Chapter 19

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At lunch Dylan sat with us again. I have come to notice just how similar Louis and Dylan really are. They share a lot of hobbies and interests and they both have a sarcastic and playful personality. But Louis' attitude around Dylan is something I've never seen before, it's almost as if he is jealous. 

"So what's your plan? Trying to woo over my best friend?" Louis spoke after mine and Dylan's play fight over my sandwich.

"Woo?" I questioned out loud to myself.

While I contemplated Louis' choice of wording, Dylan burst out laughing. Smacking his hand repeatedly on the canteen table.

"No," He chuckled. "Absolutely not-"

"Hey!" I pouted playfully.

"No, I didn't mean it like that." He smirked. "Like, you are really hot-"

"Hey!" Louis warned.

"Let me finish!" Dylan laughed again. "You're really hot but I'm quite gay."


"Yeah, oh." 

"Well I'm glad you're comfortable with being so open about it." I smiled and grabbed his hand.

"At first I wasn't, I only told my parents a year ago." He shrugged.

"That's very brave of you. They didn't mind?" I questioned, feeling interested and slightly stupid for not noticing because now I see it. 

"Not at all." He grinned, squeezing my hand.

"So they just didn't care at all." Louis asked, speaking for the first time since Dylan announced why he isn't trying to "woo" me.

"They were shocked I guess, but they were very supportive." He smiled as he spoke about it. "It is the most weight lifting thing I have ever done, makes me feel so much better about myself."

And with that, Louis stood and rushed right out of the canteen. I sat in confusion, my hand still in Dylan's before I stood and followed Louis, Dylan following right behind, my hand still held in his. Just as I opened the door to leave the canteen I bumped into no other than Harry. 

"Oh Angelina, are you okay?" He asked, before looking at Dylan than down at our entwined fingers. Before I could reply he brushed past us with a locked jaw. 

I wanted to go back and pull him into a hug and tell him that Dylan shouldn't be a threat to him and just kiss him because I know that if the tables were turned I would be heartbroken. I still hadn't forgiven him for what he said to me yesterday and I have Louis to worry about right now. 

Straight down  the hall way was Louis who rushed into the men's bathroom. Dylan told me to wait outside while he went in and checked on Louis. Seconds later Louis came out and without a word grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the school doors and into the car park.

"Drive me home." He spoke quietly. 

I knew something was definitely wrong so without a second thought or a worry about my next periods, I jumped in the car and drove Louis home. I tried multiple times to get him to tell me what is wrong but he won't say a word.

When we finally arrived at his house, he jumped out and slammed my car door without a glance back. I was not going to let him go that easily, so I turned my car off and followed him inside. Just as I entered I heard his bedroom door slam shut. I walked down the corridor and knocked lightly on the door.

"Louis?" I gently spoke. "Can you open the door for me? Please?" 

Slowly but surely, he opened the door and I was met with a blue eyes filled with tears ready to spill. 

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