The Four Baristas: Double Shot by Reffster
The Four Baristas: Double Shotby Alex Midwinter
Something is brewing in the galaxy, and it's not a double shot of espresso. With the dust barely settled after the last near-Armageddon, the four baristas are called ba...
  • barista
  • grownupreads
  • apocalypse
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Rampage: Brother Ape by Szarinasumalpong
Rampage: Brother Apeby Szarina R. Sumalpong
Xena and Zyra Okoye were twin siblings and nieces of Primantologist, Davis Okoye. Having their parents dead during a war attack, the girls were living under their uncle'...
  • gorilla
  • monsters
  • invasion
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Star Wars Rooshain's War: Fiery Beginnings  by Salamander451
Star Wars Rooshain's War: Fiery Salamander451
Welcome to the independent United Rooshain Systems, the last bastion of freedom in a galaxy controlled by the Empire, or at least it should be. Follow a pilot, a soldie...
  • romance
  • fleet
  • clonewar
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The Crimson Throne by ThatLittleRedHead
The Crimson Throneby Hayley Price (하루)
Xythia thought she was nothing more than a beloved palace guard for the True Blood family on planet Meresie, taught from birth in how to better protect the princess from...
  • hope
  • characters
  • death
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Blessed Generation by KuraiSensei
Blessed Generationby Kurai-sa
Demons invading London and ex-politicians caused it, but a "hero" comes and saves the day... or do they?
  • demons
  • invasion
  • action
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The Fourth Power by laylaessam2004
The Fourth Powerby laylaessam2004
In Braegon, the people don't approve of differences. Unfortunately for Lucille Suton, she's different, which means she has been shunned all her life. But when an unknown...
  • beyourself
  • invasion
  • stopbullying
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The Half-Coast by theDardanian
The Half-Coastby T. C. Atchley
Aromorn Meienas just wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Lightblade, but before he knows it he's being dragged into someone else's war and following...
  • journey
  • demons
  • adventure
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Only in the dark. by NoraJW
Only in the AmityMcCoy
How do you kill something you know nothing about? How do you survive in a new world without anyone you know and no knowledge of what your against? What are you against? ...
  • scary
  • apocalypse
  • thriller
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[3] British Invasion ► Marvel Social Media by -fitzgeralds
[3] British Invasion ► Marvel lora
BRITISH INVASION "so today i found out mackie calls us brits in marvel 'the british invasion'" In which, if you ask Anthony Mackie, that's enough young Brits f...
  • martinfreeman
  • hayleyatwell
  • british
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Takes place after the events of Dreamworks Dragons Defenders of Berk where Hiccup Haddock gets what he wants but it just too soon. His dad, Stoick the Vast and Astrid's...
  • httydfanfic
  • war
  • battle
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Protectors of Bangtan City || Apply Fic by erieunlee
Protectors of Bangtan City || Van 💫
[COMING SOON] <Alternate Universe> Bangtan city is under attack and it is up to two groups of people to unite and fight against the aliens wanting to invade Bang...
  • bangtan
  • army
  • aliens
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FLAWED TEETH (HBO 🎬) by BrokenDove
FLAWED TEETH (HBO 🎬)by Kesha.D.Ely
The son of a renowned geneticist finds himself involved with something beyond his control.
  • virus
  • drama
  • halloween
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The Event by Shelby_Painter
The Eventby Shelby V Painter
We all knew this was the end. We've seen the movies, and read the books. Once the ship shows up, that marks the beginning of the end. Now of course in movies we always h...
  • extinction
  • romance
  • wattys2017
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Fallen From Honer by GailWindridge
Fallen From Honerby Gail Windridge
Stolen from her home when raiders attacked and burned her village to the ground, orphan Kyra found herself in a strange land. Years later, working with the man who had b...
  • fantacy
  • invasion
  • nanowrimo
Tales from the Resistance (Fnaf OCS vs Transformers) by SpringlockSFM
Tales from the Resistance (Fnaf Springlock
Cover WILL Change! I've always loved this kind of crossover, don't judge me ok? We've all got our interests, some are weirder than others so eh whatever XP Well, I'm gon...
  • ốc
  • invasion
  • fnaf
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Jezzabelle Bieber  by lovetobepink
Jezzabelle Bieber by lovetobepink
Justin And Jessica are having another baby girl Jezzabelle Bieber *request open*
  • daughter
  • belieber
  • invasion
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A Test of Faith [Aqualad Social Media Fanfiction] by Lizardgurl
A Test of Faith [Aqualad Social Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
"Guys, how long was I gone?" In which their faith in everything that they know is put to the test. [Sequel to A Text of Fate. Young Justice]
  • superboy
  • mission
  • seasontwo
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Moonscape by TonyHarmsworth
Moonscapeby Tony Harmsworth
A mundane survey of a crater on the moon turns into a frightening helter-skelter adventure with only two possible outcomes, losing or saving the Earth! This story takes...
  • hardsf
  • nasa
  • moon
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Heroes || Sequel to 'Daughter of the Bat' • A Justice League Story by IronSoul001
Heroes || Sequel to 'Daughter of A Random Person
"Emma..." There it was. That voice again. "Emma..." It was always there, calling me. "Emma!" My eyes shot open, but I was only met with the...
  • cyborg
  • supermanxoc
  • wonderwoman
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Allien invasion : book 1 by BrightNight13
Allien invasion : book 1by BrightNightFright 13
I know , I know! "it's alien , not allien!!!" Well.... you mean I'm wrong and I can't make up words? LOOK I CAN!!!
  • alien
  • invasion