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Arshi SS: Anguish by Kiddo_Star
Arshi SS: Anguishby Kiddo
Even after an assurance from her husband, Khushi finds herself getting a secret DNA test done between her husband, Arnav, and his ex-girlfriend's son, Aarav, who is crin...
Diwali - Night That Haunts by Dipanwita86
Diwali - Night That Hauntsby Dipa
'Whore' 'characterless' 'gold digger' Words are ringing in her ears like blood coming out of her ears. She is trying to block them out but cannot do it. She is walking...
Can I trust you? (sasunaru) by itsokAy33
Can I trust you? (sasunaru)by A
Naruto was a miserable child who always had to cover up his pain with a happy facade and fake smiles. Known as the monster to all the adults in the village he was hated...
Sworn Sisters  by zainab_Abdool
Sworn Sisters by xaynaab
MUSLIMLOVESTORY . . . . . The man took her to a small office downstairs. It seems he is the owner of the hotel cos of how well he knows his way around the hotel. She so...
I'm Not As Dumb As You Think I Am by raincheck01
I'm Not As Dumb As You Think I Amby raincheck01
Hinata Shouyou, a member of Karasuno's volleyball team. He acts oblivious and stupid for reasons he swore he won't tell his team. But he's profoundly smart in school a...
Entangled in the Strings of Fate ~ Attack on Titan (Levi x OC) [DISCONTINUED] by HoshinoHana
Entangled in the Strings of Fate Lucifer ※【ルシファー】
People come and go. Born and die. All of them are being controlled by transparent strings called fate. This is a story of the people, whose fate are intertwined with eac...
Touching the untouchable by Ice_Kitsune4801
Touching the untouchableby Ice_Kitsune4801
Itanaru Brought together by this strange thing called fate. One having everything from birth -wealth, fame, family - and the other having nothing - no money, no family...
Destined hearts by zainab_Abdool
Destined heartsby xaynaab
MUSLIM LOVE STORY "You planned for this marriage to happen. I can't believe you trick your friend to run away so you can sway yourself into my life. Well, all your...
A Different Path by shainishukla
A Different Pathby Ashes1097
A year ago, Karna had done the unthinkable when he had come to Abhimanyu's aid, refusing to take part in the slaughter of the brave teenager. In that moment, history ha...
The Destructible Mates [ Book 2 ] by WrittenKvngK
The Destructible Mates [ Book 2 ]by Ûnknõwñ
[ Sequel to: The Indestructible Mates ] [ Editing ] Jessica Cold, mate to Samantha Black and daughter to both Enia and Taylor. The past year she's been through a lot, w...
Police officer's love story by NikkiAngelic
Police officer's love storyby Nikki Angelic
ACP Rajveer Sinha, one of the best police officers in the country, meets his soulmate Neeta, who has turned his world upside down, right from the moment he laid his eyes...
Absolute (Katsudeku) by purplemerald
Absolute (Katsudeku)by Lydia
Heroes Ground Zero, Deku, Red Riot, Uravity and Froppy takes on a villain with the absolute quirk one night. Deku and Katsuki need to make one of the worst decisions in...
Seven Dances by peachify
Seven Dancesby peachify
What if Anne Boleyn was spared from execution?
Adam Driver Characters X Reader (Unisex) Imagines- All Occasions by Alm344
Adam Driver Characters X Reader ( Ashleigh
Requests open to all. Just send me a request what I'm looking for are: Adam Driver character Seasonal Christmas scenario of your choice Friendship or romance to start Ch...
Not 'till your home safe by The_Reader1001
Not 'till your home safeby The_Reader
Keith's been kidnapped by the galra and now their holding his hostage. lance is super worried about his crush. in order to get Keith back they need to hand over the blac...
Deposed Empress General by WhiteSunflowerS2
Deposed Empress Generalby WhiteSunflowerS2
Deposed Empress General Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Drama Psychological Tragedy Tags[ ] Ancient China Army Childhood FriendsFemale Protagonist Imperial Harem PoliticsRoya...
Chevron by DressageGeek
Chevronby Katelyn Grace
When people see him, they veer to a different path. When they see him, they watch with wary eyes. But most of all, they whisper. They whisper about the mysterious reclus...
ʀᴇʙᴇʟ [ᵣᵢcₕᵢₑ ₜₒzᵢₑᵣ ₓ ᵣₑₐdₑᵣ] 🄾🄽 🄷🄾🄻🄳 by Sunnymoonbreath
ʀᴇʙᴇʟ [ᵣᵢcₕᵢₑ ₜₒzᵢₑᵣ ₓ ᵣₑₐdₑᵣ] 🄾� j a m í e
"Y/n, y/n, tell- tell me what's wrong. C-calm down." "F-Fuck him. FUCK HIM." [ᴍɪʟᴅ ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ \\ ᴛʀɪɢɢᴇʀ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ]
Whatever the heart wants by auburnmason45
Whatever the heart wantsby Momo
How hard it is to stand by your friends? How hard it is to to accept all ups and downs in your life without a second thought? Myra, Olivia, Anna, Nora....are just going...
Anguished Eyes by IchiTomlinson
Anguished Eyesby Janna Myca Agliones Tomlinson
A loud guy who is driven by his dreams A silent girl who can't seem to escape her dark past Fucked up circumstances What will happen if their two worlds collide? Will th...