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In Time : ♦️Draco & Hermione♦️Wattys2018 by Hannah_Shira
In Time : ♦️Draco & Hermione♦️Watt...by silent beauty
Can love really conquer all? Or will it be up to the flow of time being altered to set things right? A Draco and Hermione love story. credit to the cover goes to @sev...
  • wattys2017
  • romance
  • love
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Light Fury * Voltron *  by Bi-Butterfly13
Light Fury * Voltron * by Arixa
The Paladins find a pod from a planet they thought was long destroyed by Zarkon a long time ago.
  • pidge
  • hunk
  • lance
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Rise of the Darkness by Jen963
Rise of the Darknessby Jen963
Prophecy of Shadow Book 1 Long have the enemies of Dragonkind hid in the shadows, waiting to strike. For millennia Dragons have hid from Humankind, growing restless. A p...
  • fortunedragon
  • 2019undiscovered1k
  • fantasy
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Harry Potter One Shots by multiixfandcm
Harry Potter One Shotsby multiixfandcm
Harry Potter One Shots! Requests are open :)
  • wizard
  • draconian
  • magic
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Dragonsoul - (OC Story)  by Bluewings55
Dragonsoul - (OC Story) by Bluewings55
Vela woke up on a beach without her memory. With the help of a Skrill named Elektra, she tries to figure out who she is. Little did she knew that she had a prophecy to f...
  • loz
  • dragonsdefendersofberk
  • httyd
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Those 19 years (and beyond...) by multiixfandcm
Those 19 years (and beyond...)by multiixfandcm
Have you ever wondered what happened in the 19 years between the Battle of Hogwarts and Albus going to school? Well, here is my version. Enjoy.
  • harrypotter
  • action
  • draconian
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(R)Evolution ~ Book 2 (Watty Awards Round 2 Finalist) by DonnaSharples
(R)Evolution ~ Book 2 (Watty Award...by DippyD
With humankind being enslaved and viewed as a lesser species by the alien invaders. Can a human alien hybrid free earth and its inhabitants? Will she be able to come to...
  • evacuation
  • home
  • revolution
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The Pirate King (Parody Of The Lion King) by Benbear1999
The Pirate King (Parody Of The Lio...by Ben the half blood pirate
Ben the Half Blood Pirate (an OC version of myself), the heir to the pirate throne in Skull Island, one of the worlds of the Spiral, where he will succeed his father, Ca...
  • skullisland
  • disney
  • warnerbrothers
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The Wedding Speech  by feltonisBAE
The Wedding Speech by King Mia
"Ladies and Gentlemen, brace your selves. A handsome man is about to give his speech" - Blaise Zabini A short story of Blaise giving his best man speech at hi...
  • dramione
  • completed
  • hogwarts
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Diary of a Dead Girl ~ Book 1 (being edited) by DonnaSharples
Diary of a Dead Girl ~ Book 1 (bei...by DippyD
Ronald Reagen's Speech at the UN 1987:~ "Perhaps we need some outside universal threat, I occasionally think how our differences worldwide would vanish, if we were...
  • domination
  • chaos
  • greys
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the rainbow draconian booster by universeprincess
the rainbow draconian boosterby universeprincess
this is a dragon booster fiction I made up. I just own my characters and the story (since I made it up)
  • booster
  • allboosters
  • family
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Heart Of Ice by GeekBeast
Heart Of Iceby GeekBeast
Chapter one, of many, hopefully, message me if you have any ideas I'm almost always open. If you Like this, read Fever Blood, by halcyon15
  • draconic
  • divine
  • epic
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Decimation of the Dragons by DraconianOfLight
Decimation of the Dragonsby DraconianOfLight
Hello friends, enemies, and people how are looking for a good story! I am sorry I cannot tell you my real name quiet yet, but for now you can call me by one of my many o...
  • mythical
  • halfbreed
  • fantasy
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The Labyrinth outside Reality by Dragonette03
The Labyrinth outside Realityby Taylor Ramey
A magic, dragon, sci-fi mess
  • destruction
  • death
  • timemanipulation
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The Forgotten Rider by Cerberous10
The Forgotten Riderby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Eragon has left in search of the new Rider's home and finds more than he bargained for when he meets a rider older than even Oromis was. New dangers arise though and it'...
  • eragon
  • jacques
  • action
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school of hybrids by saltii and wolfcraft by JETRAY-JASEN
school of hybrids by saltii and wo...by JETRAY-JASEN
An old group of seven, two odd groups of six, merge together, to jump the Styx, an eye for a tooth, a life for a life, they alone will end our strife. ~ ~ ~ A Prophecy...
  • winged
  • meifwa
  • draconians
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The Draconian by Jayether
The Draconianby Jayether
About a kid in society. Yeah
  • dragons
  • yeah
  • boyxboymabye
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Betrothed by katewriter18
Betrothedby Katie
For centuries, two races have been at war with each other - the Draconians, half man, half dragon, and the Elves, the mythical creatures you hear of only in stories. The...
  • journey
  • winter
  • friends
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the lightning by spectre_12
the lightningby spectre_12
A company of a most peculiar alliance of an amnesiac warforge, a magical rabbit and two dragons will take on a quest to claim the throne of the land of lightning.
  • dwarves
  • fiction
  • roleplay
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