Chapter 20

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"Can I have that, please?" Louis asks, reaching for my phone.

"Only if you tell me why you need it." I mumble, highlighting some notes.

"Remember what I told you a month ago? Well I want to try something with Dylan." He shrugs, reaching for my phone again but I quickly snatch it back with wide eyes.

"Pardon me?"

"I just want to ask him something." He smiles. I look over at Harry who is watching us cluelessly.

"What exactly are you going to ask him?" Harry enquires, cluelessly.

Louis rolls his eyes, places his pen down on his open note book, crosses his arms and stares at Harry with annoyance.

"Look, Angie. I'm still not one hundred percent about this guy. So if you could tell him to mind his damn business, that would be greatly appreciated." He huffs, his eyes never leaving Harry's as he speaks to me, obviously to make his distaste towards Harry more clear.

Harry looks back down at the pile of work in front of him with a slight expression of hurt.

"Louis, it's been a month, I'm happy, get over it." I warn him. Ever since Harry and I rekindled everything, Louis has been very wary. He gets defensive easily, although Harry and I become closer each day.

"I'll get over it when you're his actual girlfriend rather than just the student he's messing around with." He snaps, narrowing his eyes as Harry stares sadly at the table in front of us.

Harry stands abruptly and grabs the papers, kisses me on the cheek and walks away, not stopping when I call his name.

"Seriously, Louis?" I growl, annoyed. "I'm happy with him, just accept it."

"You'd be happier if you were his girlfriend rather than his-"

"You've already said that Louis. Either way, you don't get a say in that. Thank you for caring but you're upsetting us both, Harry just wants my best friend to accept him, not hate him."

Louis is quiet for a moment. Deep in thought before rolling his eyes.

"You're right, I'm sorry." Louis stands up and walks toward my front door, following Harry.

Once I hear the front door close behind him, I'm up and sprinting to the front window.

When I peer out, I see Louis catch up to Harry. They both stop and I watch as Louis talks while Harry stands there staring at the pavement with a blank face. His blank face turns into a faint smile and I noticed Louis was able to make Harry laugh.

I smile at their exchange as Harry is now talking back and nodding along with what Louis is saying. I let out a laugh when Louis punches Harry in the shoulder in a playful way and they both grin.

They begin to walk back toward my house and I quickly scurry back to the dining table, preparing myself to act natural as if I hadn't moved from this spot.

They both enter and sit down, Louis now placed beside Harry who sat himself beside me again.

"Everything okay?" I ask, watching them both as I try to ease my breathing. If I didn't want to seem suspicious and have them find out I was spying on them, I need to not seem like I've just ran up and down the house.

Thinking of it, they'd probably make fun of me more for being unfit rather than watching their encounter.

"Yeah we had a little chat and Harry and I are good." Louis smiles leaning his head on his fist and putting his other arm around Harry who looks up at me and nods, smiling.

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