Chapter 22

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I understood now why he was in a crappy mood in class. She was here and she hurt him.

But what I didn't understand was, why he felt the need to ignore me because he was upset over this woman, yet he still willingly hung around her.

Did he forgive her?

A part of me felt like he ignored me because he's in two minds over who he wants to be with.

Either way, I was pissed.

I spent the rest of the day in my own head. Trying to figure out what was going through Harry's and why he was allowing himself to be around her when she is the reason he doesn't speak to his brother anymore. She was part of the reason he moved away from his family.

Right now it doesn't matter to me. Whether they ended on good terms or not, no girl wants to see the man they have feeling for hanging around his ex.

I was now on my way to my final period of the day. With books in my hand, I walked up the stairs to the second level of the school building.

Just as I had turned the corner I almost bumped into Harry and the woman who broke his heart.

The sudden proximity stopped us all in our tracks. I startled her so much that her loud laugh stopped and Harry's smile was quickly wiped off his face.

Up until this point I was confused, annoyed and slightly worried. But now, I feel hurt and extremely worried.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class, young lady?" She spoke.

And I looked at Harry, his eyes stared at the ground. He thinks I don't know about her, but he still seems to feel guilt.

"Do I know you?" I asked with no effort in trying to hide my distaste for her.

"I'm a new teacher here. I'm Ms Trune. What's your name?" She smiled kindly.

"I better be off. Lovely to meet you Ms Prune." I stepped around Harry and marched away from them. Ignoring her voice calling out to correct me.

The last class dragged on far too long. I was once again in my own head and didn't listen to a word the teacher was saying.

Maybe I should just ask him what's going on rather than just assuming. Maybe he was assigned to show her around since it is her first day.

As the bell rang I quickly scooped up my books and quickly left the classroom, making my way to Harry's office to speak to him. I was far too impatient to wait until later to ask him.

I reached his office and knocked but there was no answer, so I tried for the door handle but it was locked.

He's probably still in his classroom, I did get here quite quickly. I decided to wait for him to get back to his office.

I paced around for quite some time but the moment the hallway was empty of students, I decided to sit down on the floor and wait beside his office.

Just as I was about to get up and make my way home. I heard the door unlock, and out stepped the one and only.

Ms Prune.

"Thank you for hearing me out. I really enjoyed that." She sighed, happily.

"Yeah, sure." And there he was, right behind her.

He was in there the whole time. With her.

Harry turned around to lock his office door behind him, but just as he turned, his eyes locked on mine.


I didn't reply. I just stood up and left.

My head was pounding. Why was he giving her the time of day and completely brushing me off.

We had an amazing weekend and yet, the woman who broke his heart still managed to get all his attention.

My assumption that he was assigned to show her around was out the window. I'm sure a tour of his office wasn't something to be included in the tour. And if it was, it definitely shouldn't have been that long.

I walked home quite quickly. My face was hot with anger.

As soon as I reached my house, I went straight to my bedroom and threw myself onto my bed.

How could he just ignore me like I was nothing?

The fact that I know who she is and what she did, makes me even more mad that he has chosen to give her his attention rather than me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my phone buzzing.

I'm coming over.

I didn't respond. He wasn't asking for my permission anyway.

Within minutes I heard the back sliding door open and close and Harry make his way up the stairs toward my bedroom.

"Angie.. Hey." He sighed.

I sat at the end of my bed, watching him.

"What's going on, Harry." I got straight to it.

"We need to talk."

"Do we?"

"I want to explain my behaviour today." He stared at the floor, his eyes barely flickering up to look at me.

"I would appreciate that."

"I've had a lot of things on my mind. I've been wanting to speak with you but I couldn't do it at school, obviously. Especially because I had Ms Trune.."

"Oh, you mean Andrea?" I cut him off.

His eyes flick up to me as he froze.

"You mean the woman who slept with your brother while you were dating? The woman who knocked on your door the other day to ask for your forgiveness? Yeah, I'm familiar with her." I shrugged.

Harry didn't say a word, his hands rubbed together nervously.

"I didn't care that you lied to me about it, Harry. I heard everything when she was at door the other morning. I understood that you would tell me when you were ready. But to completely ignore me and be by her side all day does bother me." I stood, walking over to him.

Harry sighed again, his eyes became glossy as I stood before him.

"I care about you," He finally spoke. "I do... But having her come back into my life has made me reconsider my future and who I want in it."

His eyes became slightly red as tears filled his eyes.

"We need to stop this. It's not right. It's illegal and..." his face twisted with pain as if what he was about to say was choking him.

"I still love her."

My heart broke as he spoke those four words.

Those four words made me realise a heart could only break this way when it loves someone.

I love him.

But I wasn't good enough.

"Please, leave." Is all I could say.

He stepped forward slightly as tears fell from my eyes. However, he didn't dare touch me.

"I'm sorry." He whispered as he turned away and left my bedroom.

I stood frozen, watching the spot he had just been standing in as I listened for him to leave my house.

The moment I heard the door downstairs close behind him, I involuntarily let out a sob.

And just like that...

He was gone.

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