He sat on one of the chairs that were dotted around the room. This hateful man, his head in his hands, said nothing. I sat in another chair waiting for him to speak, whilst Lucas stood behind me. Five minutes or so passed before he sighed and collected himself.

"I'm sorry" he said, he looked into my eyes and I saw pain, doubt and something else I couldn't quite define. "I was desperate, and I know that is no excuse for what I've done to you and your people" he stood up, "But we're in an all out war, and things have changed drastically. The Draconians and Grays have been at war with another alien race"

This piece of news pleased me, but his next words made my stomach go cold in pure fear. "They're here on Earth, and it's no longer the Draconians we need to fear. It's them".

As I sat there in stunned silence, he began to explain how the Draconians created the grays as a slave race, to be used in battle as soldiers, but there DNA wasn't strong and they died all too easily. That's when the human race had been integrated with both Draconian and Gray DNA to create a stronger more durable soldier, us, the Hybrids.

They'd sent a small army of hybrids into battle, against this other alien race, at that time they were unknown to us. This other race of aliens, surprised by the strength and mental cunning of these new soldiers, sent a small group to find out where they had come from. They discovered the human race on earth, or what was left of them and decided to do the same, mix the human DNA with their own.

This new group of Hybrids, were vicious, lethal and far more cunning than there predecessors. "Reve, if you could see what they've done to us, you might be more forgiving of my treatment of you" , he walked towards me with an envelope, here, look at these, and come and find me. I'm sure I have more information on them that you might find helpful" and he left us alone with our thoughts.

The envelope contained large photographs, the first two showed a woman, her blond hair appeared to have grown past her waist, her face was angular, but her arms and legs were incredibly long, she seemed to me like a very graceful deer, albeit a rather tall one. The next showed her transforming, her skin falling away revealing black looking arms, and her hands turning into talons.

The next photographs, showed her in her true form. Her skin appeared leathery, her face still held the shape of something human, but the eyes held something worse, there was no humanity in those black holes. Her mouth had protruded, it resembled a Draconians, with sharp incisor teeth. To me, she looked like another Hybrid, only I had never seen one without scales and she had wings.

The rest of them showed her eating, and it was those that made me feel queasy. I had succumbed to it myself on more than one occasion and nearly lost my mind over it. I refused to consume meat in any form. She was happily munching on a human arm.

I shoved those photographs away from me. "You know what this means don't you" I said to Lucas, "Yeah, they've realised we're not the threat, but instead a way of helping them fight". It was more than that, we knew we would have to fight, but it seemed we had more enemies than we knew about.

"We knew we would fight, but they've recognised who we are, we're a separate race now. We don't fight just for the humans, we fight for us. I don't know about you, but I've lost too many people I care about. The only home I've known is on earth, and I want it to stay that way" I stood up, "Lets find out what we need to do to kill them. I for one, am itching to let my inner beast out" I grinned at him.

When I was a child, I remember how different I was to the other kids, how I felt separate to everyone around me. Now, I'd found others like me, and the humans had begun to accept us as we are, that to me was a small victory, but still a victory. We now had more than an enemy in common, we had Earth, our home planet. And I had my mother back with me. These were all good things, and worth fighting for.

Lucas held the door open for me, "Let's get better acquainted with our allies then shall we" I walked in front, excited, frightened but with a new sense of purpose. I had a reason to be here after all.




Revelation ~ Book 3

Sweaty and with my heart thumping so loud, I was sure it could be heard by the others. The adrenalin kept me going, but I was on the last of my reserves. We needed to regroup and retreat. We'd taken a battering and I knew I couldn't take much more.

I signalled to Lucas that we should draw their fire, as to allow the others to move. We had what we needed, bound and dragged along with us. No need to put anyone else in the line of fire. The Altairian Hybrid was struggling to loosen the bonds, I gave it a quick kick and mentally blinded it, hoping to keep it subdued until we could get it back to headquarters.

Lucas opened fire, as did two other troops as I summoned the rest of my strength and dragged it with me. Keeping my head down as much as possible, hoping that they didn't hit me. This thing weighs a ton, I thought. The Sergent better let me have some time off after this, but the thought made me laugh. Time off!! Yeah right!! In the middle of a war with three alien races and a tenuous alliance with the humans. Life was at best, filled with fighting. No days off there.

Lucas, hurried to my side and snapped me out of my daydreaming, with his help the burden lessened. My mind, distracted had snapped the mental shield on the Altairian and now it's cunning eyes fixed on me, as it's elongated claw grew in size as it began to cut through the bonds. "Lucas!" I shouted but it was a fraction too late as the huge Hybrid leapt upon my back and began to chow down on the soft side of my neck.

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