Chapter 1 : My Heart Skipped a Beat

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June 3, 2011

Dear Journal,

My life is a living hell I should say. First of all those Amanda and her friends started picking on me again. Urgh. Cant they just gibe me a break for once? Just because I live next door to her boyfriend doesnt mean I am going to steal her boyfriend form her. *sigh* Ever since Daniel Kitting moved back to their home last month, my life was such a bummer. I really dont want to see him. After all he did to me before. Ugh. Good thing I am good at hiding. I havent bumped into him for the past month. I bet when I see him it would be so awkward. Our families spend a lot of time together but of course I dont join in the chit chat, as well as Daniel. Good thing he is always out with his girlfriend. Hay Dan, you changed so much. I dont know what happened to thay sensitive boy I loved before? Anyway. I am tired.

Love, Mika

I went to bed and just laid there reminiscing of the past. The Daniel I once loved was all gone. I still dont know what happened.

Turns out freedom aint nothing when I'm missing you. Wishing that I realised what I had when you were mine. I'd go back to December turn around and change my whole life..

The music stopped and I got up and looked out my window. Across my window was Dan's window. He used to climb to my window and we chat all night about our problems and complain about school work. While memories flashed back in my head, I was just staring at his window with curtains covering it. Then suddenly the curtains opened and a boy with brown eyes and black messy hair appeared half dressed with only jogging pants on. He opened his window and he suddenly caught my eyes. We were staring at each other for about 5 seconds. My heart skipped a beat as my eyes met his. I immediately turned away and climbed on my bed, covered my face with tears falling down.

Oh foolish heart, not again...


My heary skipped a beat as my eyes met his.

That feeling, *sigh* It cannot be explained. But I have felt it before and one thing I can say is that, I takes your breath away.

Thank you for reading my story. Short, but its okay. please comment and vote. Thanks!

Love, Anonymous

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