| Chapter Seven | Grasping At Straws

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"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself."

The ground was shaking, voices were around him, worried and concerned ones. His eyes cracked open, his muscles felt like jelly, his body is stiff and in excruciating pain, especially whenever he moved. A pair of arms were around him, holding him tight. His vision cleared, feeling pressure against his left shoulder. He coughed, a face hovered over his.

"You're awake, thank Notch. No! Stop moving!" They said panicking, putting more pressure on his shoulder, blood stained his shirt, Jordan putting pressure on both sides of his shoulder since a Skaldian decided to yank the arrow out and stopping the bleeding so far has been difficult and stressful on the three. They are in a wagon, Falicia held the injured prince while Jordan put pressure on his wound, Ty's skin is growing pale and sweat glistening off it. Jordan bit his bottom lip. 'If we don't get him to Vega or even a doctor soon, we could lose him.' He thought. Ty's eyes closed, his breathing turning ragged. Jordan looked at Falicia, he knew that she was worried for the prince, but Jordan was starting to lose hope.

"Falicia," Jordan said. She looked at him, tears stained her cheeks, her eyes red and puffy. Jordan bit his bottom lip. "I don't think he is gonna make it." Falicia looked away from him, she held the prince tighter, careful of his injuries. Ty was using her for support, and she knew he was. While his other injuries are concerning, especially his head injury, yanking the arrow out of his shoulder might be the end for him. Jordan looked at the prince, he had an idea but he didn't want to do it. "I have an idea...it could save him but...it will require one of us putting an arrow in his shoulder, it might stop his bleeding long enough for him to get to a doctor." Falicia looked at Jordan with a horrified look on her face. She looked at the prince. His head rested against hers, his eyes closed with unsteady breaths. She looked at the floor. 'I have no ideas and no medical equipment, any makeshift bandage we tried he bled through. It won't be long before he dies from blood loss.' She thought. She nods.

"Anything to save him." She said. Jordan looked at the guards.

"Alright, this is gonna be...interesting. But this might save him, I need one of your arrows, I'll break the arrowhead off and put the rest of it in his shoulder which is gonna be painful so you need to help Falicia hold him still." Jordan said. The guards hesitated at first but went to help. Jordan ripped off a part of his cloak, folding it up and lightly hitting Ty's cheek, waking him. "Bite on this." Ty didn't react at first but then opened his mouth a bit, Jordan puts it in, letting him bite on it. A guard breaks an arrowhead off an arrow, handing it to Jordan. Two of them hold Ty while the other assists Jordan.

"You're gonna help me wrap his shoulder to secure it," Jordan said before Falicia's legs go around Ty's waist, pinning his arms to his sides. Jordan looked at Falicia, Ty was still oblivious to what was going on as he stopped listening ages ago and tried falling asleep but woke when her legs went around him. He picked his head up a bit, he looked at Jordan. "You can hit me later for this, prince." Ty furrowed his brows, confused as to what the general meant, then the pain hit him, he bit down on the cloth, struggling, the guards and Falicia holding him. Jordan pushes the arrow through. Ty kicked one of the guards from the pain, Falicia held him tight and the other guard wrapped the prince's shoulder tightly, Ty groaned, Falicia let go of him, hugging him tightly.

"It's over, it's over." She said repeatedly to him.

"What's going on here?" A voice asked. Jordan looked at the back of the wagon, seeing Prince Anthony. The wagon had stopped, Anthony looked at Ty, and then at guards. "Toss the girl and the prince, keep the general...and toss that Estron soldier too while you're at it." Jordan gritted his teeth. He heard Mac shout. Jordan moves to the back of the wagon as they grab him. He struggled, watching them grab Ty and Falicia.

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