Chapter 23

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It's been three weeks.

Three weeks of absolute pain.

Harry has been cold towards the whole class. He has started raising his voice at students and his temper is extremely short.

He aggressively yelled at a girl in my class because she asked if she could use the restroom. I've never seen someone get so mad over something so minuscule. A simple "no" would have been just fine.

It's been hard for me as well to be in that classroom with him. Every time he speaks, my heart breaks a little more.

I've noticed that he checks the attendance role in silence and looks around the room to see who is there rather than calling out names. I know it's because he wants to avoid saying my name.

I've seen them together in the halls. Harry and Andrea. They always look so happy. A complete opposite of how Harry is in class or alone in the hallway. It seems that whenever she isn't around, he's angry.

He must really love her.

Louis doesn't bite his tongue in class much since Harry ended things with me. He's so mad that Harry had hurt him, and so mad that he let me convince him that Harry is a good guy.

Harry has come close to suspending Louis a couple of times for the way Louis has spoken back to him.

It's always the same scenario. Harry would say something, anything, and Louis would just scoff or whisper insults about him. But Harry always heard it.

I've begged Louis to stop but he will never listen.

As for me, I'm miserable. I've lost majority of my friends because I've concentrated on Harry more. I've got Louis, no doubt. But I need Harry, and I thought he needed me too.

"Hey, you okay?" Dylan asks as the three of us sit around the table on our lunch break.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm in my own head again." I sigh.

"Stop thinking about him. I'm going to sound like an ass, but you're going to listen." Louis spoke up, his tone held a hint of annoyance. "If he can move on from you just only a day after his ex came back, then you shouldn't give him the privilege of you even thinking of him. I know it hurts, but he's not thinking of you, so stop feeling sad over him and live your best life and find a better man."

I just stared at Louis for a moment after he finished.

"Yeah, you're right, you do sound like an ass." I huff.

"A cute ass." Dylan smirked at Louis.

Dylan finally knows Louis is into him. Since finding out, Dylan has been showing a lot of attraction back.

It's sweet. I'm so happy for them. But I selfishly admit that I am jealous.

I groaned jokingly at the two of them as they giggled at each other.

Louis and Dylan have been hanging out alone a lot after school and on the weekend. Louis seems to glow more and more each day.

"Louis, do you still want to watch that movie this weekend?" Dylan asked him from his spot across him.

Louis was physically glowing now. He's been waiting forever for a possible first kiss between them two, and I think he believes it'll happen if they go to a movie. However, his demeanour changed instantly as his sister, Lottie, walked by and scoffed.

The anger I was hoarding these past few weeks made me stand up, I was ready to walk over to her and knock her on her ass but Louis grabbed onto my arm to hold me back.

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