Chapter 9 : The Third Wheel

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September 17, 2011

Dear Journal,

Is this for real? Daniel invited me to go on their date later. What am I, a third wheel? Just because I am your friend. I will go. But after this, Frienda Over! This sucks you know. How could he be so insensitive! I was okay with choosing who he should go out with before but going on their date? No, no, no, that is the last draw! Urgh! Daniel Kitting, you are so insensitive!

Love, Mika

"Mika! Thank you for coming. I am really nervious about my date."

"Seriously? You have had 5 girlfriends and now you are nervious?"

"Seriously! I am serious about April, Miks. She is really important to me."

"You told me that before when you dated Andy in 5th Grade."

"Come on Miks. Be supportive!"

"Whatever D. I will support your decisions. So where you taking her? Or should I say, us?"

"To the seaside, we are going to a restaurant on a boat. Am I romantic or what?"

"Seriously? You didnt even think that she might get sea sick?"

"No, she doesnt get sea sick. She loves boats by the way."

"Okay fine. What are you wearing anyway? Take that shirt of and change into something more formal." I helped him take of his shirt and took a polo from his cabinet. "Here. You would look good in this."

"Pshh. Oh please Miks, I look good in anything."

"Urgh! Stop being such a feeler geek!" I buttoned his polo and fixed his collar. "There you look more handsome in that. You know, white polos make a boy look handsome, for me, dont know bout the other girls though."

"Thanks for the tip Mika. I am really scared."

"Dont be. You have done this a thousand time with the other girls." I gave him a thumbs up and a smile to encourage me, even though it hurts me to say it.

I left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen to greet Mr Kitting drinking tea.

"Good Evening Mr Kitting!"

"Hey there lovely Mika! Looking so beautiful today. Are you going on a date with Daniel?"

"Oh no no. Its not our date. Its their date with April. I am just the third wheel."

"Oh, really? Daniel must really love you. since he doesnt want you to leave his side ni matter what."

"I just hope that in this cases, he wouldnt make me come with him."

"Hey Mika! Lets go! Bye Mom! Bye Dad!"

"Have a good time kids!"

We walked out of the house and got in his car. And drove to April's house. When we got there April was at the drive through waiting. She immediately got in the car and sat at the front seat with Daniel.

"Hi Mikaela!" She greeted me.

"Hey! Love you dress." Smooth Mika, smooth. You are so fake right now.

We got to the seaside in no time and we got out and Daniel was holding April's hand. I couldnt help but just walk behind them like a tail. Hy. Foolish heart, please dont fall for him. He is a good friend and nothing more.

We ate dinner and I left them at the table and I was at the deck of the boat looking at the night sky. I saw a shooting star and I closed my eyes. I wish someone would love me, and be there for me always. I opened my eyes and I finally decided I wanted to leave. I didnt tell Dan, I just left the boat and rode a taxi home.

When I got home, mom and dad were fast asleep. I went to my brothers room and lay down beside him on the bed. He moved and saw me there. He sat up and pulled me intk a hug.

"What's wrong kiddo? Something bothering you?"

"I just need a hug." Then tears started to fall down my cheeks.

"Oh Mika. Dont cry. You are starting to look like a creepy clown." His hug tightened and I felt at ease. I lovr my brother. I am blessed to have a sweet one like him even at time hebis a complete jerk.

"Am I not pretty?"

"Are you kidding me? You are wonderful Mika. Dont down yourself."

"Thanks.. I will sleep now. Night." I got out his room and headed to my room. I lay in bed just staring at the ceiling. Then someone knocked on the window. I didnt bother answering it.

It knocked again and I opened it. Daniel come in and hugged me so tight, like he doesnt want to let me go.

"What is wrong with you D? Where is your date?

"She is at home now. Why didnt you tell us where you went?

"Do I have to?"

"I worried so much. I thought something bad happened to you. Dont leave my side okay?

"Okay. Now go to your room and sleep, Daniel. Night."

I got to my bed and was just sitting on my bed when I noticed a vintage letter on my desk. I opened it and  read,

Dear Mikaela,

Your eyes sparkles in the night . You look so wonderful today. You smiled at me. And it made my whole world . I know you didnt actually smile at me but I felt your happiness. I am glad I saw you today. But you disappeared  I got scared. I want to hold you,  I love you now by the way. I forgot to send this the other day. Sorry.

Love, Anonymous

At least someone admirers me, unlike that Daniel Kitting who doesnt know I exist. I wonder who my admirer is...


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Love, Anonymous

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