Chapter 21

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The sun is hidden behind the grey clouds, as it rains.

The peaceful sound of the raindrops hitting the roof of Harry's beautiful home.

The coolness of the winter air invading the bedroom, waking me up as my body searches for more warmth to continue sleeping next to the man I adore.

Usually when I'm awoken by the feeling of being cold, I bury myself more under my duvet and curl up, seeking for any type of heat that could help me fall back asleep.

But today, with a smile on my face, I move closer to Harry and press my head against his warm chest.

During the night he had turned so that he was facing me. His arm loosely draping over my waist.

With my movements, Harry wrapped his arm tighter around me in his sleep and somehow pulled me closer to him.

Within seconds, I was completely warm. And I felt it, the feeling I felt last night. The feeling of my heart aching, pounding. In a beautiful way.

And with that, I was asleep again.

Harry and I both stirred, both of us obviously hearing the sound of knocking coming from the front door. We both groaned as the knocking continued solidly.

Whoever it was better have a good excuse as to why they seem so desperate.

Harry groggily pulled the duvet off us. He got out bed and lazily pulled on his underwear and shorts, leaving his torso bare.

I watched as he walked out of his room and listened as he descended the stairs.

My curiosity got the better of me as I stood from his bed myself, finding one of his hoodies that was carelessly thrown on the floor.

I made my way to the staircase and peered down.

"No." I heard him say to the mystery person.

"Come on Harry, just let me in." A woman pleaded.

"I said no, Andrea." He warned.

I held my breath, hoping to not blow my cover. I desperately wanted to see what this woman looked like. So like any other normal person, I laid down on my stomach and peered around the wall beside the staircase.

She was beautiful.

"Why not Harry." She whined, stepping closer to him. "What we have is great."


"What we had." Harry corrected, closing the door slightly to indicate that she isn't welcome. "Besides, it mustn't have been so great considering you felt the need to cheat on me with my brother."


"Harry, baby, let's forget about that. Let's go back to what we were. Who we were. That wasn't me."

"It sure as fuck looked like you when I caught you handcuffed to my bed while Darren... just leave."

"Is there someone else?" Her index finger was now gliding up and down his chest seductively.

"Yes." He groaned as he stepped back and slammed the door in her face.

With that I leapt up and quietly, but quickly entered his room again.

I dove into the bed and curled up onto my side, pretending to be asleep and like I hadn't just heard the most confusing conversation ever.

I listened as Harry slowly walked up the stairs, into his bedroom and up to his bed where I lay.

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