Chapter 4 : How to be Brave

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July 15, 2011

Dear Journal,

A lot has happened in school lately. Amanda and Daniel are in a fight or something. Not my business but hey, its all around the school. And because of that, Amanda is not bullying me that much. I guess she is suffering from a heartbreak. Good for her, its called karma friends. I wonder how Daniel is dealing with it. Everynight I hear him shouting at the phone. I feel bad for him. He chooses the wrong girls, just saying. I was always by his side, helping him choose the right ones but he went behind my back and chose Amanda. That hurts you know. I have had a crush on him ever since. But he doesnt notice me. He sees me as a friend only. Its okay. I want to be a friend for him now that he is in a bad situation. How can I be brave enough to talk to him?

Love, Mika

I placed my diary in the drawer and I stared oit my window facing Daniel's window. Good thing his curtains are closed. I heard a ring on the phone and he shouted. "I dont want to talk right now Amanda. Bye!"

The curtains suddenly opened and I saw Daniel. He opened the window and climbed out to sit on the roof. He stared at the stars and he didnt notice me.

I took a deep breath and I opened my window. He was startled and I climbed out the window to sit on the roof and stare at the stars.

I looked at him and smiled.

"The stars are wonderful."

"Uh. Yeah, they are." He smiled at me and stared at the night sky.

"Its so calm isnt it? So serene. Its just relaxing."

I saw him stare at me.

"Mika. I am sor-"

"Shh. I dont want to talk about it yet. So how are you?"

"Well, I guess you are irritated by my constant screaming every night huh?"

"Yeah, you can say that. What's going on anyway?"

"I just really dont get Amanda. She is just so self centered."

"Tell me about it. She has been bullying me all my life."

He looked away and kept quiet.

"What is bothering you Daniel? You can tell me."

"I cant Mika." He stood up and jumped to my roof. I was scared but then I was used to it. He sat next to me, can feel his warmth. "You know, I missed talking to you like good old times."

"Me too Dan. You just changed."

"I can change back. Starting now." He gave me a smirk and punched my arm. I laughed.

"You are still as weak as before D!" I punched his arms so hard.

"Ouch! Not fair. I cant hurt you. You are now a girl by the way."

"I am still the old Mika, D! I am not that girly." We started laughing. He placed his shoulders around me and put heads together.

"I missed you M."

"I missed you too D."


Finally brave enough to talk to him and become friends again. Dont let fear conquer you. It will only bring you down and make you regret it in the future.

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Love, Anonymous

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