Mutations by EmbracingYou
Mutationsby EmbracingYou
| C O M P L E T E D | Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons i...
  • wattys2017
  • science
  • freshstart
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The Breeders by Reading_Mermaid08
The Breedersby The Reading Mermaid
The need for perfection in the populace brought the opportunity of control over the political powers. The population is controlled through enslaved breeders. Young pe...
  • runaway
  • tsbc
  • futuristic
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BELLY| Dave East by Marlijaaah
BELLY| Dave Eastby marlèe
the wild love story of Dave & Kavini
  • breaks
  • drugs
  • love
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The First by Ithildaeforever
The Firstby Ithildae
She's not human. She's The First. Gis is a breakthrough in human cloning and DNA manipulation. To everyone around the world, she is a miracle, and a new hope for salvat...
  • sciencefiction
  • human
  • friendship
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Marine World by rachksnaps
Marine Worldby Rachksnaps
A featured story|Wattys 2018 Winner| Seventeen-year-old Aura and the three other genetically modified humans in captivity have been planning an escape from Marine World...
  • dystopia
  • mystery
  • genetic-engineering
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Can't Get Enough Of You (Liskook) by Joyful_MONSTER
Can't Get Enough Of You (Liskook)by JOEYLYN
Fanfiction: Lalisa Manoban and Jungkook are married but they don't love each other. That's what they thought. Lisa already love jungkook ever since she first saw him and...
  • jungkook
  • liskook
  • blackpink
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losingjams247 | Yoonmin texting ff by jungshooksmolbean
losingjams247 | Yoonmin texting ffby Smol Bean
Jimin is scared to talk to Yoongi and decides to text him instead. First thing he says is, "Can I eat your face?"
  • btsships
  • kpop
  • loveyourself
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Perfection - The Oasis Project Book 1 (Complete) by EllaNigh
Perfection - The Oasis Project Boo...by Ella Nigh
A nobody and a wrongly accused fugitive, Valentina Linkin, jumps at the offer of a free trip to Dell Island, a small tropical paradise. Here, with no pressure to leave...
  • vacation
  • mutation
  • suspense
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OUR❤️방탄소년단❤️BTS❤️ by 3baby_j
OUR❤️방탄소년단❤️BTS❤️by 3baby_j
Реакции(18+),мини фф(18+),гифки и фото с БТС❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • park
  • jhope
  • новая
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Ace of Diamond X Reader by Crazier535
Ace of Diamond X Readerby Crazier535
Diamond no ace X Reader Title says it all I accept request, the list of characters are in the Disclaimer!
  • sportsanime
  • oneshot
  • diamondnoace
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My Roommate's Secret by xxFatherOfLukexx
My Roommate's Secretby l o v e s i c k
#250 in Werewolf (6/8/17) I reach out my hand shakily to Theresa and she moves forward and takes it, pressing the back of her other, free hand to my forehead. "...
  • love
  • royalty
  • father
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Diamond no Ace Oneshots ★ by lazysleepingbeauty
Diamond no Ace Oneshots ★by Shion ★
Diamond no Ace and characters © Yuji Terajima
  • yuuki
  • kominato
  • haruichi
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Destruction - The Oasis Project Book 2 by EllaNigh
Destruction - The Oasis Project Bo...by Ella Nigh
Co-written with @squirrelg Recaptured by the scientists and relocated to black sites around the world, Linkin and Ira are barely surviving. Stripped of their identities...
  • loss
  • mutants
  • remorse
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ḊṆḀ [Bts x Male Reader] by 0-KangHaru-0
ḊṆḀ [Bts x Male Reader]by I'm the kid my parents warned...
"When love is real, it doesn't lie, cheat, pretend, hurt you or make you feel unwanted. It's supposed to be a cure to all your worries." .....Or at least that'...
  • taehyung
  • jin
  • 27yearsold
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Operation Terminus by BlazingBengal
Operation Terminusby BlazingBengal
The end of the world has come. Countries lay in ruin, natural resources are scarce, and an unknown virus threatens to wipe out the human race. After the Scorching, the e...
  • animaltesting
  • dna
  • genetics
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Diamond No Ace x Reader Imagines by acouperlesouffle
Diamond No Ace x Reader Imaginesby acouperlesouffle
Diamond no ace x reader oneshots! I felt like Diamond no ace is such an underrated series and it was hard to find fanfiction of the it. So one day I thought, "I'll...
  • fanfiction
  • dna
  • anime
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Experiment by _pure_imagination_
Experimentby Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become...
  • butterfly
  • shrunk
  • animals
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Shut Up, I Love You  by eXit_X8
Shut Up, I Love You by eXit_X8
A story of a roller-coaster love. A woman who fell for a mysterious girl. And a mysterious girl who couldn't resist the woman. Nancy, a normal and timid writer who is ac...
  • jayun
  • yeonnaen
  • jungahn
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The Genetics Project by strawberryichigo15
The Genetics Projectby Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 327 Sim Leoda is all grown up and in college working on a very important project involving nanobots. He still has nightmares about the trials that he and h...
  • sciencefiction
  • dna
  • malepregnancy
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"Tae, just remember, face yourself and always be strong, you have BTS." [English not my first, don't like my book? So don't read this shit] Cover by: Myself
  • yongi
  • jhope
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