Chapter 12

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"Well, if you're changing class, so am I." Louis stubbornly says as we stood at my locker, grabbing my books for first period, History.

"I haven't even given Mr. Jefferson the signed note yet, Louis." I sighed, closing my locker.

"Then when are you going to give it to him?" He asked, grabbing my books from my arms and carrying them for me, like he always does, even though I don't want him to.

"I don't know," I groaned. "I was going to give it this morning but I had a fucking panic attack and couldn't do it."

"You really like him huh?" Louis looked at me with sympathy.

"Yes, Louis, I really do." I mumbled.

"Just try not to-" Louis was cut off by a loud girl standing next to her locker.

"Hey Mr. Styles!" She yelled.

Louis and I both looked at each other then turned around to where she was looking.

He was right behind us.

"Uh, hi.." He said quietly, lifting his hand as a small wave, but his eyes never left mine.

I quickly turned, pulling Louis with me.

"He heard, he heard me, Louis he fucking heard!" I harshly whispered.

"Yeah, he did." Louis agreed as we walked into our history class and to our seats. Louis' eyes were wide and his lips were fighting a smile.

"Louis Tomlinson, are you finding this fucking funny?" I ask, aggravated.

"A little bit. " He squeaks, chuckling.

"I dare you to fall asleep tonight, mate. I dare you."

"Good morning class." Harry mumbles, staring at the floor.

"Sir, you look like death." Jackson, the 'class clown' says, making everyone laugh.

"Thanks." Harry says sarcastically, sitting at his desk. "Continue with the questions I gave you yesterday, we'll be doing that for the rest of the lesson."

"He looks worse than you." Louis whispered as Harry started calling out the role.

"I wish I could just hug him without being questioned by everyone." I whisper back.

"Angelina?" Harry calls out, his voice drained and quiet.

"I'm here." I call back.

"I'm always here." I say quieter, but Harry's head snapped up, and by the way his eyes became glossy, it was clear he heard that too.

- - - -

"I'm going for a walk!" I call out to Liam and Sophia, who are cuddled together on the couch.

"Okay!" Sophia yelled back.

"Okay!" Liam mimicked Sophia in a high pitched voice, which caused her to jump on him and playfully punch him.

"Fuck you both and your perfectly legal relationship." I hissed at them, making them laugh hysterically even though I was being serious.

I walk out of my house, closing the front door behind me and walked down my driveway.

I hardly ever go for walks, I used to a lot though, after my mum died. It helped me clear my head, think about one thing at a time, calm me down, give me time to cry.

But now I'm not thinking of the pain my mums death caused me, I'm thinking of the pain Harry has caused me. People would think I was silly for crying over a man I hardly spent time with,but when we did we had a connection, a unique one, and then the feeling of rejection suddenly being thrown at me. That hurt, especially from someone I really felt comfortable with.

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