Chapter 26

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We sat in the car quietly. Neither my father or I said anything the entire time since leaving Harry's office.

I was in shock.

How did he know?

A part of me felt angry toward Liam for possibly telling my dad about Harry and I's relationship. However, I couldn't assume without knowing for sure.

"I'm not angry, if that's what you think." My dad finally spoke.

His words eased my racing heart and shaking hands.

"But I am disappointed." He added. And somehow, that is worse.

"How..." I took in a deep breath, wanting to restart my sentence with a less quivering voice. "How did you know?"

"You, Liam and I are going to sit down and talk about this properly. Until then, I just need to get home before I turn this car around and end that fucker's career." My dad clenched his teeth as he spoke and my hands began to shake more than they did before.

I was terrified. I knew I had to tell him everything, from beginning to end.

I know now that my father's last words to Harry weren't indicating he had made a mistake in leaving me, but that he made a mistake by being with me at all.

My dad's words played in my head. Was it all a mistake?

Was it all just a big waste of time, emotion and pain?

Our relationship was illegal, but to me, I felt like Harry and I could have gotten through this and in a couple of years we would be able to come out and be public with our relationship.

Once I hit the age of twenty, Harry will be twenty five and no one will care. Even if people did care, I wouldn't have minded because I would have been in a loving relationship.

But that is something we will never have the opportunity to work through.

Within minutes, my father pulled up to our driveway and got out of the car without a single word.

I followed my father as he entered our house and closed the door behind me.

Liam perked up on the couch and looked over at us.

"How did it go?" My brother looked over at me. His voice held a tone as if he was asking about the specific situation that I didn't want my dad to know about.

"You know, that hidden message in your tone would have gone right over my head if it wasn't for the fact I already know." My dad spat.

Liam's eyes widened and looked back over at me.

"Kitchen, now. Both of you."

Liam and I followed my dads instructions and made our way into the kitchen.

"How did you..." Liam paused. "Find out?"

I now knew Liam had nothing to do with my father finding out about Harry and I. This only made me more confused.

"Lucky guess." My dad shrugged, but he definitely wasn't happy about putting the pieces together to this puzzle.

Where did I go wrong for him to find out within twenty four hours of him being home without anybody saying a word?

"It wasn't hard." My dad spoke up as Liam and I remained silent. "I obviously knew there was a boy you have been having a relationship with, but it started becoming more clear that it was that teacher when I was speaking to Liam about your attack and how Harry was there to help you. The way Liam was speaking about this guy, I could tell he had to stop himself a few times as if he was about to reveal some sort of secret. Your brother has never been good with lying."

Liam's head hung low as my father outed him out.

But it wasn't his fault.

"It made even more sense when you, Angelina, tried to convince me not to go to the meeting at all." He faced me now as he spoke. "And the moment I knew that my assumptions were definitely correct dawned on me when we entered that damn office. The way he looked at you, spoke about you, the way he seemed so nervous that I was there. It was all ridiculously cheesy." He spat and my head spun with anxiousness.

We all remained quiet for a few moments as I tried to think of something to say to my father. To make him understand the situation. My brain was overworking itself and I didn't know where to start.

"Speak." My dad pushed.

I let out a sigh as I braced myself.

"It's not how it seems." I sobbed, finally letting the all my emotions out.

And so I told him everything. From the moment Harry and I met, to the last encounter we had before the meeting. I told him everything as I smiled and cried.

The roller coaster of Harry and I's relationship was full of overwhelming emotions.

I smiled as I told my father the good and my tears fell as I told him the bad.

He watched me carefully as I spoke every word and he really listened.

"Dad, I love him." I whispered, ending the long story starring Harry and I.

"Baby, it's not right." He softly told me and I shook my head.

"But it was. It was so right. He is so right, for me." My father stepped toward me and embraced me in his arms. "I'm just not right for him."

"You're not right for each other, Lina." My dad sternly told me as his arms tightened around me as if his words would make me break.

"Um." Liam coughed beside us. "Dad, no disrespect or anything. But I saw the way they were, they were happy, they were normal. If he wasn't her teacher and they had met elsewhere and began a relationship and went through the same situations, you would have been happy about it."

My dad pulled away from me and looked over at Liam. I could tell he was about to disagree with him but Liam cut him off.

"He is five years older than her. He isn't some old man grooming her. He was really passionate about their relationship and he would have done anything for her."

"Then where is he now?" My dad hissed and that shut Liam up and made my heart ache.

"Angelina, you are my daughter and you were hurt by a man. He is your teacher. I will admit that I understand your story. But all this has done is make me change my mind about going to the police and filing a report on him, I owe that to him since he saved your life and took care of you." My heart beat and I felt a sense of relief as my dad spoke. My father ending Harry's career and putting him in prison was my biggest fear.

"But I want you to listen to me and listen carefully." My dad continued. "I will never agree to this. And if anything happens between the two of you again, I will not hesitate to turn him in. Do you understand?"

I nodded with defeat. But it was an easy agreement as Harry and I no longer have a future together.

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