Chapter 14 : Playing so Softly

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October 19, 2011

Dear Mikaela,

I really want to show myself to you but you might be dissappointed cause I am not like you imagined. I try so hard but I cant. Maybe someday. I am happy that you are happy. Seeing you around with that beautiful smile. It calms my heart. I notice that you have different kinds of smile. And I love that about you. When we meet, I will tell you about your different smiles. But for now, I long for that day to come, the day when you will be by my side.

Love, Anonymous

Mr. Admirer is so sweet isnt he. I really want to meet him though. I hope its sooner. I need a distraction from Daniel. I dont want to fall for him again. He is just a friend, remind that stupid brain of your Mika!

While I was on my morning jog. I noticed from a far someone jogging. It came closer and my heart stopped. Those burning eyes met mine and that smirk made my cheeks turn apple red.

"Hey Mika! Just wanted to join you. Why have you been avoiding me?"

"I am not D. You are just busy with April, and forgot about our monthly movie marathons. Its so dissappointing." I looked away to hide my face and started jogging. Daniel followed.

"Sorry M. She was just having a hard time lately so I needed to be with her. I hope you understand."

"Yeah. I do. Dont worry bout it."

He plaaced an arm on my shoulder and then pulled me close for a hug.

"I missed you M. Sorry. Dont me mad now, okay? I am going to make it up to you. Want some ice cream after jogging?"

"Are you nuts? The reason for jogging is to burn fat. Now you want to treat me ice cream? Hahahha. Nice one Daniel."

"Oh. Okay. Uhmmmm. Sandwich then?"

"Ugh. Fine then."

We jogged toward the nearest diner. And ordered sandwiches.

"Soooo. That Liam guy you always hang out with, you like him?"

"What a question D! Why so curious?" I gave him my evil smile.

"Oh nothing. He looks good."

"I havent seen you in a month and now you're gay?! Wahahaha! Seriously Dan, he looks good?"

"Yeah. He is hot. I love his body and those eyes."

I laughed so hard I couldnt breath.

"Just kidding Miks. But seriously, do you like him?"

"I dont know. He is sweet and charming. And makes me comfortable."

"And I dont?" He said in a whisper.


"Nothing." I looked at him and he looks troubled. Is Liam the reason why he is like this? No! It cant be.

"By the way. Where's April?"

"She is out with friends."

"So you decided to hang out me me cause she is gone?"

"No way Mika! I always wanna hangout with you."

"Okay." I finished eating. "Lets go home."

We walked home in silence. We didnt talk or even looked at each other. When we got home I waved at him and I entered my room.

I jumped on my bed and rolled down to the floor. What is wrong with me? I dont want to think of Daniel Kitting!

A knock on my door surprised me.

"Mika honey!"


"We are having lunch with the Kitting family. Go and clean up and wear a dress, not jeans okay?"

"Fine!" Ugh. Mom always remind me to wear a dress when having a family gathering. I hate it. What I hate more is that I will be at Daniel's house. How can I not me distracted if I am at his house?

I got dressed and went to Daniel's house. I bet April is there. Hy. Whatever. I went in through the kitchen door to find Mrs Kitting and Mom cooking. I kissed their cheeks.

"Danny is in his room Mika." Said Mrs Kitting


I walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs to Dan's room. I knocked.

"Come in!"

"Hey D!"

"Wow! You're a girl today."

"Mom forced me to wear a dress on family gatherings."

"It suits you. You should wear dresses all the time. But on the other side, I like the boyish Mika."

I punched his arm and sat on his bed. He was on the computer doing something. I looked around.

"You're room never changed D. Haha. Still looks like your room when we were 7."

"I didnt want to change it. I love the memories."

I scanned through his room and saw a corkboard near the cabinet. I moved closer to it to get a better look.

"Is this us? I" I stared at the pictures pinned to the corkboard.


He turned around quickly and ran to cover the board.

"That's nothing. Hahahahha!"

"Seriously Daniel. Its sweet! Let me see!" I pushed him to see the corkboard.

"Its our pictures when we were frowing up. Now go back to your seat and stop looking around Mika. You might find scandals of me naked. Wahhaha!" He placed a shoulder over me and placed me on the bed. I sat on his bed and he went back to the computer.

"You wish! That's gross D!"

"Yeah right." He smirked.

I looked away from him and looked around his room again. Okay. I feel calm when I am with Daniel. I dont want to ruin our friendship. I dont want to lose him. My head started to hurt. I placed my head on his pillow and closed my eyes.

"Are you okay M?" He looked worried.

"I am so tired. I slept late last night and I went jogging in the morning. Now my head hurts."

"Okay Mika. Just rest there. I'll ask Mom for medicine." That's one of the things I love about Daniel. He cares so much. He is like a brother I have always wanted. I am finally over the feeling for him

I faced the wall. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the piano. It was coming from my iPad. I turned around and saw Daniel playing the piano on my iPad. He was fitting on the floor next to my bed. I just stared at him.

"You are my song, playing so softly in my heart.

I reach for you, you seem so near yet so far.

I hope and I pray, you'd be with me someday.

I hope down inside, you are mine and I'm your true love. Oh am I dreaming?"

I love it when he sings to me. It relaxes me especially the sound of the piano. I closed my eyes. I felt a kiss on my forehead and I fell asleep.


"How can I each time I try you say goodbye.

You were there, you look my way, I touch the sky.

We can share, tomorrow and forever more.

I'll be there, to love you so.

You are my song..."

Love, Anonymous

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