Chapter 16: Purple Dress

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November 11, 2011

Dear Journal,

I am freaking out. Liam started giving me gifts! How sweet right? But why do I have a feeling that something is up? But he is so sweet! Seriously, and he is just the most caring guy ever. One day, I was like having this super headache after our class and he took me straight to the clinic. He even bought me cup noodles. I love cup noodles! And later he asked me to go out and have dinner with him. What should I say? I havent anwered him yet though. Confused.

Love, Mika

I went over to Dan's house to ask for advice. I entered his room and he was lying on his bed face down.

"Yo D! Still depressed?" I sat on his bed next to him and rubbed his back.

"I dont know M. I just dont know what to do with my life." He said while face down on his pillow.

"Come on now D. Get over April already. She is not worth your tears."

He sat up and pulled me in for a hug. It felt so warm and firm. I hugged him back and rubbed his back.

"There, there D. Cheer up now."



"Promise me you will always be there for me okay?"

"I promise D." I tightened my hug and placed my head on his shoulder. I inhaled his scent. I live his smell. He pulled away from the hug and stared at me.

"So why did you come over?"

"I wanted check up on you. And ask, uhm, something?"

"What is it?"

"Uhmm. You know Liam right?"

"Yeah. Why?" His face was blank. No emotion.

"He, uh, He kinda asked me out on a date. Should I go?"

"Oh. He asked you out? Really?"

"Yeah. I dont know. I am not sure what to do. You're the expert on this things so I am asking you."

He looked out the window and didnt speak for about 3 minutes. I waited patiently for his reply. Then he spoke.

"Sure! Why not? Go out M! I want you to enjoy your date." He said with a wide smile on his face.

"Seriously? Sure?"

"Yeah! I want you to be happy. And I am guessing Liam makes you happy, right?"

"Uhm. I think so. He always makes me smile and laugh."

"Then go on them Miks. Get ready for you date."

"Okay then Dan. But its still too early. I kinda want to spend time with you first. You know. To check up on you."

Daniel lay on his bed and I lay down next to him. He started telling me all the things April and him did and all the places they went to and thatbnow it was all gone. I just listened to him patiently.

"Mika. Do you think someone would love me?"

"What kind of question is that? Shish D! You've gone crazy! Whahaha! Of course someone would love you. I love you."

"Aw. Thanks M. I love you too."

"Now stop being overly dramatic. Okay? You've had a lot of girl friends and you get brokenhearted now? That is crazy."

"But its different. I dont know."

"Okay, stop now. You might cry and flood the whole room."

"Hahaha! I am not a cry baby."

"Yes you are! Hahaha. I remember when Chad took your lollipop when we were at kinder. That was hilarious!"

"Stop that! I was a kid back then!"

"And now your a what?"

"A man! I am a mature man. And I dont cry. Hahaha!"

"Yeah right D. You are so gay!"

Daniel took a pillow and

When it was 4pm. I went back home and told mom I was going on a date with Liam. She was surprised. But then smiled and told me to where a pretty purple dress. She helped me dress up and she put make up on my face. I stared at myself in the mirror and saw a refletion of Daniel looking at me from his window, his face was sad. I turned and he looked away. I walked to my window.

"D! You are such a stalker! Hahah!" I shouted.

"No I'm not. By the way, you look beautiful Mika." He smiled at me.

My heart skipped a beat and I turned away. I looked at myself in the mirror and Daniel was sad again. What's going on with him?

The doorbell rang and I walked down to open it. But before Johnny already opened it before I go there. He was staring at Liam from head to toe.

"So, you're Liam right?"


"I'm Johnny. Mika's handsome brother." He stretched his hand out.

"Nice to meet you." Liam shaked Johhny's hand.

"Stop telling lies Johnny. Sorry Liam, he really isnt handsome. Hahaha!"

Mom walked in and gave Liam a smile.

"Hi there sweetie! You must be Liam."

"Yes Ma'am." He smiled and shaked my mom's hand.

"Nice to meet you. Go on then. Its getting late. Make sure you bring her back before 10pm okay sweetie?"

"Yes. I will."

"Bye mom." I kissed mom and Johnny on the cheeks and waved goodbye.

I got in Liam's car. I looked at Daniel's room and he was right there. Staring at me.


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