Living With The Football Team by B_The_Story
Living With The Football Teamby Claire
Charlie worked off as hard as she could to get her gymnastic scholarship for her dream college. Her only problem was that she could't afford an apartment and the college...
  • team
  • teenromance
  • housemates
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The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️ by tayxwriter
The QB Bad Boy and Me | ✔️by Tay
Highest rank #1 in teen fiction. Featured in Wattpad picks June 2018 I attempt to step around him but he grips my wrist and pushes my back against the wall, holding me...
  • love
  • protective
  • team
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Vexed ♡ S. ROGERS by b r e 💫
"Just one kiss." "No." "What? You afraid you're going to catch feelings?"
  • villains
  • marvel
  • america
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I'll be your family now by DivDive
I'll be your family nowby DivDive
A story of Irondad and Spiderson because they are the best! Only Tony and Peter dad and son relationship. When Peter comes home to find Aunt May kissing some stranger, i...
  • tonystark
  • happy
  • irondad
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|Keith x Reader| To The Moon And Back by ur_fucking_dad
|Keith x Reader| To The Moon And Hoe from 4th grade
Things were changing dramatically. From being thrown into a cell and being fed slop day after day. To being kept in a room with the 5 Defenders of the Universe. But for...
  • keith
  • team
  • voltron
Assassin | 1 by Tencutepuppies
Assassin | 1by dead inside
B O O K O N E Delphinium Tesla is anything but the normal eighteen year old girl she pretends to be. Scarred with a horrific past, with the gift of telekinesis at...
  • espionage
  • romance
  • criminal
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Sang, Gifted(Complete) by BelindaPeters-Waine
Sang, Gifted(Complete)by Belinda Waine
I'm not a normal girl. I've known this since I was five years old and got my first gift. I have no idea where it came from, who I am, but it's something I have to learn...
  • clstone
  • blackbourne
  • luke
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TESSA ▸ PAUL POGBA by starfishay
  • french
  • team
  • soccer
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Ghost Bird | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Ghost Bird | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, also known as the famous Ghost Bird, is a just pawn in a dark and twisted game. She didn't choose to be locked up with her mother her entire life and she...
  • ghost
  • bird
  • sáng
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Lights Out • F1 • M.V by OFFTH3MARK
Lights Out • F1 • M.Vby OFFTH3MARK
Alyssa had been racing under a fake persona for her entire career in F2 after always being dismissed for being a girl driver. Even on the final race of the season, her f...
  • drive
  • danielricciardo
  • maxverstappen
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The 6 Greatest Errors of All Time | ongoing by Minna_A2
The 6 Greatest Errors of All ˗ˏˋ ☾ ˎˊ˗
━ Highest Rank #1 in Hacking 09.17.18 ━ All day, she lived a quiet, none-out-of-the-ordinary school life. Surrounded by cocky gentlemen and impertinent ladies at the col...
  • business
  • featured
  • agents
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Team Edge X Reader » One Shots by Mrs-Dragneel
Team Edge X Reader » One Shotsby ❤️Queen of Short Chapters❤️
Enjoy Cheesy One Shots of Team Edge members shipped with yourself :')
  • jfred
  • matthias
  • xreader
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Steve McGarrertt Daughter (Book 2) by LovePineapples123
Steve McGarrertt Daughter (Book 2)by DreamBig123
Are you ever curious what life is like with the McGarret Family? Well keep on reading to find out...... (Book 2 is about the Allyssa teenager years) Welcome to the McGa...
  • mcgarrett
  • grace
  • relationship
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Defenders by MP13Girl
Defendersby McKenna
The Defensive Affairs Unit is a top-secret, super-powered society that protects the planet from threatening villains. After being recruited, the new recruits are split i...
  • human
  • hatetolove
  • mad
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That Football player  by Screaming0Shadows
That Football player by Jayde
Dylan Bryan, the new girl but she isn't a normal girly girl. No, she is a football player who isn't afraid to show what she is made of. After becoming the quarterback an...
  • teenfiction
  • teen
  • abuse
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Confetti It's A PARADE! Of Supernatural Imagines. by Krazyk2314
Confetti It's A PARADE! Of Krazyk2314
This book contains different Supernatural stories featuring mainly Sam and Dean but also different characters/actors from the series. Anything and everything I can think...
  • imagines
  • shots
  • deanwinchester
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The Elemental || A T'Challa x Reader [COMPLETE] by kerysbarton
The Elemental || A T'Challa x 💜Kerys💜
I dont own T'Challa, Wakanda or anything to do with Black Panther or Avengers. ***Does contain ideas and scenes from Black Panther, sorry. But not exact and some twists...
  • blackpanther
  • team
  • xreader
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Team Captains by kashmoneyx
Team Captainsby al (;
The strongest sports team for girls in Starrymont High School is volleyball. The strongest for the guys is football. Kennedy Valentine is the captain of the volleyball t...
  • encouragement
  • backup
  • team
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Rwby  neglected and abused saiyan by Jacob-sat
Rwby neglected and abused saiyanby Jacob-sat
Long ago the planet called planet vegeta was going to be destroyed the saiyan race didn't listen but one family did they sent there twins to a planet called remnant they...
  • summer
  • goku
  • raven
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Back in Time (Naruto fanfic) by MiloTheJinchuriki
Back in Time (Naruto fanfic)by Nat
The war didn't go as planned Things have gotten from bad, to worse, faster than they could realize. Team seven and their sensei decided to go back in time to change the...
  • sasuke
  • teamminato
  • war
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