Chapter 6 : The Mix

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August 16, 2011

Dear Journal,

I thought it was over! That it was just one letter, After one week I found another letter in my locker. I dont know how it got there. Its a little thick this time so it cant fit in the hole. Hmm. Its so fishy. Oh well, Inside it was a CD written on it was Bored Mix and a letter was atrached to it saying.

Dear Mikaela,

You looked so beautiful today in the library. You are so funny when you are bored. You do this hand thing I dont quiet understand. I enjoy looking at you. I think I have a crusb on you now. Again, dont be creeped out. I just admire you. I made you a Bored Mix to listen to when you are bored. I hope you like it.

Love, Anonymous

"Hey Mika! Want to go grab some vanilla shake after class?"

"Yeah sure Daniel. That would be great!"

We walked to the nearest milkshake shop in school.

"Hey Daniel, did you bring your ipod?"

"Yeah, its in my bag."

I took it and starred listen to music while indulging in the goodness of the shake. I gave him thebother ear piece so he could also hear. Then a girl walked in the shop. She was wearig a skater skirt and a hanging top with long blonde hair. Daniel stared at her.

"She is pretty." He commented.

"Uh, yeah. I like her hair. She is just a bit skinny. I like girl with a little meat on you know?"

He laughed. "I am really not sure if you are a girl or a boy Mika." He laughed again.

"Well, I am a girl Dan. Dont worry. Haha!"

We were still listening to music while we were walking home.

"Look at the Dan!" I pointed at the park. "Been a lomg time since I went here."

"We were 6 years old then. Haha. I remember being scared to slide on the slide."

"Yeah, we better get home. Its getting dark Dan."

He placed his arm around my shoulders. "Yeah. Lets go!"

Everytime his skim touches mine I get sparks. Why is this happening. Not again please. He is just my best friend. I dont want anything more than that. Foolish heart stop!

When I got home I played the CD that I got from my admirer while I was laying on my bed. Two songs played before I fell asleep. Foolish heart and All of me..


Have you ever fallen for your best friend? Well that is very hard. Note from me, falling for your bestfriend is fine, but be ready to lose a friend if you two break up. That is why for me, the author, I dont like falling for my bestfriends. I have been there before. Dont wanna go back..

Comment and Vote. Thank you guys! For others there who have fallen for their friends. Tale my warning serioisly. Haha! Just kiding!

Love, Anonymous

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