Chapter 24

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My tears stopped falling but I continued to stare at the wall in the bathroom.

Liam got home a while ago but I don't know how long I have been sitting here. I'm praying my brother doesn't see me anytime soon. I have just stopped crying and I know if he asks me if I'm okay, I'll just start up again.

But just like that, Liam ran into the bathroom, his shorts half way down his hips.

"Jesus, Angie!" He shrieked, quickly pulling his pants all the way up again. "I almost pissed myself right here."

I didn't have the capability to laugh at him like I usually would. I just stood up and walked toward the door with my head down.

But my luck wasn't going to start here. Liam grabbed my face in his hands and inspected the cuts and bruises.

"What happened to you?" He whispered as he tilted my head to inspect further.

"Nothing." It was an obvious lie but it was the easiest way of telling him I didn't want to speak about it.

"Did Harry..." He bent down a bit to meet my eyes, they were sad. But not as sad as mine, I bet.

"God no. He would never." Harry was capable of be breaking my heart over and over again. Of course. But I know in my the heart he has broken that he would never even think about raising his hand at me or any other woman.

"I got into a fight." I honestly told him. My eyes darting away from his.

"What?" He sighed. "That's not like you."

I nodded at his statement. It was me. It just wasn't something I would usually do.

Before either of us could speak again, Liam grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me out of the bathroom and closed the door.

"Go sit on the couch, I really need to pee. But once I'm done, we are having a chat." He called through the door and I obliged.

We sat on the couch for hours. I told him everything. From Harry's ex knocking on his door, to the last encounter I had with Harry before he fled my house only moments after I expressed my love for him.

Liam listened and he understood.

"You can't just start throwing fists though." He smirked. "I know you were angry, I would be too. But you could get into serious trouble for this."

I sighed and rested my head back on the couch, staring up at the ceiling.

"Have you ever had your heart broken?" I asked him, still looking at the ceiling.

"I have." He sighed. "A woman I knew for so long, she just suddenly left my life and it left me broken for quite some time. But you know what? I got through it. It still hurts and it keeps me up at night, but we learn to live with it and move on and make special memories with what we still have. We learn to laugh and smile at and with the people who stick around and remind us that we are loved, appreciated and wanted."

I was looking at him now, watching as he stared at his hands as he spoke.

"Who was she?"

"Mum." He half smiled at me, the smile didn't reach his eyes.

I shook my head at him and rested my head back so I was looking at the ceiling again.

"She didn't choose to leave though. That's different."

"No, but it was still heart break. I felt it, you felt it, everyone who was close to her felt it. People will come and go, that's life. Now, you choose for yourself whether you go through life wishing the people who leave could stay or you could choose to cherish the moments you had with them but let them do as they please and continue your life living and making new memories with the people who haven't left."

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