Helado de Fresa y Chocolate by GrissLeidy
Helado de Fresa y Chocolateby Griss
[Sawaharu] Gracias al consejo de su senpai, Sawamura invita a salir a Haruichi.
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A Serendipitous Encounter  by user97131658
A Serendipitous Encounter by
A girl has an unexpected encounter with her idol.
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BTS Love Yourself: Her Lyrics by pjmsangel
BTS Love Yourself: Her Lyricsby Park Linya
BTS Lyrics for the Love Yourself: Her album -Korean (Hangul) -Romanized -Easy Romanized -Translation in English Not my own Lyrics!!! BigHit Entertainment owns all the ri...
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Pokémon: DNA Cross by Johnathan_Mandrake
Pokémon: DNA Crossby Cam Wilken
Have you ever wanted to be someone else? someTHING else? Something more powerful than the current you? People say that it's impossible. Well what do they know, huh...
  • cross
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  • pokemon
Patiet 988 by Vibrant_Nymph
Patiet 988by Vibrant_Nymph
Tinatamad akong gumawa ng isang napakahandang cover photo kaya ayan na lang 😂 Hindi rin naman ako marunong 😀 Baka gusto niyong gumawa? hihi. Pero for free ah? Hahaha...
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Pete Wentz Is My Father!?!?! by ruby25100
Pete Wentz Is My Father!?!?!by ruby25100
Rowan takes a DNA test to pick on her dad. That's all fine and good till..... She realizes that her parents, aren't her parents.....
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[❥] DNA by army--jiminie
[❥] DNAby quit
[❥] BTS [❥] JIMIN X READER [❥] ARMY [❥] K-POP [❥] BANGTAN [❥] DNA [❥] JIMIN [❥] J-HOPE [❥] SUGA [❥] RM [❥] V [❥] JIN [❥] JUNGKOOK [❥] ARMY--JIMINIE © 2018 army--jiminie...
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Napped | jimin & Jennie fanfic😷💉 by AlionisPerez
Napped | jimin & Jennie fanfic😷💉by テヒョン☁
"Do you really think I'll hurt you?💯" Jimin never gives up on his target! "Jimin! NO!🔥" Why does he care so much for her? "If I can't have you...
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Alerrie Smut || Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain & Perrie Edwards by fuckedwards
Alerrie Smut || Alex Oxlade - Cham...by Kels 🌹.
Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain & Perrie Louise Edwards smut book. Credits goes to the people who wrote the stories/one shots, I don't own anything. Warning: Contains sexual c...
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Project: Rosalyn by YD_OLem
Project: Rosalynby Y.D. O'Lem
How far will you go for those you love? Denise, a 17 year-old girl, struggles with the loss of her sister and the pain she causes her family. Her father is on the run, b...
  • siblings
  • fiction
  • health
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DNA - An Abuse Story - Daniel Seavey by KawaiiSophie
DNA - An Abuse Story - Daniel Seav...by KawaiiSophie
This book is inspired by Lia Marie Johnson's 'DNA' from The Thinnings. "But you can't stop DNA. No, you can't stop DNA."
  • abuse
  • dna
  • liamariejohnson
E.v.O. : Państwowa Niewola. by AidenCreatoor
E.v.O. : Państwowa Niewola.by AidenCreatoor
Młoda Hannah znudzona życiem bycia podporządkowaną państwowi zamierza uciec z kraju. Niestety każda jej próba stanowi wielkie ryzyko oraz istnieje szansa aby planowana m...
  • dramat
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Welcome To Our Apacalypse by XavierWolf2005
Welcome To Our Apacalypseby XavierWolf2005
In the Year 2034 a mad scientist accidentaly creates zombie virus. This virus spreads like wild fire infecting everything that comes in contact with it. Three people ma...
  • virus
  • science
  • robotics
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Lorenchelle by jojokats128
Lorenchelleby jojokats128
Lorenzo is a desperate person who dreams of "Lorenchelle" where he stares and looks like a creep in front of her. Michelle. (BTW, PLZ READ, I OWN ALL THE CHARA...
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RISE DNA: Book One by _aawesomee_wwriterr_
RISE DNA: Book Oneby Jessycat
The war has long gone but a new conflict arises. With a fallen government and a fear of the future, the new dystopian world has resumes back into the 18 centuries: tigh...
  • science
  • immortal
  • dystopian
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DNA by sadlynormal
DNAby nico
hate to ask, but what's it like to leave me behind?
  • dna
  • inspiredbyliamarie
  • sadness
Foxy boy by faster_foxes
Foxy boyby BlueFox
Harvey and the others have found refuge in the middle of nowhere so that they can live safely, away from other people who might want to do things to them. They are diffe...
  • haven
  • fox
  • cat
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Catch Me, Will You? by miyukismitt
Catch Me, Will You?by yaj
If you love baseball and a love-hate relationship, then give this story a shot.
  • unpredictable
  • baseball
  • love
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Gen300 by Raettx
Gen300by Raettx
W brudnym świecie pełnym kłamstw, wszyscy na siłę szukają ratunku. W nieustannym wyścigu szczurów przekrzykują się kto da więcej. Proponują pieniądze w zamian za zdrowie...
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