Chapter 11

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Two weeks.

Two weeks and not even a glance.

He wouldn't even call my name out when taking the role, he just knows I'm there.

I miss him.

Fuck, I miss him.

"Hey, where are you off to?" Ashton asked as I passed him.

"Just to the principles office." I told him as he continued to walk with me.

"What did you do now?" He sighed.

"Why is it whenever I'm off to see a teacher, it's because I've done something?" I groaned.

"Because well, it's you.." He laughed.

"Yeah shut up." I nudged him with my elbow. "I'm going to talk to him about changing one of my classes."

"History?" He guessed.


"But you said you're understanding it."

"I'm not changing subjects Ash, I'm just asking to go into another class." I shrugged.

"You hate your class that much?" He chuckled.

"It's not the class, it's the teacher." I grumbled. "Thanks for walking me though, I'll see you at lunch."

We both parted ways and I walked into the office.

"How can I help?" The receptionist smiled.

"Just wanted to have a chat with Mr. Jefferson." I told her.

"Just go right in, I think he's free."

I thanked her and walked to the door and knocked, waiting for his approval for me to enter.

Once I heard my cue, I entered and sitting there was not only Mr. Jefferson, but Mr. Harry Styles. Thanks a shit load to the dumb receptionist.

He hadn't turned around yet, so he doesn't know its me.

"Ah, Angelina, how are you?" Mr. Jefferson said, making Harry turn in his seat and look at me.

"Um... Yeah, I'm well, yourself?" I had to literally force myself to look away from Harry's intense stare, he looked so good today.

"Very well! Mr. Styles and I were just discussing how he is doing as a new teacher." He gestured between him and Harry.

"Oh, lovely." I smiled. "I'll come back another time then."

I turned around but before I could leave Mr. Jefferson interrupted me.

"Nonsense, what have you come to see me about?" He smiled.

"Um, well..." I didn't want to do this in front of Harry, but neither he or Mr. Jefferson gave me a choice. "I just wanted to ask if I could change my history classes?" I said, trying to be as confident as I possibly could.

With that Harry turned back around with his back to me.

"What's the reason?" My principle asked.

My teacher and I kissed and he pretty much tore all the dignity I ever owned out of me and replaced it with shame and a broken heart.

"I just can't seem to concentrate like I should be in that class, sir." I lied, which made Harry grip his chair, making his knuckles pale rapidly.

"Well as a senior going into University, you're going to need all the concentration you can get." Mr. Jefferson agreed. "Just get your history teacher to sign this and bring it back to me and I'll be able to make the change for you." He smiled, handing me a yellow piece of paper.

"Thank you, sir." I kindly smiled before exiting his office and walking down the empty corridor.

I walked to my locker started packing everything into my bag, ready to go home. But I froze when I heard heavy, rushed footsteps in the corridor coming towards me, when I looked up I saw a very angry Harry walking to me.

"Can't concentrate huh?" He seethed, slamming my locker shut, I tried not to react to him and just slowly nodded. "So full of shit Angelina."

"I'm not full of shit, I really can't concentrate in your class." I calmly told him. "And do you know why?"

He was fuming with anger, his jaw was locked but he kept quiet, allowing me to talk.

"I can't concentrate because you've done something to me, you made me fall for you so hard, and I know you feel the same Harry. I used to catch you always watching me, and now, I sit in class and I look at you the exact same way, hoping you'd look back, the way you used to." Tears are freely running down my face. "But you don't."

"Angelina-" Harry said firmly but I cut him off.

"Please sign this." I say, holding out the yellow piece of paper Mr. Jefferson gave me and a pen I grabbed from my pocket.

With softer eyes, Harry hesitantly looked down at the paper and pen before slowly taking them.

He skillfully signed the paper and stared at it for a few moments before handing it back to me. And without a word, he turned and walked away.

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