Chapter 5

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After I cleaned his flawless face we continued to talk, he had apologized to me about fifty times in a time period of five minutes. I have actually forgiven him, what he said was wrong but he obviously was genuinely sorry.

"Shit, it's eleven o'clock." I said, looking at my phone screen.

"Watch your language." He playfully said.

"We aren't in school. You have no power here." I giggled and he chuckled.

He stood up and reached his hand out to pull me up also. I took his gesture and brushed myself off.

"How's your nose?" I asked.

"It still hurts. But not as much. Good shot by the way." He laughed.

"That's good. Um.. I better get home before my brother freaks out." I told him.

"D-Do you need someone to walk with?" He stuttered.

"oh it's okay, I have my bike anyway."

"SHOT GUN RIDING IT!" he yelled as he ran over to my bike and getting on it. "Hurry up!" he rushed me.

I rolled my eyes and walked beside him as he rode the bike.

"have you done your history homework?" He finally asked, breaking the silence.

I just looked at him and smiled the most innocent smile I can pull.

"Angelinaaa" He whined.

"Sorry.. Homework isn't my thing" I shrugged.

"I can help you if you'd like."

"I forgot my book at school anyway. I'll do the next homework you set." I laughed and he sighed.

"I don't do that to my students. They have to do the work and all of it."

"But I'm not just another student, I'm your favorite!" I began skipping.

He didn't say anything. Causing us to both go silent for the rest of the way home.

"I still can't believe this is where you live" He shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"I live in that big white house down the road" he pointed to his house that I passed all the time.

"No way" I laughed.

"small world" He said laughing with me. He hoped off my bike and handed it to me.

"I'll see you on Monday, love." He hesitated for a second but then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodnight."

I didn't reply, I just stood there. My stomach was doing somersaults, but the beautiful kind.

He walked away, towards his house with his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

- - - -

Monday morning came around quicker than I would have liked. I walked out of home group with Louis straight to my History class.

When we arrived Mr Styles wasn't at his usual desk. I walked to the back and took my seat.

"I still can't get over that movie. So scary." Louis said referring to the movie we had watched yesterday.

"I loved the part when-"

"Sorry I'm late guys." Mr Styles said, interrupting mine and Louis' conversation.

Louis nudged me gesturing me to look at our teacher. I looked up and covered my mouth.

Mr Styles had a bandage over his nose, I could see the bruising that was coming from under it. It took me all my strength to not laugh.

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