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UNMARKED by LadyKnightMeg
UNMARKEDby Meg McGorry
Song of the Lioness meets Game of Thrones in this thrilling fantasy-adventure! Blayre of Blumore is a Seeker, who apprehends illegal magic users in service of the Emari...
  • dragons
  • nafantasy
  • sword
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Lie to Me by midnightpainter
Lie to Meby Charlie Marie
Grace Walker is tough and outspoken. She has good grades, a best friend, and a family that loves her, however dysfunctional they may be. When Grace meets Sam, the boy ne...
  • lgbt
  • romancecollab
  • bestfriend
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HER PSYCHOTIC HUSBAND by Crazy_lollipop_lover
"You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to the garbage. Yeah. You belong to that garbage tin. Just go away. They're craving for you...
  • sacrifices
  • islam
  • hatetolove
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Blind in Love (Normila) by allabout_gaylife
Blind in Love (Normila)by Allabout_gaylife
Normani Kordei lives her life in routine. School, work, then home to do homework, eat, and then sleep. Somewhere in her routine, there's a routine customer she has at th...
  • allybrooke
  • camilacabello
  • lovestory
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Her Majesty by princessmaysinger
Her Majestyby May Singer
Maxon and America got married, but what will happen next? Not exactly my best work but none the less I hope all read. I spent a great deal of time on this. America Singe...
  • royals
  • america
  • schreave
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Cupid is My Brother and Death is My Bad Boy by reptileprincess
Cupid is My Brother and Death is Cate Reptile
** #3 in Fantasy ** 7/8/18 ** ** #6 in Highschool **10/14/18 What happens when your family actually cares enough about humans that they marry one? What happens when your...
  • god
  • love
  • family
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Ever So Lightly- Book 1 by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly- Book 1by Katie Steele
{COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities...
  • medievalfantasy
  • princess
  • fantasy
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Red vs Blue x Reader Lemons by Garnat2001
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemonsby Perla
It's just you and them ;)
  • blueteam
  • redteam
  • freelancers
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You Tempt Me ( Kylo Ren x Reader ) by therealsl1mshady
You Tempt Me ( Kylo Ren x Reader )by therealsl1mshady
What will happen when you are taken hostage from the Rebellion by the one and only Kylo Ren, and taken in as his apprentice? Will you turn to the dark side? Will he eve...
  • bensolo
  • lightside
  • jenny
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Pairs  by RoyalyBree
Pairs by Britani
"Let me go," I demanded weakly, knowing I was helpless against him. "Now, why would I do that kitten?" He grinned, a devious spark in his eyes. &qu...
  • rebels
  • powers
  • possesive
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Revolutionary | Harry Potter by melodicspirit
Revolutionary | Harry Potterby finn
Known to the world was Adrien Peter Potter, the boy who had lived through the worst odds. Regarded as the Boy-Who-Lived, he gains fame and recognition from all who have...
  • harrypotter
  • magic
  • boywholived
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The Rebel Elite - Book Club (Open) by Rebel_Town
The Rebel Elite - Book Club (Open)by Rebel Town
Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and...
  • review
  • feedback
  • beta
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The Lady Who Stayed (Haverston Family #2) by greenwriter
The Lady Who Stayed (Haverston Janelle Ruiz
[Highest ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction] In a land not so far away, there lives a place that lives in the past... THE WOMAN WHO CHOSE TO STAY... Mar...
  • regency
  • mary
  • submit2sourcebooks
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Gray (Savage Wolves MC) #2 by renacollins
Gray (Savage Wolves MC) #2by Rena Collins
Mature Content 17+ || Savage Wolves MC Book Two In the wake of tragedy, Callie never fails at staying positive. But, after having her brother and the rest of the club ne...
  • diner
  • mc
  • badboy
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Only In Our Dreams [Cancelled] by Galaxy7856
Only In Our Dreams [Cancelled]by Galaxy
This is a Sabezra fanfic, all characters belong to Star Wars Rebels (except my OCs). [set after season 3]. Four members of the Ghost Crew are sent on a mission - Kanan...
  • zeb
  • ezrabine
  • wattpride
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You've changed {Jeon Jungkook x Reader} by Sochaeie123095
You've changed {Jeon Jungkook x Rebels <3
"J-Jungkook.. I-im.. Pregnant.." "What?! Not today Y/n" he said "Jungkook.." I show him the pregnancy test "it's true.." "I...
  • playboys
  • romance
  • jungkook
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Ever After High Next Generation Rp🕊! X by VictoireWeasley-
Ever After High Next Generation V i c t o i r e
Join Ever After High's Next Generation on their adventure through Legacy Year, as they decide whether they want to follow in their parent's fairytale footsteps OR write...
  • nani
  • kkimdonenow
  • nope
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Declaring Royalty by rlit936
Declaring Royaltyby Rebecca
**This is a sequel to Hunting Royalty, it won't make any sense if you haven't read it first** Nate's parents had the love of his life executed only days after he propose...
  • lies
  • prince
  • fantasy
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How To Kill by KeepMeHiddenForever
How To Killby Pessimistic Princess
To get away with murder, To not get caught, To not feel remorse, To be free, You have to be psychotic. Manipulative, Cunning, Intelligent, You have to be Hunter...
  • rebels
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
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Grey Skies, Brown Eyes by maskindisguise
Grey Skies, Brown Eyesby Malli
Jame is the illegitimate child of one of the most respected alphas in the country; her pack despises her, she has never had a single friend, and her dad all but loathes...
  • princess
  • royalty
  • mum
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