Chapter 4

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It's been two weeks since I've had any conversation with Mr Styles. We still communicate but only when he calls for my attendance or when he asks me to hand in my homework, which I never even do. Surprisingly he hasn't given me detention for my lack in class and home work.

"Wow, today went way too slow." I spoke to Louis as I shoved my books into my locker.

"Don't put your History book in your locker, we have homework." Louis says reaching into my locker and pulling out the emptiest book I own.

"Louis, do you see this?" I snatched the book out of his hands and flipped through all pages that only had a few sentences on them. "I clearly don't do my work. What makes you think I'll do it over the weekend?" I asked, Louis just sighed.

"Can you hurry up, I'm hungry." He whined.

It's Friday and school just ended for the day, bringing on the weekend.

"Alright, Alright. I'm ready, c'mon." I laughed pulling on his arm as we walked out the building and into the car park where Louis' car was.

- - - -

It's now 7:30pm; Louis and I are riding our bikes to the soccer field to meet the rest of the boys to play the greatest game in the world.

"Take your time Lou. No need to rush." I sarcastically laughed at Louis who was far behind, not able to keep up.

"Shut up." He mumbled.

"Angelina, Louis!" Niall called as we rode up to the synthetic grass covered soccer pitch.

I hop off my bike and kicked the ball up into the air and caught it.

"So, Me, Ashton and Louis verses Michael, Niall and Cal?" I asked the boys who all agreed and started towards the field.

Ashton and Calum took their positions as goal keepers while the rest of us ran to the middle of the field.

"You're going down little one." Michael spoke down to me.

"We'll see." I laughed, jumping on his back, getting really excited to play.

"Alright, ready guys?" Louis called. I got off Michaels back, going into serious mode.

"GO!" Ashton yelled. And with that we all charged after the ball, trying to take it off whoever had possession over it.

Louis had stolen the ball from Niall and passed it over to me as I ran with it, kicking it, taking it further down the pitch and closer to the goal. I could see Michael nearing closer to me, and without a warning my body smashed onto the cold plastic grass. Michael had slide tackled me.

"You're not supposed to do that! She's a girl; you could have seriously hurt her." Louis yelled, coming to my protection.

"I'm fine, Louis. Relax." I grunted as I made it onto my feet again. "Good slide though." I laughed to Michael who looked somewhat shocked with himself. "Guys, relax, I've told you many times, don't treat me like a girl on the field, tackle me, I don't care, and I'm strong enough to take it." I assured all the boys as they circled me seeing if I was okay. They all just stood there, silent.

"I agree with Ange, that was a good tackle" Niall laughed causing the rest of the boys and myself to laugh along.

We played for another hour until we were interrupted by another group of older guys.

"Hey lads" A guy with dark hair spoke, he then looked at me "And lass." He smiled at me. "I'm Zayn."

He held out his hand to Louis who shook it slowly.

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