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Sworn Sisters  by zainab_Abdool
Sworn Sisters by xaynaab
MUSLIMLOVESTORY . . . . . The man took her to a small office downstairs. It seems he is the owner of the hotel cos of how well he knows his way around the hotel. She so...
WiLtEd DrEaMs... WiIL eVeR fLoUrIsH aGaIn? by Dipanwita86
WiLtEd DrEaMs... WiIL eVeR dipanwita das
"You mean nothing to me Khushi kumari Gupta". Khushi's all dreams of getting her happily ever after and being loved by her husband shattered. Her husband does...
His Intense Love by sweetsmileonlips
His Intense Loveby sweetsmileonlips
This is the sequel of His Revenge.. Jen and Rick, true soulmates met under unfortunate circumstance, His Revenge brought them together and rest is history.. After drifti...
Chevron by DressageGeek
Chevronby Katelyn Grace
When people see him, they veer to a different path. When they see him, they watch with wary eyes. But most of all, they whisper. They whisper about the mysterious reclus...
Touching the untouchable by Ice_Kitsune4801
Touching the untouchableby Ice_Kitsune4801
Itanaru Brought together by this strange thing called fate. One having everything from birth -wealth, fame, family - and the other having nothing - no money, no family...
With You Forever by Rinuesha
With You Foreverby Rinuesha
Major Bhargav has created a ruckus by calling Naina's parents and informing them regarding the rumors being circulated in the academy about Rajveer and Naina's relations...
Finding Love by Rinuesha
Finding Loveby Rinuesha
Both are shattered, both are broken; both trying to find a way through their life. Naina Singh Ahluwalia has been facing many struggles in her life ever since her brothe...
A Different Path by shainishukla
A Different Pathby Ashes1097
A year ago, Karna had done the unthinkable when he had come to Abhimanyu's aid, refusing to take part in the slaughter of the brave teenager. In that moment, history ha...
Absolute (Katsudeku) by purplemerald
Absolute (Katsudeku)by Lydia
Heroes Ground Zero, Deku, Red Riot, Uravity and Froppy takes on a villain with the absolute quirk one night. Deku and Katsuki need to make one of the worst decisions in...
The Kings Mistress/concubine  by KaylaMontrose
The Kings Mistress/concubine by Kayla Montrose
Anastasia was a simple girl who lives her life peacefully, working hardly and honestly as a farm girl. She was found abandoned as a babe on the edge of a forest when Wil...
I'm Not As Dumb As You Think I Am by raincheck01
I'm Not As Dumb As You Think I Amby raincheck01
Hinata Shouyou, a member of Karasuno's volleyball team. He acts oblivious and stupid for reasons he swore he won't tell his team. But he's profoundly smart in school a...
You are mine by barbravincy2017
You are mineby barbravincy2017
"let me make you feel what other have failed to do,they made you soak..I will make you wetter" He cupped my breast and a low groan escapes my lips.I arched my...
Babysitting the Koopalings  by TristenNorfleet1
Babysitting the Koopalings by TristenNorfleet1
What is the life of a woman named, Regina, when she babysits the 7 koopalings for 15 years? Let's find out as they go on multiple adventures and who knows...we might fin...
Forever Yours by Rinuesha
Forever Yoursby Rinuesha
It is the time for KMA's appraisals, and Naina is Rajveer's supporter for the same. But their relationship is not the same anymore. Naina is ashamed of not trusting the...
Can I trust you? (sasunaru) by itsokAy33
Can I trust you? (sasunaru)by A
Naruto was a miserable child who always had to cover up his pain with a happy facade and fake smiles. Known as the monster to all the adults in the village he was hated...
Without Me (Infinite x Reader) by Shaye_Serena
Without Me (Infinite x Reader)by Meme Commander
One way or another, the war needs to end. Even if it means the death of one person, you. But that's alright, you would tell yourself. The depression took over long ago...
𝐅𝐑𝐔𝐈𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐍  by fireewhiskey
𝐅𝐑𝐔𝐈𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐍 by fireewhiskey
In some cases the fruit is forbidden for a reason, like when you've fallen madly in love with a girl you were sent to abduct. he always knew that life has a way of screw...
Love over Salvation (slow updates) by vampressXXX
Love over Salvation (slow updates)by Vampy
Mahabharata known as the greatest epic of our era. Whenever we hear its name we remember the geeta shlok which Shree Krishna recited to Prince Arjun, we remember the blo...
New Dawn by NethEllethTeithant
New Dawnby Phoenix
*sequel to The Unexpected | a LOTR/Legolas fanfic, SPOILERS BELOW* Nine years after the events of the War of the Ring, Lumornel has changed--forever. No longer trapped i...
Artifice by discipleofinks
Artificeby MLD
poems that I spill through empty spaces