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Chapter 6

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"Here, let me hold your bag." Mr Styles says as he reaches for my bag even though I didn't oblige. Not that he really gave me enough time to.

"Thanks" I mumble as I fidget with the key trying to unlock this god damn door.

"Ang- oh" Sophia says as she finally decides to open to the door.

I looked up at her and smiled at how surprised she looked, her eye brows raised high and her eyes planted on my guest. I could see Mr Styles shift uncomfortably on his feet from the corner of my eye.

"Okay, let's not start freaking him out" I laugh as I step past her and inside the house.

"Mr Styles, was it?" Sophia sarcastically asks even though me and her both know she knows exactly who he is.

"Um, yes. Sorry, I forgot your name." He awkwardly says.

"That's because I never told you." She says raising one eye brow and crossing her arms over her chest.

"I've heard things about you, Mr Styles." Sophia says before pointing to her eyes and then back at him with her index and middle finger. "I'll be watching you. Behave." She sternly tells him.

"Who's this?" Liam asks as he descends the stairs.

"Oh, this is Mr Styles, Angelina's History teacher." Sophia informs him, as she changes her voice to more sweeter than when she was talking to Mr Styles.

"Christ, what did she do now?" Liam sighs, already giving me a disappointed look.

My brother obviously has high hopes for me.

"No no. I'm here to tutor her. She isn't in trouble." Mr Styles chuckles a little, clearly still tense from the awkward confrontation with Nat.

"Alright then, we will leave you guys to it." Liam smiles at my teacher then at me before grabbing Sophia's hand and walking into the kitchen room.

"Sorry about that." I laugh once we are alone again.

"You told her about me?" He asks looking down at me.

"I tell her everything.." I half smile back.

He nodded his head with a small smirk.

"So where are we doing this?" He asks as he takes in the surroundings of my hall way, looking at the photos of my family that hung on the wall.

"Just in the lounge room, on the couches" I said but stopped when I noticed he wasn't following me anymore.

I turn around and see him observing a certain picture, his finger brushing against it as he examines it with a small smile, his dimples slightly on display, but not as deep as they usually are when he smiles. I slowly walk up beside him to see which photo has caught so much of his attention. When I see it I notice my smile appearing also.

"That's you." He breaks the silence after we both stood there not saying a word as we look at the photo of me when I was about two years old.

"Yeah" I breathe.

"And that's... That's your mum?" he asks pointing to the lady holding me up in the photo.

"That's her" I whisper, still staring at the photo.

"You were the most adorable little kid" He chuckles.

I laugh along, smiling at a little me with a huge smile, I was obviously laughing in that photo, my hands clapped together and my little eyes squeezed shut.

"That's how you look when you laugh now. Clearly nothing has changed." He says, moving his eyes from the photo to me.

I feel myself blush at the thought of him observing my actions.

He continues to stare at me with his amazing green eyes and an adorable little smile. I noticed his eyes flashing down at my lips then going back up to my eyes.

"So are you two studying facial features or something?" Sophia interrupts as she begins to walk down the hallway towards the lounge room.

I quickly stepped away from Harry and to the side so Soph could pass. As she walked past us she gave me a cheeky grin and winked, causing me to blush even more.

"So.." Mr Styles clears his throat, "the lounge room is this way then?" he steps past me and walked down the hall and into the lounge.

* * *

"1920's?" I lazily asked.

"No, try again." He shook his head.


"Nope. Stop guessing."

"Oh oh I got it." I jumped on the couch when I finally remembered. I held both my hands up.

"1914!" I smiled knowing I nailed it.

"No." He chuckled making my smile drop. "We're learning about World War Two. 1914 is when World War One happened"

"Well at least I know one of them" I huffed, throwing myself back onto the couch.

"Angelina, you need to take this seriously. C'mon World War Two is easy." He said, his voice rising along with his excitement.

"Look, all I know is that-" I was interrupted by a gasp coming from Mr Styles.

"You know something?" He playfully asked, covering his mouth with his hand "Ange, I'm impressed."

"Oh shut up." I laughed grabbing the leather pillow of the couch and throwing it at his face. "And only people I like can call me Ange!" I joke.

He laughed as he caught the pillow, throwing it back at me. I stood up and grabbed another pillow that was resting on the couch before smacking it into him. He quickly dodged it and grabbed his pillow, hitting me back. He stood up, laughing as he attempted to cover his tall body with a small pillow. Laughing, I hit him at the back of his head. With that he dropped his pillow and stepped closer to me, trying to get past the pillow I was waving in front of me as I tried to hit him so he couldn't come any closer. He quickly stepped forward and wrapped one of his long arms around my waist. I shrieked as he lifted me and spun me playfully, trying to stop me from attacking him with the pillow.

"I wish my history teacher was that cool. But no, that bitch was on her period for the whole year." Mr Styles quickly released me at the sudden voice.

I turned and saw Sophia leaning against the wall with a mug clamped in her hands. She brought it up to her lips trying to hide her smile.

"Erm, oh look, our lesson has finished." Harry quickly rambled as he started shoving his text book and notes into his shoulder bag.

I gave Sophia a look to hint for her to piss off. She let out a stifled laugh and quickly walked away.

"So tomorrow in class, I'll give you some notes you need to go over and... yeah." He awkwardly said, trying to act like we didn't just have a pillow fight.

"Next lesson we need to be more focused Angelina." He said with a more mature voice.

A second ago he was acting like a teenager, actually being cool and having fun. Now he's back to being that boring History teacher who acts older than he really is.

I scoff in response.

"Is there a problem?" He furrowed his eye brows.

"Oh, did I suddenly just change my mood towards you? How rude of me, I'm sorry, I know exactly how that feels." I sarcastically say. "I'll walk you to the door." I mumbled when he didn't reply.

We walked silently to the front door. I opened it and crossed my arms.

"That shouldn't have happened." He said referring to our playful actions moments ago.

"Pft, you're right. We shouldn't have fun." I rolled my eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow Ange." He sighed as he walked past me.

"Mr Styles." I called. He turned around and looked at me with what seemed to be hope. "My name is Angelina. Only people I like can call me Ange."

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