Chapter 2 : Heart Beats Fast

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June 4, 2011

Dear Journal,

I had the worst nightmare that is why I am currenttly writing at 5am. I really had to write this cause it was a freaky feeling. Okay, so it happened like this. I was just walking in the mall craving for milktea I guess. Anyway, so while I was in the line to order, someone touched my hand. It felt soft and warm. When I looked at who it was. It was freaking Daniel Kitting! Why oh why is he in my dream right? There's more! He pulled me and hugged me. He kissed me and when I opened my eyes, I say Amanda. Oh my goodness! I was kissing a bitch! Kill me now. Anyway, it was all a dream and it will stay a dream. Okay saturday morning and I want tk go back to sleep.

Love, Mika


"What the flip Johnny!" I screamed at my brother while he jumped on my bed wuth his phone ringing loud.

"Yo lil sis! Wake up. Guess what? We are going on a picnic with the Kitting family. Isnt that a dream come true for you?" He made teasing face.

"Shut up John! No way is that happening. Mom would not let it."

"Oh yeah? Go ask her yourself."

I immediately got out of bed while pushing my brorher off of me. I stomped toward the kitchen and I saw mom making sandwiches.

"Oh, dont you tell me that nerd wasnt telking the truth mom."

"Yes sweety! We are going for a picnic."

"How could you do this to me mom. I trusted you. You know everything that happened!"

"Hush now sweetheart. No need to shout. We are going to settle the problem it is already forgotten. its been 5 years Mika. Now go and dress up, not in a baggy jean. Wear that yellow sundress I bought you."

"But mom! Urgh! Okay fine!" I stomped.

"Oh look at that! Its a wonderful day isnt it?" My mom said cheerfully.

"No" I said in a low voice.

"You look so beautiful Mika." said Miss Kitting.

"Thank you."

"Too bad Daniel is not here to see you. He would also think the same."


"Well, Oh course! He had always wanted to see you in a dress. I am not sure where he is."

Suddenly a yellow car came and parked next to our car. There it is again. The boy with the messy black hair and those charming brown eyes. He stared at me and gave a smirk.

"Hey Ma!" He kissed his mother's cheek.

"Hey Honey! Look at Mika, isnt she lovely?"

"Well, I didnt quiet notice her. She changed alot. Hey Miks!"

Miks? He called me Miks. No way!

"Uh, Hi."

He came closer to me and started walking up the hill with me.

"So how is it going?"

"Uh, Fine."

"You are still the quiet type Mika? But you are never quiet with me."

"Well, that changed."

He grabed my hand and led me to a tree. He sat under it and told me to sit down as well. I sat next to him.

"Lets talk Mika. I missed talking to you like whrn we were kids."

"I cant talk to you like before. Its different now."

"Come on Mika. You still havent forgiven me yet?"

"Yes." I looked away and got up and walked towards our parents.

A hand touch mine and pulled me to a hug. My heart beats fast."

"Mika, seriously. I missed you."


Heart beats fast..

When something unexpected happens and you are too scared to know why.

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Love, Anonymous

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