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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Worth Fighting For (Completed )✔️ by NiranjanaNepol
Worth Fighting For (Completed )✔️by Niranjana Nepolean
You can ask me anything but about one man. Don't ask me, "why is he doing this?" and "Why doesn't he do this?" because I have no answer. He is like t...
Never Fear by Inconvenient_Ideal
Never Fearby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
Growing up together and being friends is all well and good. But sanity slips, and bonds break. People who were once friends can become enemies, even more so they can bec...
⚠️ABUSE, BLOOD, GORE, NEEDLES, CURSING, SMOKING⚠️ Amanda grows tired of the same thing every day. Till she found a way out of the TV and into the real world. But they ha...
Success Is the Best Revenge {Book 1} **Watty Awards 2012** by itsKristen
Success Is the Best Revenge {Book...by itsKristen
Seventeen year old Alea Peters has the perfect boyfriend. But a prom night gone wrong tears them apart forever. What happens when the girl her boyfriend left her for com...
S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing) by RichardRHarley
S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Al...by Richard Harley
The story of Michael Thomas, a family man who worked for the U.S. army, and the experiments that were done on him. Shortly after after his return home from nearly six m...
The Son of Salem(RWBY) by MrWriter002
The Son of Salem(RWBY)by MrWriter01
Salem would wander her castle from time to time hoping to shake off that feeling of loneliness and emptiness her castle had. She had always missed her Children, She coul...
Deep in the Woods by PiscesPrincess001
Deep in the Woodsby թisce͢͢͢s
================================== Kidnapped. Taken To A Laboratory. Experimented on. Abused. I Am Lost But Never Found. I Am Something, Yet I Am Nothing. I Am Alive B...
Captured Mermaid by cressdarnel11
Captured Mermaidby cressdarnel11
Cass lived happily in the ocean with her sister Lola, until she is caught by greedy humans and put in an aquarium for all the world to see. Now, a whole world away from...
Taken Tested And Tortured   by meshelbyiluvbooks
Taken Tested And Tortured by Shelbytheartist
Ocean is the princess of Atlantis which is located at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. One day when swimming, something terrible happens. Will Ocean survive the tough t...
[WheatDOS] I Love My Moron by Nonnybonnit
[WheatDOS] I Love My Moronby GlitchMaster
Glados gets bored and rescues wheatly from space, will love blossom? Slow-burn (?) No artwork is mine, credit to the people who can draw better than me.
Eleven and Twelve (Percy Jackson and Stranger Things Crossover) (DISCONTINUED) by an-avocado-thanks
Eleven and Twelve (Percy Jackson a...by neptune.
[FIC DISCONTINUED PERMANENTLY] Percy Jackson is transported to Hawkins, Indiana, 1983. Percy Jackson (Twelve) and El escape the Hawkins Laboratory together and along t...
Characters/People I made in Gacha Life 2 by AubreyLong5
Characters/People I made in Gacha...by Turtles in Paris (Mikey and K...
Fandoms and Such in Gacha life 2. It's something fun to do! For me and you! 💕 So suggest some characters I should make. (Has to be in my Fandoms or some I know)
The Burning- Book One: Blossom [DRAFT] by emberblazeofwindclan
The Burning- Book One: Blossom [DR...by [ є m в є r ]
~BOOK ONE OF THE BURNING~ Blood. Death. Fear. That is what makes up FloraClan. It's what keeps them together. But for Robinpaw, it's what haunts her dreams. Ever since t...
A- Villain by AlwaysSunny
A- Villainby Sunny 🔆
Beckett Coleman didn't have to be a villain. All he had to do was study a little harder. But if you were almost failing your college psychology class, and your professor...
Glados x Male Reader by Nonnybonnit
Glados x Male Readerby GlitchMaster
Glados x male reader. No pictures are mine.
Suppression (Saiki K. Reader Insert) by Skiddlewinks
Suppression (Saiki K. Reader Inser...by Story Teller
[Indefinite HIATUS] Subject 001. [Your name]. You. Subject 001 was a weaker psychic, but a psychic nonetheless. She spent fourteen years in a lab and psychological torme...
What would happen if out little Izuku were to be, kidnapped? What would happen if he were to have a quirk forcced upon him? What if that simple quirk he wanted, changed...
Fake smiles are not against the law by elizabettaricci
Fake smiles are not against the lawby Elizabetta
This story is about lost hopes in friendship and the struggles of the main character. The reader will watch character grow, develop as a person, meet different people an...
NOCO [HIGHSCHOOL AU] by tdforthewin
NOCO [HIGHSCHOOL AU]by Tdforthewin
Dunno what to write here