Chapter 8 : The Arrival

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September 10, 2011

Dear Journal,

You know what, yesterday, I saw some girl entering the Kitting Residence. I am not sure who it was but I  was really suspicious about her. She has a brown long hair with curls at the bottom and she is skinny and flawless. I know what you are thinking, I am a stalker, but I cant help it. I need to find out who that girl is. Might be Daniel's new girlfriend or something. Oh well, I'll just ask him tomorrow in school.

Love, Mikaela


"Urgh. A saturday morning. Oh what should I do today. Oh I know. I will go and disturb my best pal." I said, with an evil laugh.

I went downstairs and saw my mom cooking breakfast.

"Hey Mother dearest!" I said and kissed her cheeks. "I am off to Dan's house okay? Will eat breakfast there too. Love yah!"

While walking towards the Kitting residence I heard a girls voice. They have visitors? I knocked on the door and good thing Daniel opened it.

"Good Morning Mika! Come in!" He led me towards the kitchen and I saw a girl sitting by the counter. I pulled Dan's face so I could whisper to his ears.

"Who is that girl?"

"Oh. Sorry I havent told you yet. She is was my classmate at Westwood Academy. She came to visit me here. She will be here for the one month as an exchange student at our school. Cool huh? Say hi Mika to April."

I looked at her and she gave me a smile. I nodded and sat on the dinning table between Mrs Kitting and Daniel.

"So April, how was school back at Westwood?" Asked Mrs Kitting.

"Its pretty good. But ever since Dan left I was a little lonely. I missed him so much." They she touched Daniel's hand and held it.

My eyes widened at the scene. No way! Are they together? Please tell me, no. Oh my goodness! They are staring at each other. No, no, no!

"Mika sweetheart, are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost."

"Uh. Yes Mrs. Kitting. I am perfectly fine. The pancakes are so delicious!"

"Aww. Thank you Mika dear." She patted my back while I was drinking milk. Then Daniel cleared his throat.

"Mom, Dad, Mika. I want to announce that April and I are actually a couple."

I suddenly spit the milk that I was drinking and my shorts got all wet.

"What? Wh- what are you saying Daniel? How could you not inform me?"

"Sorry M. I was going to tell you but you got busy at school."

"When did this happen?"

"Just a week ago."

"Oh. Okay then. I am happy for you D." WTF! I am so not happy about this. This cant be happening. *Sigggh* I excused myself and left the room and went to the living room to calm myself.

"Mika, are you okay?" Daniel unfortunately followed me to the living room.

"No Dan. You didnt tell me about this. I thought I was going to help you with things like this. Nkw you went behind my back again and dated a girl I havent met."

"Oh come on Mika, I was going to tell you but you were busy.."

"Neh, forget about it Dan. Its okay." I gave him a big smile, trying to hide the hurt I feel inside.

Daniel left me in the living room watching TV. After a while he came out holding April's hand and joined me in the living room.

"You know what Dan, I really love your house. Its so cute." said April

"Yeah? Well been in this house since I was born. It has so much memories."

"So where shluld we go later?"

"Wanna watch a movie?"

"Oh that would be nice!"

Urgh. Kill me now. I wanna puke right now.

"Uh Guys, I think I better get back home. Mom might be looking for me. Peace!" I left the room so fast, I didnt hear their reply.

"I hate that girl! Obviously she is not his type. Like seriously! So clingy and sqeeky voice. Urgh! I covered my face with a pillow and shouted.

Why doesnt he notice me? Am I just a boyish friend to him? Will I always be a friend? Hy Daniel Kitting, You are so numb....


You know those type of boys that are so numb? Annoying right? They cant sense that you have feelings for them. Boys! Stop being so numb!

Love, Anonymous

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