Chapter 5 : Dear Mikaela

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August 9, 2011

Dear Journal,

Daniel jusy told me its official, Amanda and hum are not a couple anymore. Of course, as a friend. I encouraged him and cheered him up. To my suprised he was not every broken hearted about it, he was quiet relieved. Its so wierd. Anyway. we ate lunch together and the canteen and Amanda was crying all over the place. I falt bad for her even if she torchered me my whole life. We are still girls and I feel her pain. You know whats wierd. I opened my locker before going home and I found a letter. It was a vintage looking envelope. And Dear Mikaela was written on it. So it was obviously mine. I opened it when I got home and it read.

Dear Mikaela,

I have seen you around school and watched over you. Dont be creeped out, I just admire you. You have a kind heart and soul. Your simplicity is overwhelming it attracts me to you. Your sweet smile is calming. I want you to know that I admired you for a long time and someday, I would like to be next to you always.

Love, Anonymous

I am not sure if I should be creeped out of be flattered. Its that kind of letter again that destroyed my life. If this is a trick I am not falling for this again.

*Knock knock*

I walked to my window and opened it. Daniel climbed in my room.

"Hey! What's that?" He pointed at my journal with a letter on top.

"Oh its nothing. Som mysterious guy or a trick by some wierdo."

"Can I see it?" He took the letter and opened it. He smiled while reading then letter. "That is sweet Mika, you have an admirer."

"I dont think so. Someone might me pranking me or something. No one can like me."

"Dont say that Mika. You are beautiful. Someone out there would like you. " He smiled at me and I started to blush. "Hey, so lets watch a movie or something."

"Uh, Okay fine." I grabbed my laptop and he sat next to me on my bed. "Pick a Movie."

"I feel like watching a romance since it fits with you mood. Man of Honor."

We watched the movie until I felt sleepy. I placed my head on his shoulders. He placed a blanket over me and I heard him eat popcorn.

I was half sleeping when I felt a kiss on my forehead. I guess it was just a dream..


A kiss on the forehead, for me is the sweetest kiss. For me it means that you are special to him and he respects you. Hihi.

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Love, Anonymous

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