Chapter 18

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"There's a new guy, came all the way from Los Angeles." Louis told me as we walked out of our homeroom class.

"Which spastic would move all the way from beautiful LA to boring Melbourne?" I scoffed. LA was on the top of the list of the places I wanted to travel to.

Louis just shrugged as we entered our history class. We made our way to our seats and waited for the rest of the class to enter.

Harry was sitting at his front desk, giving me a sweet smile which I returned.

"Good morning class." Harry stood as soon as everyone entered and was seated. "Today we welcome a new classmate. Dylan, would you like to come up here and introduce yourself?"

Harry stepped to the side once the new guy stood up, and once he turned to the class I finally got a view of his face. He was an attractive guy, no doubt. He had dark brown hair that was messily spiked up with big brown eyes. He wore a dark plaid shirt over a black shirt.

I peeled my eyes from Dylan and looked over at Harry who was staring at me intensely with a locked jaw, making me cock an eyebrow in questioning, but he turned away, looking pissed.

"Well um, I'm Dylan, I moved from Los Angeles about a week ago. And I'm pretty boring so that's it." He gave everyone a cheeky smile and walked back to his seat awkwardly, making the class laugh slightly.

Harry thanked Dylan and then started the class. What felt like moments later the bell went signalling the next period. So I stood up and walked to Dylan, hoping to introduce myself and get to know a it about Los Angeles.

"Hi Dylan, I'm Angelina." I say extending my hand.

"Oh, hello." He smiled, shaking my hand.

"How are you liking Australia so far?" I asked, making small talk.

"It's very nice, way better than I thought. But you guys don't have Taco Bell which is quite sad." He pouted playfully.

"Actually, we have a Taco Bill." I roll my eyes at Australia's version of the big and famous Mexican franchise.

"Yeah I tried it a few days ago, honestly, no offence to this fantastic country, it was like the Wal-Mart version of Gucci." He yanked at his collar jokingly.

"Everything here is like the Wal-Mart version of Gucci when it comes to America." I laughed, making Dylan laugh too.

"Well I better head off to class, don't want to be late on my first Science lesson." He picked up his books and smiled at me. "Thank you for talking to me, everyone's just been staring. Kind of makes me feel uneasy."

"Don't mention it, if you need someone to show you around you can always come to me." I kindly smiled and he nodded with an even bigger smile before walking out of the class.

I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around to see Harry standing with his arms crossed, a locked jaw and an eye brow raised. I noticed there was no one in class and it was just me and Harry.

"That was cute." Harry states, but his voice tells me he's anything but happy.

"Just making him feel welcome." I smile, getting my books. "You okay? You seem a little mad."

"I'm fine." He scoffed, turning back to his desk and shuffling some papers around.

"Harry," I huffed, "I am allowed to have friends that are from the opposite sex."

"I never said you weren't allowed Angelina." Harry snapped, glaring at me over his shoulder.

I was getting really sick of Harry's attitude, so I picked up my stuff and walked towards the door. Every little thing I did seemed like it had to be approved by Harry first, and I don't want to live up to someone else's expectations. 

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