Chapter 17

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"It's not what it looks like." I say, holding my hands up in surrender.

"Then what can possibly explain all this." Harry points around his kitchen.

I sheepishly look at my flour covered shoes and shrugged.

"Angelina?" Harry pushes, but his voice is full of amusement even though he's trying to sound mad. Although he found humour in my unfortunate baking disaster, I still felt horrible for the mess.

"Babe, what the hell happened?" Harry chuckled, stepping forward and gently wiping cake off my cheek. "I leave you in my house for three hours and I come home to find my kitchen looking like the inside of a gingerbread house."

"It just kind of... exploded." I said quietly.

"Did you try to bake again?" He asked knowingly.

"I swear I had it all right." I mumble more to myself than to him, looking around the kitchen completely confused.

I thought it'd be sweet to bake a red velvet cake for Harry. I also thought I got all the ingredients right this time. But when I pulled it out of the oven it made a weird noise and sort of just popped, shooting red velvet mix all over the kitchen walls and floor, some even reached the ceiling.

"I don't understand, it should have cooked through, why is it still batter? And how the hell did this much cake mix fly around the room? I didn't put that much in the tray. It's like it multiplied!" All my thoughts were being thrown out of my mouth as I looked around confused and angry.

"It doesn't matter, just help me clean it up." Harry said. He turned and walked to the towel drawer chuckling as he went.

I childishly mimicked his chuckle, making Harry turn and look at me with amusement, he threw me a towel and it smacked me in the face.

I grumbled and turned to the stupid cake mix that was stuck to the wall.

"New rule," Harry says, breaking the silence as we cleaned. "No baking."

"I was trying to make you a cake because cake makes people happy and I wanted to see your face when you walked in and saw that this fabulous girl in your kitchen baked you a cake, a red fucking velvet cake. And you would have thanked me and tasted it and you would have said it was delicious even if it wasn't and you would have kissed me and I would have felt like we were the kind of couple people look at and say "relationship goals.", is that too much to ask?" I ramble, not really knowing what I'm saying.

By now Harry is staring at me with wide, shocked eyes and a huge smile, ready to burst out in laughter at any moment.

"First of all, we'd need to be in an actual relationship for people to think we are "goals"." Harry cheekily smiles, turning back to wipe the walls.

"It was my way of showing you I really like you. I just really wanted to make you a cake." I huffed.

Harry dropped his towel and walked to me, wrapping his arms around my waist, pressing his front to my back and kiss my neck.

"Thank you, it was very, very sweet of you." He murmured against my skin.

"I should be hearing you say those words as you shove my cake in your mouth." I sighed.

"I'm going to ignore how dirty that sounded." Harry laughed.

"Harry." I whine.

"Babe," Harry whines back, turning me to face him. "I don't need you to bake me a cake for me to see how much you like me. I can see it when you simply look at me."

He always knows what to say. Always.

"But it's red velvet." I pout.

"Tell you what, as soon as we clean this mess, I'll help you make the red velvet cake." He kissed my lips quickly and went back to cleaning the walls.

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