Chapter 13

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"I told you, I don't know who he is." I heard a frustrated voice. "But you better fucking find him."

I slowly opened my eyes and the first person I see is Sophia. I blinked a few times so I could adjust to the brightness of the room.

"Hey," Sophia's soft voice cooed, brushing my hair out of my face. "How are you feeling?"

"Angelina, oh my god." Liam huffed with relief, walking over to me from where he stood.

"Yes, I beat the shit out of him, I should have fucking killed him." The familiar voice said.

"Is that Harry?" I asked Sophia quietly, barely being able to make myself audible, feeling completely drained.

"Yeah, he's talking to the police now." She nodded.

Just then Harry walked in from out of the hallway, and as soon as he looked at me, his eyes began to water.

"Hi." I softly said.

He gave me the tiniest of smiles before sitting in the chair beside me, not saying a word.

"Hello, I'm doctor Cooper, good to see you're awake Angela." The doctor said as he walked in and up to my bed.

"It's Angelina." Harry bluntly corrected him.

"Oh apologies." Doctor Cooper smiled at me. "Are you in pain?" He asked.

"It's just Payne." Harry told him, irritation clearly getting the best of him.

"He's asking her how she feels Harry." Liam told him, calming him down.

Sophia glanced at me with a small, cheeky smile.

"Everything is numb." I quietly told him.

"Okay, well, bad news is, you've broken your left leg and two of your left ribs, I assume from falling." He told me softly.

Well, that's shit.

"But good news is, you get to go home tomorrow after we do some tests." He smiled.

I nodded, not saying a word.

Doctor Cooper asked to see my brother and Sophia outside to have a talk while Harry stayed seated on the chair beside me.

My mind replayed everything that happened with the man, the chase and Harry, making me feel sick in the stomach.

"How are you feeling?" Harry asked.

"How did you know where I was?" I asked him, ignoring his own question.

"I saw you walk into the woods crying. So I waited outside to make sure you'd come back safe. But you took too long so I went after you." He quietly told me.

I sat quietly, thinking about that man, over and over again.

"You didn't come quick enough." I whispered.

He ducked his head down and I watched as he cried.

I wish I could cry. I'm too numb to feel any emotion. Not even remorse.

- - - -

"Angie" Sophia popped her head into my room. "Good, you're awake."

Little did she know I didn't even sleep.

"You're brother and I are heading off to work now, do you need us to get you anything?" She asked as she sat on the edge of my bed.

I shook my head and gave her a small smile when she kissed my forehead.

"Your crutches are next to your bed for when you need to use the bathroom or get food." She told me with a smile before leaving for the day.

It's been four hours now and I haven't moved an inch. My eyes have been glued to the blank wall across my bed and my mind keeps reliving the other night in the woods.

All the boys came to visit me yesterday after Harry left but I didn't speak a word, much to their worries. They were at school now but all of them are trying to text me.

I looked over at the bathroom door that connected to my room, then down to my crutches that were leaning against my bed.

I need to pee.

I grabbed my crutches and placed them under my armpits, then slowly getting up, placing my phone in my pocket, just in case.

I started making my way to the bathroom until one of my crutches knocked the foot of my desk, making me fall to the floor. I cried out in pain as my leg and ribs started to hurt more than they already did.

I laid there on my bedroom floor, tears flowing out of my eyes, feeling stupid and defeated. Maybe I'm just not meant to be okay anymore.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and went through my contact list trying to find Liam's name, passing Harry's name as I went.

Then it hit me.

I don't remember ever getting Harry's number.

I scrolled back up and hesitated before dialing his number.

"Hello?" He picked up almost immediately, but he still sounded down. I was silent. "Hello?" He spoke again.

"Harry." I quietly said.

"Angelina are you okay?" His voice instantly sounding rushed.

"I need help."

"I'll be there in ten minutes, don't move." With that he hung up the phone.

I lay on the floor for help like an hour until I heard what I assumed was Harry's car pull up on my drive way.

Within minutes Harry was climbing through my window.

"Fuck." He huffed once he saw me.

He quickly walked over to me and pulled me to my feet before sitting me gently on my bed.

"What happened? Are you okay?" He quickly asked.

"I'm fine. I just fell." I quietly told him.

"You have to be more careful Angelina." Harry calmly told me.

I stared down at my hands like I was a child getting into trouble.

"Well, I have to go back to work now, will you be alright?" He asked, bending his knees and trying to get me to make eye contact, but I just nodded.

He leaned in to kiss me on the cheek but I reacted fast and harshly shoved him away.

"Don't you do that to me again." I hissed. "This is how all of this started."

He looked absolutely shocked, he stuttered a few times before nodding and sniffing slightly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you so much-" the anger inside me forced me to cut him off.

"Stop talking and get out of my house."

He nodded slightly then turned and walked to my bedroom door and opened it, but before he left, he turned back to me with angry, glossy eyes.

"Don't call me for help ever again." And with that he walked out and slammed my door behind him.

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