Chapter 10 : Is this for Real?

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September 21, 2011

Dear Journal,

Is this for real? I really want to know who my admirer is. He is so charming in letters. I am not sure if he is really like that is person. I hope he is. I like him now, whoever he is. But what if its just a joke again? Hy. Must not trust anyone Mika. Its dangerous. I want to wtite back to him and ask to meet him. I want to know if he is for real.

Love, Mika

"Good Morning Mika!" said Sydney Lanchaster. By the way, Sydney is my blockmate. We are close, but not as close as Daniel and I. She is my 2nd closest friend, and we love staying in the Library for hours.

"Hey Syd!"

"What are you doing?"

"I am writing a letter to my admirer. I want to know who he is."

"Why? He might just be a creepy freak who will kidnap you."

"Seriously Syd, stop watching suspense movies. Its damaging your mind. Its disturbing."

"Sorry, but its just so trilling and brutal."

"Hay. By the way, I dont think my admirer is a serial killer. I actually imagine him to be a sweet and sensitive boy."

"Ahh. I get it. You are imagining Daniel as your admirer, arent you?"

"Are you kidding me? No way! He was April now. Plus, I am only his bestfriend."

"Ouch! Bestfriendzoned!"

"Is that even a word?"

"Yeah! I know! You should write in our school newspaper. Just a segment asking how you could write back to him or something."

"Oh! That a good idea!"

"Your admirer is sweet. Cause he is doing it old school style. With the letters and all. So mysterious. I love it!"

"Whatever! Let me just finish this letter and we'll pass it to the editors."

"Okay then."

Dear Anonymous,

Hey its me Mika, I hope you are able to read this. I want to write back to you and get to know you. I guess you are a shy type since you use letters to communicate with me but its okay, I understand you. Please tell me how to write back to you. And when you are comfortable to meet, we'll meet. I am just flattered by your letters. Write back.

Love, Mika

"Hey M! I saw a segment in the newspaper. Is it you?"

"Yep. I want to meet him. Well for now I want to write back to him. I just dont know how to. I hope he writes back to me."

"Goodluck with that Miks. I gotta go meet April now."

"Wait what? I thought your goinf with me to my brothers basketbalm game?"

"Sorry Miks. I'll go with you next time." Then he left.

Urgh! When boys are in a relationship they forget everyone. Even those closest to them. Its so annoying. Anyway, he did this to me before, gotta get used to it.

At my brothers game. I was sitting at the bench eating a footlong hotdog. Yumm! I eat a lot when I feel depressed. My brother was at the court practicing, then we looked at me. I waved and gave him a smile to show him I am okay, even though I'm not. He stared. He knows me too well. He left up the bench and sat next to me.

"What's wrong sis?"

"Daniel is with a girl and didnt come with me here."

"He does that all the time, what makes today different?"

"I thought he would change."

"Mika, do you have a crush on Daniel?"

"No! He is just my bestfriend. I am like a sister to him."

"Oh. So in the friendzone."

"What's up with that word? Even Sydney says that."

"Hay Mika. Just get over it. I know you can. You are a strong girl." He gave me a hug and he went back to the court.

You know sometimes I wish my brother was my boyfriend. He is just so sweet at times.

The game started and I cheered my voice out.

"Woooooohoooo! Go, go Johnny! Go, go, go Johnny go!"

"You are so loud miss!"

"Oh, I'm so-" I turned around and saw Daniel. He gave me his famous smirk.

"Hey there miss, you need help cheering?"

"What are you doing here?" I said in an angry tone.

"What? You told me to come here."

"I thought you were with April."

"She had an urgent family meeting. Plus, I dont want my bestfriend to be lonely."

"Oh please, I am just a second choice."

"Dont say that M. Are you jealous?"

"No! I am annoyed. You pick her even if I told you about thia game a week ago."

"Chill! I am here arent I? Now lets enjoy the game." He place his arm around my shoulder.

"Fine! Whatever."

"Miss cranky pants."

"Shut up D!"

The game ended and my brother's team won. Yehey! I ran up to Johnny and hugged him.

"Great job Johnny! You were awesome!"

"Yeah, I know." He started laughing while messing my hair. "Oh! Hey there Dan! You made it!"

"Well, I couldnt let Mika miss me that much." They both laughed.

Ugh. Boys are so annoying. Yet I am close to boys rather than girls. I punched both of their arms.

"Ouch!" They both shouted.

"Yish Mika. Lets go home." Said Daniel and placed his arm around my shoulders. We walked home while my brother celebrated with his team.

"You know M. The night sky makes me so calm."

"Me too."

"Look at that bright star over there M."

"Wow. Its beautiful." I stared at the night sky.

He stared at me and whispered.

"Your eyes sparkle in the night."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. I said the stars sparkle in the night."

"Obviously duh?" I laughed at him. "Of course they sparkle. What else do they do? Talk? Hahahaha!"

"You're cute M." He messed my hair.

"I know! Hahaha!"

We got home and left to our rooms.

I lay on my bed and stared at ceiling. A thousand thoughts flashing in my mind.

I feel so at ease with you Daniel Kitting. My heart is fooling me again to love you. Should I give in to the foolish things my heart is saying?


"Foolish heart, hear me callin'

Stop before, you start fallin'

Foolish heart, heed ny warnin'

You've been wrong before,

don't be wrong anymore."

Foolisn Heart - Steve Perry

Authors Note: I love this song. I was danced to this song and ever since then, I never forgot it. And now its the theme song of my story.

Love, Anonymous

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