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Plié and Clout by rabideraser
Plié and Cloutby rabideraser
Stephan Sagamore doesn't quite know how he got here. Standing in front of a small ballet studio, one of the best defensemen in the NHL, crushing on the girl that teaches...
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Hockey Boys vs Hockey Girls by noni1717
Hockey Boys vs Hockey Girlsby Courtney
"Nolan..." I say as his lips meet my neck. He gently kisses up and down my neck. "Stop." I say. "You're not my boyfriend, stop acting like it.&q...
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Leaving to become stronger by thereaper1927
Leaving to become strongerby シーラ (Shīra)
Lucy Heartfilia caught a glimpse of a future. A future where a precious nakama died. She decided to become stronger since she wouldn't let that happen, no matter what it...
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She the Assassin by plottingyourdemise
She the Assassinby leonardo dicaprio's wife
"I'm worried about you too, you know?" He confesses. My heart flutters at this. "I might have a hard time showing it, but I really do get concerned about...
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On the Ice (Rewriting) by Fanfam3768
On the Ice (Rewriting)by Kinley
Cover by @pasteltragedies!! Its more than just skating. Kenna Foster is a 16 year old who had just moved from Colorado to Iowa. More than anything, Kenna loves to skate...
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A New Teammate and A New Family (A Danny Phantom and Young Justice Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
A New Teammate and A New Family ( MolMcN
One fateful day, the friends and family of Danny Fenton are ruthlessly murdered. Danny has no place to call home, so he is forced to go and live with a distant relative...
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When You Fall ~ Updates Tuesday and Friday by alexkarola
When You Fall ~ Updates Tuesday Alex Karola
Bulimia doesn't affect guys. And guys don't diet. That's according to Sean Roemer, Katy's best friend and fellow diver on Franklin High School's varsity team. He admits...
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Reticent Monsters (Ultimate Spider-Man - Cartoon) by OfficialUSMWriter
Reticent Monsters (Ultimate Mystery_Name
"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Crossbones leered, looking down at Peter in interest. "Did Octavius actually manage to capture you, Spider-Man?&quo...
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The Pantheon Team by ThePanTheon
The Pantheon Teamby ThePanTheon
˗ˏˋnow hiringˎˊ˗ cover by @peachspit
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Team Captains by kashmoneyx
Team Captainsby al (;
The strongest sports team for girls in Starrymont High School is volleyball. The strongest for the guys is football. Kennedy Valentine is the captain of the volleyball t...
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The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) Bk 2 by DoUbLeZone
The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) DoUbLeZone
What would you do if you were the Beta of a wolf pack and your mate was not only human, but had no idea you were his mate. On top of that, he was homophobic? Thomas is...
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Zabuza's Angel Of Hell {Naruto FanFic} by FertileVeil6549
Zabuza's Angel Of Hell {Naruto Emiko Bravo
Zabuza traveled in the hidden mist village and came across a woman that was very beautiful. Later Zabuza fell in love with the woman s they started to date. A year later...
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Night at the concert (jimin fiction) by purple_ljg
Night at the concert (jimin Purple_galaxy
It took one concert to start a love kiss is all it takes to make julia enter the world of seven boys he admired...aksidente lang naman ang lahat pero nabago n...
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Mending the Broken {T. Bolton} by fallon1214_
Mending the Broken {T. Bolton}by Fallon
McKenna Turner just moved to Albuquerque from Chicago, almost all the way across the country. Now she has to adjust to a new school, new friends, and learn to keep the s...
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Joker's Ghost by lillilycutie
Joker's Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton/Phantom never thought being a kid could be so hard. You get to sleep, play, get barely any homework from school. All good things right? Wrong. After fightin...
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The Girl Who Plays Football { #Wattys2016 } by Kyle_Is_A_Koala
The Girl Who Plays Football { Kyle The Koala
At age 10, Bryanna was separated from her brother, Bryan- due to the fact that their parents divorced. Sophomore year came, and she is to transfer to her brother's scho...
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Shades Of Love  by Anamika_anu
Shades Of Love by Anamika_Vineet
#3 in CID // #5 in duty Some romantic love stories..
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The Forgiven Bionic| Lab Rats Elite Force by caler_jo_hyden
The Forgiven Bionic| Lab Rats Caler Jo Hyden
*Book two of Secretly Super, the Lab Rats story* Lab Rat D, but known as Destiny, finds herself intertwined with a brand new team called the Elite Force. When evil stri...
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Everybody's Fool by Babywolf-Lover
Everybody's Foolby Babywolf-lover
Summary: Naru struggled with the fact that no one believed in her, and that no matter what she did it didn't matter and wasn't worth it. One day she meets Ibiki Moreno;...
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Unseen by Niantic2604
Unseenby Niantic
Dreamwastaken gets into a bad car accident late at night on his way home from store and sustains some injuries, most of them aren't bad, he can recover from them. But no...
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