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Tinctures and Troubles by joydragon56
Tinctures and Troublesby Kyndal J. Gainor
When Moeata's family moves, she learns that she's an Alchemist, people who make potions and poulitices from magical plants. But while honing her new skills, she learns a...
  • pg
  • poulitice
  • polynesian
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(R)Evolution ~ Book 2 (Watty Awards Round 2 Finalist) by DonnaSharples
(R)Evolution ~ Book 2 (Watty DippyD
With humankind being enslaved and viewed as a lesser species by the alien invaders. Can a human alien hybrid free earth and its inhabitants? Will she be able to come to...
  • experiments
  • caged
  • escape
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Viral x Reader! Gurren Lagan! by EpicRainbow1
Viral x Reader! Gurren Lagan!by Felidae_Chan
This is my first story and it's going to bad, if I have made an errors, please tell me, and I hope you enjoy :) also this is just to experiment with Wattpad. •Please fo...
  • great
  • follow
  • poetic
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Slugterra love and romantic stories by Tsukiko05
Slugterra love and romantic storiesby Windy-sama's minion...
Love and romantic stories about the characters from Slugterra ^^ Skip a bit from the series Enjoy reading ^^
  • love
  • romance
  • slugterra
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One step, Two step, Three step, Four? by ZephroniaWilliams
One step, Two step, Three step, ZephroniaWilliams
It's nice in the Inder, it's nice and cool, you can see floating lights in the high cavern ceilings! I much like the big furry moles that come and sniff you and tickle y...
  • clans
  • demons
  • deals
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Magnolia's Code by lemons_are_fruit_too
Magnolia's Codeby Kay Powers
Timothy Rayland is just a shy, awkward college student looking for a way out of his hometown. When his archaeology major leads him to the tiny town of DeVuo City, he thi...
  • jay
  • zoe
  • greene
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Away by laurenxv
Awayby laurenxv
Sam is at the festival that her and her mom go to every year. The building is beautiful, all silver. They get into the festival and it quickly takes a bad turn. Sam does...
  • noceret
  • random
  • whatdoesitallmean
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Welcome to the Cavern by RebekahF2002
Welcome to the Cavernby RebekahF2002
Eve needs to escape the reality of her life, and decided the only way to do that is to go hide in the mountains. She stumbled upon a cavern, where she ends up meeting As...
  • adventure
  • runaway
  • action
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The Haunted Caverns by Mymunah
The Haunted Cavernsby Mymunah Naufal
Emily and her friends are forced to go on a boring tour of the Caverns of Maynts with their families. During the tour, when no one's watching, they sneak off to explore...
  • scare
  • caves
  • haunted
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White Coat by TonyBailey8
White Coatby Tony Bailey
  • caverns
  • monsters
  • sword
High Hopes by CalamityBlitz
High Hopesby Calamity Blitz
The story of a man named Gerald on an attempt to finish why his father started and climb Mt Alton, but on the way there he stumbles across something bigger than expected
  • caverns
  • ancient
  • highhopes
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In the pursuit of knowledge by FCTSUniverse
In the pursuit of knowledgeby FCTSUniverse
A bold adventurer seeks out prove that an ancient order of monks actually existed. His discoveries might change the world. Assuming he makes it out alive...
  • secretorganization
  • ancientruins
  • hollowmountains
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elle by IndigoBunting
elleby ☀︎ Jessi
A swordswoman, traveling away from her home to escape from prejudice and poverty, comes upon a troupe of guardsmen. Against her will, she is sucked into a quest to resc...
  • swordfighting
  • originalcharacters
  • adventure
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Children of the Ever-Dark by Zeefluffylion
Children of the Ever-Darkby Kasey
In the not-so-distant future, the human race has been forced to move underground and a new generation of children is coming to power.
  • pollution
  • underground
  • children
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Caverns of Hell by TrueSai
Caverns of Hellby JoshBro
A mining crew comes across an old section of the previous mineshaft that had collapsed years earlier. An old-timer speaks of the horrors that can crawl from this abyss o...
  • bloody
  • caverns
  • fiction
Caverns and Corridors by BrittanyTucker6
Caverns and Corridorsby Brittany Tucker
A young girl off on a photography adventure in England, finds a cavern in the ruins that leads to some interesting sights...
  • staircase
  • hidden
  • caverns
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The Bad Boy's Bright Side by vexated_
The Bad Boy's Bright Sideby sheerio
About a boy who didn't care and a girl who was just as close to caring (NEW VERSION OF TBBBS FROM MY OLD ACC @bcilike)
  • nerd
  • shedevil
  • charlotex2
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My Slugs by Hamilton_slugslinger
My Slugsby Hamilton_slugslinger
My arsenal of slugs.
  • slugterra
  • slugs
  • mine
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Adventure in the Caverns by GamerSharky101
Adventure in the Cavernsby Sharky
This story is based on an awesome dream I had a while ago. I am going to make it in 2nd person because I think it's cool that way. Enjoy!
  • gamersharky101
  • evil
  • fiction
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