Chapter 7 : One of Those Days

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August 22, 2011

Dear Journal,

I hate this days! I am currently in the week that girls hate the most! So right now I am so irritated! I want to kill someone right now! Urgh! P.S To boys, dont piss a girl on their periods. They bite! Okay, It hurts so bad I cant write right now.

Love, Mika

"Yo Mika!" Greeted Daniel.


"A little grumpy there are we now Mika?"

"Get lost Daniel. I am not in the mood to talk."

"Ouch! I feel so rejected men!"

"Stop being over dramatic D! Urgh. Its irritating."

"Oh I get it now. You drinking hot chocolate right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"It 'the week' right? You are on your period. That is why you are so lumpy and irritated. I know you too well. Its okay Mika, I will take you home later." He gave me a smile. "I better leave you for a while before you bite me. Haha! Bye Miks!" He lightly punched my arm.

Boys, they have no idea. I seriously cant stand thjs any longer. I need to go home. I got so weak. I went to the clinic and rested. Daniel arrived to take me home.

"Mika, You alright now? Lets go home." He helped me up.

"I need to change first." I searched my bag and found out I ran out. Oh no! "Uh. Dan, I ran out."

"Your kidding right? Can you go without changing?"


"Okay fine Miss Cranky pants. I will buy for your, give me money."

"Are you sure you can handle buying it?"

"Of course. You need it and I need to get you home. Its okay. I am not ashamed."

He left and came back after 10 minutes.

"Here you go Miss Cranky." He handed me the pack and I went and changed. I got out and was ready to go.

While we were walking. I felt so much pain. I couldnt walk well.

"You want me to carry you Mika? Does it really hurt that much?"

"You think?"

"Shish! You are so cranky when you have." He took my hand and placed it on his shoulder and he carried me on his back. I was surprised but to weak to resist. I was so tired I slept on his back.

I felt him place me on my bed and placed a blanket over me. He touched my face and fixed my hair. I couldnt help but start blushing, I can feel my cheeks heating up and turning red. Good thing he went down stairs.

I was half awake when I felt someome sit on my bed next to me. I smelt chicken soup and my eyes opened slowly. I looked at the person next to me. It was Daniel holding a bowl and blowing the soup to get a little cooler. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hey Miss Cracky, You okay now?"


"Here, sit upright and I will feed you chicken soup made by your mom."

He started feeding me. I was so red I guess good thing he doesnt notice, or he is pretending not to see. Anyway. I am totaly falling for his sweetness. Only if he notices me not as a friend but more than that. I dont know. I guess he is will always be a friend. And I am thankful for that.

"Thank you Daniel. You are a good friend. I love yo-.."

"I love you too Mika. Now rest and get well soon."

He kissed my forehead before leaving the room.


Have you ever been friendzone? It hurts right? No it doesnt. Its for your own good. Be more patient with things. If he/she is really the one then time is not a problem right?

Authors note: I am currently sick right now and I really want to sleep now. So tired and weak. Sorry guys.

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Love, Anonymous

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