Chapter 20: A Thousand Years

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December 20, 2011

This is the day. We landed at the airport at 2am and everyone was still jetlagged and I was a still sleepy and so Daniel took my bags and placed it on the trolley. He took my hand and helped me walk. Even though I was so sleepy I still managed to reach the van and we travelled to Dylan's house. When we arrived, we dropped our bags on the floor and Dylan told us where we were going to sleep. I got to share a room with Daniel cause there were no rooms left. I didnt mind, we sleep together all the time. 

"I get the bed Mika okay?" Daniel said sleepily. And his slammed his body flat on the bed.

"No way man! I want the bed. Move there!" I pushed his body to the side and laid down next to him. Then everyone was asleep.



"Kids! Wake up! We need to get the house ready." I woke up from the knocking on the door.

"Ugh. My body hurts." I moaned.


"D, wake up sleepy head. Mom is calling us downstairs."

"I dont want to wake up. My body hurts." He rolled and placed his hand and foot over me and hugged me.

"Get off me D. Urgh! You are so heavy." I tried pushing his body away from me.



"Let's go see the eiffel tower later."

"Are you crazy? We are going to the wedding later."

"I want to take you to the eiffel tower. It's our dream right?"

"Yeah, I know but not today. Its Dylan's special day. And I dont want to ruin it."

"Me too. But I really want to take you to the eiffel tower."

"Okay fine. You can take me to the eiffel tower if there is time after the wedding. Okay?"

"Sure." *Snores*

"What?! Are you still sleeping?"

"My body hurts."

"Stop acting like a baby. My body hurts too! Now get off me!"

The door opened and I saw Dylan by the door.

"Come on Daniel. Stop raping Mika and lets go eat breakfast." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Urgh. Fine." Daniel got out off the bed and followed Dylan. I did the same.

When we got down stairs everyone was in a bright mood. They were all happy and excited for the wedding. I kissed my parents and Daniel's parents in the cheeks and greeted them a good morning.

"What's for breakfast?" Daniel hurried and sat next to Dylan and grabed a plate. What a pig.

"What a beautiful house Dylan. You really worked hard for this house didn't you?" Asked Mom.

"Yes Mrs Summer, It's just patience and a little hard work. Stacy and I contributed alot to build this house."

"Well that is so nice. I cant wait to see Stacy later. She must be to beautiful." Mrs Kitting said with a bright smile.

"I am so excited to see the venue!" I cheered.

"Why dont you two go to the eiffel tower later?" Dylan asked Daniel and I.

"Yeah! I really want to go there Dylan!" Daniel said joyfully.

"The venue is near there. Its just a 10 minute walk from there. And you will be able to see it from the venue."

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