Chapter 25

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"And how have you been, Lina?" My dad turned to me after Liam finished talking about his job and what he has been up to since we last saw our father.

I rolled my eyes at the nickname my father, and only my father has ever called me.

"Okay, firstly, you know I hate that name. Makes me sound like an old woman." I jokingly huff. "I've been okay, I've been busy with my last year of high school and some other things."

"Other things?" My dad questioned.

"Boys." Sophia told him.

"Boys?!" My Dad's eyes widened. "As in plural?"

"Just one." I whispered as I glared at Sophia.

"That's still too many." I could tell my dad was making a joke, but I didn't want to know how my father would take it if he knew exactly who this boy was. "Didn't you quit your job to focus on your final year of high school, not boys?"

"Liam made me quit! And he has been so supportive with this boy." I pointed at Liam as if this was all his fault.

"Okay then, I'd love to meet him." My dad smiled as he sipped his tea.

Liam and I looked at each other. My mind imagining the situation where my dad would meet Harry and know he was both my teacher and boyfriend. But that was never going to happen now.

"Yeah that's not happening, dad." I played with my now empty mug. "He ended things a few weeks ago."

"What did you do?"

"Why do you instantly assume I did something?" I ask with frustration.

"I don't know. You're a lot like your Mum and damn, she was a handful." He laughed, his eyes always filled with sadness when he brought her up in conversation. "I was just manly enough to deal with it."

Liam and I chuckled at this.

"No, he went back to an ex." Liam told him and I now glared at him.

"What a dickhead." My dad shook his head. "You don't need him anyway."

I nodded my head, hoping to move on from the subject.

We eventually did and we spoke more about what has been happening in all of our lives since we all sat down together last time.

"Well kiddos. I'm going to sleep." My dad yawned as he stood from the dining table. "Lina, do you mind grabbing a pillow and blanket from the bedroom upstairs?"

Ever since my mother passed away, dad refuses to sleep in their bed again. He won't even enter the room. It still breaks my heart when I see him sleep on the couch but he assures my brother and I that he is okay and that it'll just puts him in a sour mood.

When Mum died, my Dad blamed the world. He was constantly angry for about a year. He was so heartbroken that he lived with my grandmother whenever he wasn't away for work. He hated having to come into the house that was no longer a home without my mum.

He took the loss the worst. The woman who he had vowed to spend the rest of his life with was ripped away from him and he couldn't be the one to save her.

I believe I have felt love, but not the same love my parents felt for one another. They barely argued, and when they did it was over silly things like if they should have chicken or fish for dinner.

They were each other's best friend and loved harder than anyone I have ever met. They made every thing they did together full of love, as if they knew their time together would be shorter than other average married couple.

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