Chapter 19: On the way to France

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December 19, 2011

Dear Journal,

For the past 3 weeks, I have been avoiding Daniel. I got angry at him, but I dont want to stay angry at him, I just feel like I need to avoid him. I spent most of my time with Sydney and Liam. By the way. I told Liam I can't be more that friends. I friendzoned him. I feel sad about it but it had to be done. I didnt want to make him hope for something that might not even work out. He was fine with it. As long as I am happy. I wanted to ask him if he was my admirer but I didnt have the courage to do so. I'm a wimp. My plans of avoiding Daniel is going down today, cause we are heading to France with his family for Dylan's Wedding. I am so excited at the same time angry. I cant stay away from him if we are living in the same house! Urgh. Life always has a way of annoying me.

Love, Mika

"Mom! Where are my pjs!"

"I placed them by the closet Honey!"

I walked to my closet and saw a reflection of Daniel looking at me from his room. I avoided it and grabed my pjs and placed them in my baggage. Then suddenly, a piece of crumpled paper came flying through my window. What the heck?

"Daniel Kitting! Stop throwing barbage in my room!" I shouted. I grabed the paper and opened it and saw a note saying: Why are you avoiding me M? I'm sorry.

I crumpled the paper and threw it in the trash can. I continued packing my bags.

"Mikaela Summers! How dare you avoid me? That is against the bro code!" He shouted from his room.

"Shut up Daniel Kitting and finish packing!"

"No you shut up Mikaela Summers. Hahah!"

I went to my window and closed it and gave Daniel the stare. He looked sad and looked away. I got ready and went downstairs to the living room. Dylan was there. I ran to him and hugged him.

"Hey Dylan! I'm so excited!"

He was not happy.

"What's wrong Dylan?"

"What's happening with you and Daniel? He looks miserable."

"Its nothing Dylan."

"Can you guys just make up already? You're giving me bad vibes before the wedding Mika."

"I'm sorry Dylan." I lowered my head.

He placed an arm on my shoulder and carried my baggage to the van. On our way to the van, I stopped. Dylan looked at me and looked at the van. Daniel was there. Dylan pushed me towards the van.

"Hi Mika." Daniel said.


Dylan left us and went back to the house. Oh my goodness. Awkward mode. We just sat in the van in silence until everyone got in and drove to the airport.

We arrived in the airport, after 2 hours of silence and awkwardness.

"Here are your tickets kids." Mom handed us the tickets and I looked at mine and looked at Daniel's. Urgh. We are sitting next to each other! Come on!

In the plane I sat next to the window.

"Unfair Mika. I want to sit next to the window."

"Sorry Dan. I got here first."

"Please?" He gave a pouty look.

"Doesnt work on me Daniel."

"Fine." He sat next to me and looked at me. I looked out the window. Stop staring at me please. I cant help but blush. Oh shoot! Stop blushing Mika!

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