Chapter 9

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"We can work in my office?" Mr Styles said more of a question than a statement.

"Yeah sure." I absentmindedly answered as I let my eyes scan his large house.

I followed Mr Styles upstairs to one of many closed doors.

"Your house is huge." I gawked "How many rooms are there in this house?"

"There's actually nine rooms upstairs and four downstairs, including the bathrooms." He shrugged.

And I thought my house was big.

"Must be awesome to have this all to yourself."

"It gets really lonely actually." He nonchalantly answered before walking up to his desk and placing his shoulder bag down.

I looked around his large "office". There was a big chocolate coloured oak desk with a Mac desktop, he had a large leather couch against the wall with a small coffee table in front, both beside the wall sized window, overlooking the woods behind his house, a flat screen television on the wall, opposite the couch and to make things even better, a fire place, sharing the same wall as the television.

"Wow." I was absolutely gob smacked, I looked out the window at the woods, the tall house having the advantage of looking over at the sea of green leaves from the tree tops.

"Pretty cool huh?" Mr Styles voice said, closer than I thought made me snap out of the beautiful view.

"I'm quite jealous." I huffed.

He chuckled. "Well, you're more than welcome to visit whenever you like."

I looked over my shoulder at him, he stood a few feet away from me, his hands shoved deep into his pockets and he shyly smiled at me.

"Um, should we continue working?" he cleared his throat.

I nodded as I took a seat on the leather couch, slightly blushing as he sat right beside me, making our thighs touch even though the couch was big enough for him to sit further away. But I'm not complaining.


I stared a her lips move as she spoke, explaining how Hitler had died.

"He poisoned himself and his wife that he had just married.... But then shot her, and his dog.... And himself." She furrowed her eyebrows as she kept remembering the facts on Hitlers sick actions.

"That's good." I smiled.

"Yeah." Angelina was being a little blunt.

"Is there something wrong?" I finally pushed myself to ask.

She just sighed and shook her head.

"Angelina?" I asked, knowing she was lying.

She huffed. "Why am I here? Why are you tutoring me again? Every question you just asked me is written in the work I did. You said I had to improve but I'm just going over the things I've already done."

I tried to quickly come up with something but nothing came to mind. I can't tell her the truth.

'oh you know, I pretended like you had to be tutored just so I can spend more time with you because I grew an illegal liking for you.'

"I..." I couldn't think of anything.

She looked at me expectantly.

"What kind of people did Hitler kill other than the Jewish?" I asked instead, changing the topic.

She groaned and stood up, grabbed her bag and made her way for the door.


She walked out the door, I could hear her footsteps make their way down the stairs.


I'm so confused. What the hell is going on? He looked confused with himself. It's like he... Likes me?

No. I shook the stupid idea out of my head. He doesn't like me.

I got to the last step of his spiral stairs, making my way for the front door.

Just as I was about to open the door a hand gripped my wrist turning me around

"Don't go" Mr Styles huffed.


I furrowed my eyebrows at him. He must of realised how strange that must of sounded because he let go on my wrist, took a few steps back before shoving his hands into his pockets.

"It's not six o'clock yet, we made a deal." He said, looking like a child who was getting into trouble.

As much as I wanted to stand my ground and not give in, I couldn't help it. He looked so innocent, and I know there's more of a reason he wants me to stay.

"Okay" I breathed

We both awkwardly walked upstairs and back into his office. I sat down in the same spot on the couch, but Mr Styles sat further away, it took all I had to not slide over to be as close as we were before.

"Okay, so um... Who was killed other than the Jewish?" He asked, fiddling with his fingers.

I sighed as I tried to remember

"Um, he killed those who were homosexual..." I said bluntly as I tried to remember.

I shrugged when I didn't know the rest.

"You know what," He began with a sigh. "Don't worry about it, you can go home." He stood from the couch and walked towards his desk, running his fingers through his long hair.

"But it's not six yet..." I trailed off.

"It's obvious you don't want to be here anymore, I'm not going to force you to stay." He was now facing me, staring at the floor.

"I do want to stay." I said honestly.

"You're just saying that." He mumbled, reminding me of a small child who wasn't getting his way.

"Harry... I want to stay." It felt weird letting his name roll off my toungue

His eyes snapped up at his name, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

"What did you just call me?" He asked, the smile on his face growing.

"Harry?" I repeated.

His eyes lit up and his smile was as big as I have ever seen it. I don't know how I should be reacting to his sudden happiness.

"You told me to call you that outside of school." I reminded him.

"I know, I just didn't think you'd remember." His cheeks flushed pink at his own words.

I smiled softly at him, not finding any words to say back to him. I felt my heart beat faster and my stomach erupt with butterflies when he slowly took a few steps towards me. His smile faltered and his eyes grew slightly darker.

He was now standing a few feet away from me, his eyes trained on my eyes and I'm sure mine were the same on his. Looking at his beautiful features now, in front of me, I knew that the feelings I had for my teacher were definitely not normal.

Or legal.

I knew that right now, the feeling that is running through every nerve in my body is simply affection. I have taken a huge liking for this man and I am not even ashamed because I know that he, too, feels what I'm feeling by the way his breathing is low and he's slightly shaking, just like I am.

He took another step closer, making the distance between us only a foot. He watched me warily as if asking if he was allowed any closer.

I felt the need to show him what he was showing me. So I took the next step closer to him.

Our chests almost touching. I watched as his eyes darkened a little more at my brave movement.

He hesitantly placed his hand on my hip and gently pulled me to him, so our chests were finally pressed together.

The eye contact never broke.

"Kiss me, Harry."

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