random (and hilarious AF) story involving YouTubers and a chat room is back up! Join in on this randomness by reading the conversations of the YouTub...
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The Hunters (The Great War) by Radishologist
The Hunters (The Great War)by Todd
Caution: Read "The Great War" before reading this book. Twelve kids, all living a perfectly normal life. That is, until their city is attacked by creatures wit...
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  • jeromeasf
  • herobrine
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Child of Mine [Mianite FanFiction] by coolcattime
Child of Mine [Mianite FanFiction]by coolcattime
It had been an accident, some said the worse mistake of his life and others a great gift from the gods, but either way it had ended up with the birth of his son. Four ye...
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  • sparksize
  • omgitsfirefoxx
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Three's A Crowd ( An OMGitsfirefoxx and TheSyndicateProject Story) by pudgeishappy
Three's A Crowd ( An Pudge T. Fish
Sonja Reid ( a.k.a. OMGitsfirefoxx) has everything she ever wanted. A great job doing what she loved, a house to live in, a fabulous cat to talk to (and feed), and a boy...
  • aureylian
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Mianite's Shadow Prophecy by TheAbstractKat
Mianite's Shadow Prophecyby TheAbstractKat
The first installment of the Mianite Shadow Prophecy. First Book: Mianite's Shadow Prophecy Second Book: Heart of the Origin Third Book: A Last Hope A new threat has ari...
  • omgitsfirefoxx
  • mianite
  • syndicate
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Viral Survival  (A Youtuber Apocalypse Story) ✔ by Pure_Grace
Viral Survival (A Youtuber Pure_Grace
The apocalypse arrives, and two teenage best friends are sent into a whirlwind of trouble. Their journey is littered with friends (who many of you may know from a certai...
  • cryaotic
  • youtube
  • maron
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Tears On The Snow (A Syndicate Fanfiction) by UnicornLaz
Tears On The Snow (A Syndicate Unicorn Laz
Follow Tom Cassell's (Syndicate) journey through self discovery, love, loss and life. His eternal goal is to find a soulmate. How will he do it? If he can. *Updates ever...
  • captainsparklez
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Mianite - A Captain's Tale by Knight_of_Turtles
Mianite - A Captain's Taleby Turtle
Ianite has been forgotten and the balance has been destroyed. Dianite's forces grow stronger as Mianite's only hope is imprisoned in the Underworld. Mianite must find so...
  • synhd
  • jordanmaron
  • dianite
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When Everything Burns {Mianite/CaptainFoxx} ✔ by Pure_Grace
When Everything Burns {Mianite/ Pure_Grace
A trip to the jungle leaves Jordan in trouble, but no one knows until a broken-hearted Sonja ends up staying at his place and finding the secret. Together Jordan, Sonja...
  • romance
  • mianite
  • jonja
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